The Good Wife Review: Welcome to Bizarro World

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The Good Wife entered Bizarro World on "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot," as Eli was not the smartest lobbyist around; Kalinda was not the sexy, smooth operator getting close to Cary; and Alicia was not the one standing atop the moral high ground when the hour concluded.

It was fun to watch an episode that placed various characters outside their comfort zones, and especially fun to watch Diane simply own the installment with a pair of speeches.

Diane vs. Will

First, she laid it out as clearly as possible to Will: stop sleeping with Alicia. Why? Hmmm, let me think: her husband is the State's Attorney. You are her boss. It's wrong and, perhaps even more cutting to her partner, it's simply not smart.

Game, set, match, Diane. Will was left with no counter to this demand - because there is no counter to this demand. It's obviously a terrible idea for Will and Alicia to be carrying on. At the very least, she has to divorce Peter and, even then, all the hot hallway sex in the world won't make up for the awkward, unprofessional fact of the matter at work: Will is Alicia's boss.

Meanwhile, how certain are we that Will is innocent? The show does an unparalleled job at setting up morally grey individuals and it would be naive to simply dismiss the notion that there could some truth to the bribery allegation. Will does love his basketball, his gambling and his relationship with judges.

Diane then set her straightforward sights on Eli. If only we all had someone this level-headed to talk us down (okay, tell us off, really) every time we felt an urge to wallow. Take a few hours, get drunk, get over it and then get even. Diane managed to simultaneously mock, praise and inspire Eli, all while setting the stage for an upcoming showdown with Stacie Hall (played by Amy Sedaris, awesome as always) that already has me smiling in anticipation.

We've never seen a defeated Eli before. It was enjoyable for a week. But it will be even more enjoyable to see a vengeful Eli.

Elsewhere, has Kalinda finally met her playful match? Dana might be a bit taken with Kalinda (she did purchase a matching jacket, after all), but not to the extent as most of those who Kalinda can manipulate. Our favorite leather-wearing bisexual investigator is at a loss for once, unable to seduce her way to the information she needs and failing Will in her mission to either prevent an investigation or, at least, keep him one step ahead of it.

Just like Eli, this is new territory for Kalinda, and props must be given to The Good Wife for aligning its characters in settings that force them to scramble and react. Lockhart/Gardner can't win or be in control all the time, which was also proven in the Case of the Week.

It was an odd one. Alicia and Will defended a client who really was just... guilty. The officer in question may not have been a bad person and mistakes do happen, but the verdict simply had to come back against her. Based on the evidence, she committed a crime. It was a bit far-fetched to have Alicia wait for the judge, as if the show really needed to hit us over the head with a message about scape-goating.

Whether or not her client was singled out for her gender, that doesn't change the facts of what happened. I was with the judge all the way in dressing down an unusually unprofessional and immature Alicia. Was this speech meant to reflect something more than the case at hand? Is Alicia now worried that she's treating Jackie as a scape goat, for instance? I don't see how. That nosy grandmother really was snooping around her computer and deserved to be locked out.

Perhaps I'm reading too much into the scene. It's just uncommon - albeit welcome - for the firm to lose a case and, like everyone else on The Good Wife this week, I'm not sure how to handle the result. We all have two weeks to let it sink in, however. The show returns on December 4 with a new, extra personal episode. Enjoy your holiday weekend and ponder the following question:



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Could Wendt Scott-Carr have been any more annoying? She and Dana need to be knocked down a peg.


Where I live, that would never happen--Where is that ?
And IF somehow bookies get involved, and judges are stupid enough to gamble and find themselves over their heads in debt, how would that be Will's fault? He the one who interduced them making him a involved to a crime and subjects to the same punishment 10 to 15 yrs.
You can call it a charade but it really is kicking slimball where its going to hit home. Cell 1357 where he can become the bitch of the block, then he can think about who he has been screwing.
After the next episode watch who turns the water off and hits on the new girl.


TGW does appear to be going over old ground yet again - the military trial thing was done last time. Doesn't make the US legal systems look good from either side of the military/civilian fence.
Is it just too predictable for Will to succumb to the youthful charms of the new intern and thereby turn Alicia, Peter AND Diane against him.
Kalinda's going to see how she can be used and manipulated to her own disadvantage. She has been getting away with too much for too long. If Will is concealing things from K, she is rapidly going to stop trying to defend him.
Will becomes the new Cary ...


About the "judicial bribery" tactic -- I've always thought it was a terrible idea for judges and lawyers to fraternize like that. That's trouble just waiting to happen. Where I live, that would never happen. But if judges and lawyers are going to play basketball together, how are the bookies getting involved? Wouldn't anybody think they didn't belong in the game? And IF somehow bookies get involved, and judges are stupid enough to gamble and find themselves over their heads in debt, how would that be Will's fault? This whole charade just has the stink of Peter trying to get even with the guy who is shtupping the wife he betrayed so many times, as if he actually thinks that will get her back. Boy, guess again! And shame on his underlings for not seeing what this is really all about.


Diane stole the night. I'm glad they got back to really using Christine Baranski this week because she was being horribly neglected for a bit. Diane is awesome though, she knew everything and was just waiting for the perfect time to lay into Will about it. It's hard to believe that people think they can keep anything from that woman. Love her.


I enjoyed this episode. Loved Diane's scene with Eli and Will. I think its time for Dana to go now. Enjoyed seeing Wendy Scott-Carr, I only wish she was working against Peter instead of for him. I feel the writers are going to drag out Will and Alicia's relationship more towards the end of season 3. I feel that Alicia will need to make some serious decisions, but I feel we won't see that until more towards the end of the season, but I could be wrong. I agree with you as regards to the judge's decision. Glad it made Alicia think. I am hoping that Alicia will divorce Peter and have a serious relationship with Will, but at the moment everything seems to be going against Will. I think its time for Kalinda and Alicia to have their friendship back, I do miss that, maybe its an opportunity for Kalinda to speak to Alicia about what Peter is doing to Will, but who knows, we have to wait and see.


This weeks episode was ok but needs more work, everyone thinks Willy is the one I guess nobody sees his selfish ways if they don't fit his demure. After Mother Diane talked to him about cutting the affair out he threw a little tantrum with the pole and the next seen in court he came in sat down and never looked over at her. And this is the one, somebody better grow up and start seeing what she is doing to destroy her family and life with all this horseing around.
Changing the locks only started the kids thinking moms hiding something, her look when Zack mentioned the CD disc that she didn't know if there was one.
The granny scene was all wrong it will come back two fold and bite her, it just keeps the fire getting bigger.
The next episode looks like it might put a better light on Peter with her and how she has screwed up so bad.


Diane was fantastic this week! She always is, but I loved her two speeches...mainly her speech to Will the most. It's not rocket science, it's common sense: even if Will sleeping with Alicia wasn't wrong, it still wouldn't be smart. I really hope that the next new episode isn't a ridiculous filler episode, and has some interesting components to it...


Watching in la, I'm on the same page as you. From what we've seen of Will over the past 2 years, there are 2 things he loves: the firm he helped build and Alicia, the woman he's always loved. It should be interesting to see how he resolves the conflict between the two. I've always been a Willicia fan and I think they can have a real relationship but they need to square with each other and be honest. On a side note it was really pretty funny to see Eli losing!


The whole cheese, fruit vegetable saga was a little annoying albeit an opportunity for Eli to develop his lobbying business. There are a few things that the writers need to do to keep the story lines moving forward. Firstly, they need to have Alicia and Will have a conversation about the investigation and the state of their relationship given the new stakes. Second, they allude to Alicia thinking things are better with Peter and that must be because he is digging into a case against Will which, once she finds out, will change that dynamic. Third, they need to have Kalinda and Alicia team up in some way in defense of Will especially around the Baxter/gambling/corruption issue about which they know. Confronting Jackie was a good thing and a long time coming but not in a vacuum. Talking to Peter about what Jackie was doing would have been more effective and realistic. Would she really buy Zack a car without consulting with his father? Maybe. Diane's character was right on the money this week and handled beautifully. When is Legal Aid coming in house? What happened to "Caitlin?" And, when will Will and Alicia get a chance to process the larger picture, something that would lend a lot to the show. Another extended scene like the one in last season's finale would go a long way. And, it's time to tell the kids that something is going on with someone at work who she has known since law school - both because it would be the honest thing to do and because they are going to find out soon anyway - you just get that feeling. Re: Alicia' character - she is a good person and is willing to use restraint a great deal - that should continue but she needs to express something as well after years of keeping everything on simmer or less.

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