Terra Nova Review: He's The Great Imposter

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There were parts of "Proof" that I actually enjoyed. In fact, Maddie's turn as a detective - in attempting to take down the man masquerading as her apparent hero - was surprisingly one of the highlights.

The problem with Terra Nova continues to be that there are just so many... problems. The acting is subpar, the dialogue is some kind of awful and even when you think a story is going somewhere interesting, it turns out to be a dud.

Taking a Needed Break

I was completely invested in the Josh and Mira story when I though the latter was letting the former go in exchange for a favor down the road that was going to be important. I thought it would be for something she had planned. The fact that she used up that favor the very next episode in order to help her sick Sixers was extremely disappointing.

More disappointing, though, was the entire robbery scene in which Josh stole the medicine Mira needed. It was never established that he had any plan, which was obvious by what a shoddy job he did once he feverishly broke into the clinic. Nobody heard this happening? The glass shattering? The sonic boom of the gun?

Like Maddie, who ended up doing a fine job of uncovering the mystery of Ken Horton, Jim Shannon proved to be just as good of a detective when he stared through the gigantic hole in the window and stated "broke in through the window." Yeah, no shit Sherlock.

While the discovery that Horton was indeed an imposter was probably the most interesting part of "Proof," it also included one of the more reprehensible moments of the season. How did Horton not notice the teenage girl hiding behind the completely open - and nearly transparent - table?!?!?

I re-watched this scene three times, then re-enacted it in my apartment to figure out how ridiculous it was that he didn't see her.  he conclusion: Out of this world ridiculous!

It still was interesting to see Maddie solve the case, though. The fact that there are "facers" that do those types of procedures, that the assistant killed the legend, and that Zoe wanted him to be a vampire the entire time, made it all a bit more interesting. I wish it did turn out to be vampires. That would have kicked things up a notch around here.

I'm also glad that Lucas remained in the picture this week. The continual dance around the Commander's son, Mira, her mole inside Terra Nova, and the Sixers' contact with 2149 are what keep me interested in what's going to happen next. It sure as heck isn't what's currently going on around camp.

Oh yeah! I also figured out who Skye reminded me of. She is a young Lucinda Nicholson!

Let us know what you thought of "Proof" in the comments. Will you be back for more?


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Where are the dinosaurs? That is what drew me to this show but they only come out at night? Never knew dinosaurs were nocturnal creatures!


Joey and Gail - I don't mind suspending reality, but it still needs to be done intelligently. I was a HUGE fan of Lost, and boy did THAT suspend reality! BUT - it did it with a premise of the supernatural, which tends to lend more credence to the whole thing (which I can't really explain, but it works), whereas Terra Nova is supposedly based on science. In my opinion, that science needs to be explained! By simply dumbing-down complex ideas like this, we're not really doing our chilren a favor. I was reading Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov as a child, and that was completely "what if" story-telling, but had the intelligence and the science to back it up. I'm one of those who still demands the same in my entertainment today. Jurassic Park (though named incorrectly) is a story, with dinosaurs, that still explains the science to back it up... there are ways to do it and still be entertaining! And Carissa - thanks! :)


The cgi in this show is just awful tbh. Even sci-fi's tv movies have better cgi than this.


Give the show a break. Its written to captivate a younger audience and allow people a chance to carry out that childhood fantasy that you had in elementary school about living with dinosaurs. So there are holes in the script, so what. Theres no sex, nothing obscenely offensive, and sure beats ANY reality show. I watch this with the same attitude that I watch the Simpsons with. My 11 year old and 13 your old son love this show, and it gives me a chance to watch TV that isn't revolved around immorality. If this show doesn't get picked up for another season, be prepared to have FOX fill this time slot with yet another garbage singing show revolving around untalented brats whining about wanting to be famous... (X factor, American idol)


Mrs.C.K. Dexter Haven, The Watcher and Symph2001 - you give me faith in humanity (as does Dan). Thank you. Our world will survive!


Call me crazy, but I like the "let's pretend", which is what the show is about.


I think that this reminds me of some of the better after school specials in the acting and dialog areas. I just want to like it so much and keep getting disappointed...... I may have one more episode in me before the dvr deletion...


I think I'm officially over this show. There are simply too many things that have never been explained, and it's driving me nuts! For example, what the hell are they doing there? Trying to save the planet - by going back in time and destroying it earlier?? Nobody's even TRIED to explain how they plan to overcome the paradoxes involved... by going back in time, the existing time-line is no longer the same, so they wouldn't have gone back in time, etc, etc, etc. And they can supposedly TALK to the future? Again, the whole premise is just ridiculous. What about this project is making the human race any better, or helping the planet in any way?? Another point - if this whole thing is so controlled by the 2149 government, then HOW are all these dissidents getting through? You'd think each and every person was completely vetted out and very carefully selected (other than the hero and his family which snuck through - the one part that actually kind of gels), which would make it nearly impossible for the "sixers" to have gotten through in the first place! While I like some of the characters, there are just too many holes. In this episode, I thought the highlight was Zoe's obsession with the imposter being a vampire - that was actually kind of cute. But Josh stealing ALL of the drug and not getting so much as his hand slapped? In this type of extreme society, I would think it was more of a Marshall Law situation, and a simple "don't do it again" wouldn't cut it as a punishment. This show just feels like a couple of 12-year-olds got together and thought "We should make a show with dinosaurs in it!", and then just tacked a few details on around that. This show needs to grow up FAST if they want to stick around. I, for one, am done trying to figure it out for them.


I liked this episode, I thought it was a good one. I found myself upset at Josh this episode, for what he did. But in the end he told his parents, which was a good thing. The whole "vampire" thing with Zoe, was funny, I enjoyed that. Didn't like that Hotron guy, after a while I had my doubts. That spider scared me, mostly because I hate them and that they scare me. I'm glad that Jim came and saved Maddie before that guy could release the spider on her. I didn't even think that asperagus was code for something, until they mentioned it. I've enjoyed Terra Nova so far, I don't care what anyone else says: Terra Nova is a good show.


Wow, some people really don't pay attention to the show do they? 1) Maddy, the girl, did tell her mom about her suspicions about her mentor not being who he says he is. She told her when she noticed that his signature was different from the one on her letter she kept. Her mom was too busy to pay any attention though, and her father was mostly outside the gates for most of the show, and when he did come back he was busy with the break-in investigation. Maddy knew if she wanted to prove it, she needed actual proof. Then she used a code word her and her dad know about when she's in trouble, and told her sister to go tell him when she helped her sister get away from the guy. 2) As for the desk scene, you do know that it is actually possible to hide behind those without being seen, right? The fake mentor looked tall enough where he may not have seen her under there when he walked in and the desk itself didn't look too far away. 3) Do you have kids? Have you ever been around kids? Zoey, the little girl, is acting just her age, with a big imagination. So it's not horrible she thought of vampire. Don't hate on the girl, because she does absolutely nothing wrong. That being said, this was probably my least favorite and weakest episode of the series thus far. There were times I was asking myself, "Where is this episode going?" Next week looks to be a lot better though! I'm just enjoying the show for what it is, an hour of entertainment. I definitely think it could have been better, especially if they stuck with a strong storyline each episode and no fillers in between. However, it beats having another procedural cop or law show, and any reality television shows.

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