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Finally, some good old fashioned ghosts!

Sam and Dean have been so caught up in larger problems, that I was beginning to think they'd forgotten all about vengeful spirits. Of course, with this season going back to its roots and following the creature of the week aspect, it was certainly about time. Break out the salt and iron. Time to burn some bones.

I don't know what it is, but there's something awfully creepy about those stone faced olden photos. Not to mention, when the person in the photo, wearing the same garb in ghostly form, has an evil look in their eye. Why do ghosts have to be so dark and scary? Can't they just be like Casper? Also great makeup for the ghost, especially those yellow teeth. I guess there's no such thing as brushing in the afterlife. Yuck.

The Mentalists Scene

I loved the setting and backdrop of "The Mentalists" involving the fake psychics. The jabs at their tricks to make a quick buck was rather funny especially with Dean sarcastically commenting about each one of them. He had a great line about punching the waiter if they gave him another affirmation with his meal.

It was nice to see the brothers working together as well. After last week with Sam running off, I wasn't sure how long the two would stay apart. For one, they have certainly matured in how to handle their situations. I half expected Sam to storm off or leave when Dean showed up, but they were able to focus on saving people's lives. After all, that's why they do what they do.

Additionally, the two managed to reconcile and talk things out without any real big blow ups. Sure, there was some of the usual name calling and brotherly tension, but the two worked through the situation. Sam, as angry and upset over the death of his friend, was able to understand Dean's point of view. What bothered him more was Dean's lying. What a coincidence! That bothered Dean too and, surprise, surprise, Dean decided to open up. It was great to hear him speak of his guilt because we all knew he had it. It was understandable to hear of his distrust because of Castiel's own veering off the rails. Who wouldn't lose a bit of faith when one of your closest friend's becomes a danger to everyone?

One thing that was interesting was Sam shooting the psychic before getting to burn the bones. It seemed clear that he didn't want to hurt anyone, but the moment simply called for that drastic choice of action. It reminded me of Dean killing Amy, not necessarily because he wanted to, but because he felt it was the right thing to do.

That was also a great bottom line from both of them: the whole idea of a gut feeling. If they feel it's right in their gut, then it must be right. After all, these characters, no matter how many shades of grey there are, are the heroes of the show. They're the good guys who save lives and stop evil from causing harm. I believe in their gut decisions. Just, no more lying to each other.

I'm so glad the two were able to make up and work out the tension between them. Bravo, boys. You're growing up. Although don't grow up too much because your brotherly teasing and arguing is always entertaining.

I have to say I didn't really miss the Leviathan presence this week and I don't know if it's because they haven't been fleshed out beyond starving creatures who feed on people and bleed black ooze, or they haven't presented themselves as overly menacing. I just wish there would be a little more, so the larger story arc would prove to be more of a threat to the brothers.

Overall, I was pleased with the return to the case of the week and though I wouldn't say it was my favorite, it hit all the points on what makes a Supernatural episode. Now when will the brothers be able to get back their Impala?


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This was a good episode where you get back to the first season style. Honestly when Demons from hell appeared it started going down hill. To me fifth season was the worst. My biggest issue with this ep is Sam backing down on what happened to his friend. One she killed to save her child and two what did Sam do for the child. I mean I'm sure he would have done something to look into it. If anything Dean should have ended up with a broken nose or admited he was wrong killing her. They were hinting at it then the removed imediatly flushed it all that. Anger like that doesn't just go away.

Claire mac

i miss Castiel!!!!!


So far this season, I feel that this episode and Shut Up, Doctor Phil have successfully recaptured the monster-of-the-week atmosphere of the first few seasons. I agree with you on the overarching Leviathan plot as well: They don't seem to be as threatening or having as great an impact on the brothers as they were built up to be/do.
I feel compelled to present an unpopular opinion, however. I strongly disagree with your conclusion that Sam backing down on the Amy issue shows that the brother's are growing up. I thought it was really cool that they had Ellen spur on Dean's decision to reconcile with his brother from beyond the grave, but instead of trusting Sam as Ellen asks, Dean simply shuts him down again, and the show backs him on this. Sam is actually prevented from growing out of his dependence on Dean to morally guide him, and Dean is allowed to revert back to a black-and-white worldview which he had already grown out of at one point.
I am really disheartened that Supernatural is currently strongly suggesting that all their non-human characters are inherently, inescapably evil. It never used to embrace this philosophy. I actually got chills during the scene in which Melanie and Dean take satisfaction in hurting ghosts when one of the ghosts they 'kill' was actually trying to help people all along. There's a difference between acknowledging that difficult decisions must be made and embracing a 'shoot first, ask questions later' philosophy, and Supernatural is crossing that line.


Now, that's a good review, Mr. McKenna. I thought this was a good, old timey style, episode. I liked the banter, I liked that Dean still remembers the Geraldo debacle (I actually watched it) I liked that there was no Levis, because that storyline sucks. On another site, named after a formerly powerful internet place, they are just enraged by this ep because Dean told Sam to "Get over it" on the Amy issue. I loved it. I loved how true to family it was. I thought this was a good episode.


This was one of the best episodes in a long time and my favorite so far this season. Going back to it's roots and doing what they do best. I agreed with all of your comments about how the ghosts look and dealing with them. It reminds me of the past episodes like the Supernatural convention episode. Scared the hell out of me and I loved every minute of it. The ghosts episodes are some of my favorites! I loved the guy at the museum when he told Dean that Ellen was worried about him and if he didn't take care of things she would come back from the beyond and kick his ass! That was the best. Oh how I miss her and Jo!


I missed a few episodes due to work!! cabn somebody please tell me what happened to the Impala (metallicar)?? PLEASE




Loved this episode, Jo reaching out to Dean from beyond was amazing; Dean telling off Sam for being a bitch was overdue and beautifully acted. I had forgotten how scary Supernatural can make its ghosts, thoroughly enjoyed the reminder.




Best quotes:
Geraldo'd - When they found the bones were missing...
I can't believe he was boning her.

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