South Park Season Finale Review: OMG They Killed Kenny!

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The South Park season fifteen finale opened with a Cops-esque show, White Trash Trouble, in which Kenny's parents were arrested and he and his siblings were sent to foster care.

The Poor Kid Picture

That's when we met one of the ridiculous headshot social workers. Personally, I don't care if his jokes were merely rehashed Catholic priest jokes. The absurd jabs at Penn State got me every time.

Then, back at school, we got another set of recycled jokes, with a series of self-inflicted yo mama jokes by Cartman when he learned he was now "The Poor Kid." Again, whether they were self-admittenly as old as the 1950s, they had be laughing straight until the pre-credit roll bit.

The only thing that surprisingly didn't work for me were the agnostic jokes. Sure, the bit about the Dr. Pepper was pretty funny, but the rest fell flat.

At least the scenes at the exact opposite of Hawaii, Greeley, brought in some sweet sibling bonding as Kenny brought back Mysterion to protect his sister, Karen.

I enjoyed that not only did Mysterion save the day, but he did it with the power of a PBR, trying things back to the beginning. We really are all just one PBR away from being in White Trash Trouble.

No, it wasn't one of the craziest episodes, nor one of the witty satires, but it featured two tightly knit story lines and plenty of laughs throughout.

It was a fine way to end a pretty strong season. Now, I hope Stone and Parker really enjoy their time off, especially since they have at least five more seasons to deal with this exhaustive schedule.

The only question I have, considering the ridiculously random ending with Kenny's death: will he be back next season and all is reset? I do seem to remember Kenny dying once or twice before...


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regular la temporada, soy fanatico de south park y creo que el gran momento de la serie debió ser cuando Stan cumplio 10 años, muchos deseaban esos cambios bruscos que hacen los creadores de la serie, no se, sus padres separados y haciendo chistes de sus peleas por la custodia, que tuviera otros amigos y otra novia (que por lo menos esta vez abandone a la inmadura infiel de Wendy, quien desde que fue reemplazada por Butter nunca más brillo en la serie), que Kyle y Eric se volvieran muy amigos y que por lo mismo terminen destrozandose, no se, virages bruscos ya que la serie está perdiendo mucho encanto y rapidamente...


"Admittenly" ???


Great review of a fantastic episode. The only thing you didn't SEEM to catch was the Reptilian Bird callback and I was almost thrown for a loop myself. Have you reviewed any Dexter, Breaking Bad, or The Wire?


I actually think that Kenny's death is going to lead to a new Kenny storyline where we learn something new about Kenny's backstory. In the Director's commentary of "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" Matt and Trey talk about their knowing more about Kenny's power but they didn't want to reveal it all at once in those three Coon and Friends episodes. I think next season will start revealing a little more about what is going on with Kenny's deaths. That's why Matt and Trey are great story tellers, they don't just give definitive answers all at once and will only reveal little pieces every season.

Bobbie whited

Since when did Kenny have a sister. I honestly don't remember her at all.


@jmaddi Thanks! I'm printing and framing that comment.


Am I the only one who thought they were going to do a spoof of the video of Judge WIlliams spanking her daughter? Awesome episode, by the way. Best of the season, along with Crack Baby Athletic Association and City Sushi, IMO.


HAHAHAHA I live in Greeley! Where they get taken away too. It is pretty accurate depiction of the cowtown shithole I live in.


wow eric. u finally give a damm funny ep a 4/5. good review. and this was a strong season. they finally revealed who mysterion was. cant wait to see the return of crunch berry mint. lmao.


@Anonymous - Great catch on the "giant reptilian bird monster!" @Rakesh - Seriously? Sarcasm much? And did you read my review? I clearly said that I liked that Kenny brought back Mysterion. Heck you can go read my review of that trilogy.

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