Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Hands"

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What. An. Episode.

That was the only appropriate reaction for Sons of Anarchy fans following Tuesday night's "Hands." In the Round Table discussion below, staff members Matt Richenthal, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando try to take a breath and make sense of it all...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Tara in the hospital. It was absolutely heart-breaking, capped perfectly by Jax being so shaken up when he ran into Eli that he instantly realized this was NOT the time to chat.

Dan: Maybe I'm sick, but my favorite scene was the fight between Clay and Gemma, specifically Clay holding her down, bitch slapping her a number of times, and then punching her square in the face. How evil Clay has become this season is just so intriguing that I just can't get enough. I wanted to look away as he continued to beat on her, but I couldn't. I just couldn't.

Christine: I know it was just a preview of what was to come, but when Clay snarled at Gemma that she needed to remember she was just an old lady, he made me shiver. There was so much venom in his voice. I remember thinking that Gemma needed to keep a gun on her from here on out. I just wish she had aimed it more accurately.

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Who do you feel worse for: Gemma, Tara or Opie?
Matt: I can't argue with Tara, but I'll cast a vote for Opie. He lost his wife. He lost his unborn child without even knowing it until later. Now he's about to lose his best friend and he doesn't even know yet that he's lost his father. Did his connection to the club get him into these messes? Yes. But he was raised by a SAMCRO member. He didn't know any better.

Dan: The answer has to be Tara. The other two certainly have it bad, but they have both in some way brought things upon themselves. All Tara did was fall in love with a guy mixed up in all of this business. She was so happy to be getting out, and now with no hand, she will have to rely on the club to survive the rest of her life... exactly the opposite of what she wanted.

Christine: Definitely Tara. She just had the career she's worked her entire adult life for ripped away from her. She loves Jax and they have kids together but her connection to him is going to destroy her.

Most surprising development: Clay beating on Gemma, Eli offering to help Juice or Potter admitting he's a fan of cartoons?
Matt: Are you kidding? Of course Potter is a fan of cartoons. Dude is weird! I can also see Eli feeling guilty over how he treated Juice. But, I don't care how violent we've known Clay to be, when he wheeled back and close-fisted Gemma, the only thing that may have hurt more than her face was my jaw. From hitting the ground in shock.

Dan: Eli helping Juice may not be the most surprising, because the head of the police in Charming has been known to help the Sons every once in a while (see: Unser, Wayne), but it was very interesting. That relationship may have a future, and it may go a long way towards helping protect SAMCRO from the cartoon-loving Potter.

Christine: I've expected Clay and Gemma's violent blow out for a while now. Clay's simply vicious. So Eli offering to help Juice was more surprising. It should be interesting to see where that unlikely partnership might lead.

Will Jax really leave SAMCRO?
Matt: No. He'll end this season deeper than ever before, killing Clay and taking over the Presidency.

Dan: Ever? Yes. This season? No.

Christine: I don't know. I can see him either leaving it eventually or losing everything else in his life and running the club.


I'm so sick of people saying that Gemma missed Clay with her shot. You really think that Gemma took out her gun, took one shot at Clay, realized that she missed, and then ran away? There are more bullets in that gun. If she wanted to shoot him, she would have taken more shots. It was obviously nothing more than a warning shot. It was stupid, but that's what it was. Also, there is no indication that Tara will "never" be able to perform surgery again. She will heal, do rehab, and be reevaluated several times, possibly having more surgery. Nothing is certain, and assuming that her surgical career is over is sloppy; besides, this is TV Land, where anything is possible. This is not the only website I have seen where both reviewers and commenters make stupid or baseless assumptions, but this is one of the worst.


that was some tough shit, and there's so many questions left unanswered, but the biggest one i have right now is WHO THE HELL is that black haired woman that keeps appearing? the woman that gemma gave money to outside the shop, the same that gave jax her blanket on the graveyard, the same that was sitting in church at some point (i think it was church), we keep seeing her so she HAS to be a part of (possibly) a whole new secret and i'm honestly dying to know at this point.
but i can very well see her appearing again without us finding out what her deal is. i love the authenticy in this series, that we sometimes get hints of things looong before they actually happen, it's so good. by the way - whole different question but it's been bothering me - did anybody notice that in the last episode of the second season where gemma sees polly in the city, she's standing in front of the backdrop of what seems to be some sort of psychic shop with like dreamcatchers and shit outside, and you see Gemma and behind her there's the window of the shop and it says "Teller". I saw that and i was like... okay how does that make sense now? anybody got a tip?


First off, WOW! Another amazing episode. I'm serious when I say that Maggie Siff (Tara) deserves the Emmy award this year. That scene with Jax in the hospital was some of the best drama I've seen in a while. CLAY'S DAYS ARE NUMBERED!! But I can't help but think Clay knows that after the beatdown he laid on Gemma that she's gonna retaliate...he has to know how vengeful she can be, he knows he's a deadman. God, this show is so good! I say again no show on tv brings it like this EVERY week.


I choose to believe that Tara will be alive and standing by her man at the end of epiodes 14 I choose to believe that Tara will be alive and standing by her man at the end of epiodes 14 I choose to believe that Tara will be alive and standing by her man at the end of epiodes 14 I choose to believe that Tara will be alive and standing by her man at the end of epiodes 14 I choose to believe that Tara will be alive and standing by her man at the end of epiodes 14 I choose to believe that Tara will be alive and standing by her man at the end of epiodes 14 I choose to believe that Tara will be alive and standing by her man at the end of epiodes 14 This is what I have to say to myself to get to this tuesday until we know how much of an impact Wendy will have all everything. Tara is already emotional a mess and Wendy is only going to make it worse with either or both bring up the time she slept with Jax after Donna died, and going after Able even thou she has no rights to him anymore she signed him over to Tara per the Appiosdes that have been release on the APP.


First, just because Terra had her arm broken doesn't mean she couldn't start a private practice, sure writing prescription may not be as glamorous as saving lives through surgery but she can still doing something like that to get out of this life. If not that I can see her boss at the hospital putting a good word in for her to be chief of medicine or even a chief surgeon those guys do nothing but paper work as it is, Tara has bright future still she just needs to get away from SAMCRO.
second, Jax will not leave SAMCRO, he will wind up killing Clay for what he did to Tara, Gemma and Piney. He will kill the Cartel leaders for there involvement with Tara, and he and Opie will run the club. Opie will simply have no respect for Jax as he will feel that he has no love for the club anymore.


I'm the only one that thinks, it was Wayne (old sherriff) hired two helpers to snatch up Tara to keep her from being killed???


I agree with Kimbo what is up with Wendy returning now! Not when Able was taken or while Jaxs was in prison but now? She is a wild card, she will bring drama but while it push Tara out of her grief or deeper into it. *On a side note I hope Gemma puts Wendy in her place and gets her to leave Tara. Because she feels Bad for what the Hospital boss lady said to her, you know what she means.*


Has anyone noticed how Potter sounds ALOT like the agent that ran the cigar shop? Is there a connection there? The show was awesome, edge of your chair awesome. Really looking forward to next weeks 90 minute episode, except for the return of Wendy. Whats up with that???


The episode really showed the dark side of each character's decisions; and I don't think we've seen all the dark things to come yet. I am drawn to the show because of the Jax/Tara storyline; and I love both characters. Yet each of them made a decision to stay together knowing the challenges and risk they were facing. What happens in this show does cause me to think about what people are willing to tolerate to have relationships (whether they are bringing positive things or negative things to their lives). Tara and Jax chose to put it on the line for each other; it will be interesting to see how the SOA writers continue to use this. I do hope eventually they find some peace with each other. It may not be for a very long time.
By the way, how did Wendy leave? I read in one forum that she signed over papers to allow Jax and Tara custody of Abel, is this true?
Love this show!

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