The Good Wife Review: Who's Poking the Bear?

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On an episode that saw Will and Peter go toe to toe and Diane figure out Alicia and Will may be more than colleagues, who would have guessed that the guest stars would steal the show? That's what happened on "Executive Order 13224."

Treasury Official Gordon Higgs had a love of cupcakes and a talent for being oddly intense. How could someone appear so innocuous yet come across so intimidating? Perhaps it was the threat of an eight-year prison term. 

Carrie Preston on The Good Wife

I was surprised that Alicia didn't take Will and Diane's offer of a high priced attorney. Instead, she found her own counsel in the form of Peter's former lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni, someone for whom the term quirky is an understatement.

I was flummoxed as to why Alicia would choose this strange, scatterbrained woman to represent her. Then I finally caught on when Elsbeth used that ditzy demeanor to keep her opponent off balance... while she went in for the kill. Elsbeth turned out to be the perfect foil for Higgs and I was delighted with every scene that pitted these extraordinarily eccentric characters against one another.

Heck, even the judge was entertaining, poking fun at the attorneys whenever appropriate. He recognized how ridiculous this entire case was from start to finish but still respected that this was the law and played it out until the end.

Back on the family front, I'm not thrilled that we were revisiting Grace's interest in bible study. Didn't we wander down this road before? I'm not sure which storyline involving Grace I've found more tiresome, this one or her dance crazed tutor. 

An unconventional high point was that Jackie came back to over step her boundaries and attempt to stir up trouble. I do love to hate that woman.

Then we wandered back to the heavy hitting story lines. Peter's got his sights set on Will. The possibility of Will stealing $45,000 from a client fifteen years ago was like blood in the water for Peter, it didn't matter whose jurisdiction it was.

Peter's pissed. Will's treading all over his former territory and he's hunting for a way to take him down. Now that he's found a weapon, Peter's not about to let it go but he's smart enough not to say it out loud. Will's response?

 You're pitiful. Get a pair of balls and throw a punch. | permalink

Oh, wouldn't we all like to see that?!?

Cut to Lockhart Gardner where Will's afraid Diane's poking the bear in their court case and Diane's worried that Will's poking…well, you get the picture. The only thing better than the look on her face when she heard Alicia's ringtone over that phone was the look she leveled on Will when she asked about needing to up their insurance. Subtle? Not really but message delivered.

I loved the end with the staff watching the Sexual Harassment video. I'd swear I've sat through that video at work and it was just as eye rolling as it was here. Unfortunately, the only person who will be harassing Will or Alicia is her ex and these two need to find their own weapons, quick.


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I have one more comment about will and alicia it really need to be a love triangle with alicia discovering that she's pregnant by will and what is she going to do to make matters more complicated Peter wants to get back together with alicia but alicia picks will because all in all Alicia has always loved Will


@Why she would walk away from Will, who truly loves her, to go back to Peter, is beyond me. Its because she has seen what she accused Peter of and why, it wasn't Peter who screwed the marriager it was Alicia with her inmature ways and thinking she could do it to but will find out how much it is going to cost her in the end. As for the people she cares about they are going to get hurt the most when they find out what kind of a slut she is. The hell with the firm and could get a job with another firm easily. Going back to when she throwed Peter out and he told her he would give up the SA job, she would not listen to him at all very inmature.


@ Marie, I completely agree. Peter wants to be married to Alicia cause it would look bad for his political career to be divorced. So far in season 3 he has turned me off. I want to root for him because he is the husband but I just can't. If he truly loves Alicia and wants to be with her, go to her and ask to work on the marriage. Instead he is trying to hurt her firm, her job and the people she cares about. And why he would risk his own career to avenge a personal vendetta, when he's already been forced to step down once, is beyond me. If it was me, it would just reinforce why I left him in the first place. Why she would walk away from Will, who truly loves her, to go back to Peter, is beyond me.


I cannot believe that you are all voting for Peter to go back to Alicia. He is a cheating b...... and there only one reason why he has tried to get marrige work is because he need Alicia if his pilitical career is going to work. If it were my husband who has cheated on me like that and left me all alone while he were in prison. I would kick him out..... It is not to be forgiven.


Ok girls lets put the cards where they fall, Peter has done nothing but try to keep the marriage going but Alicia has not. This Kalinda thing is the dark part of the puzzle, I don't see a lesbian having an one night stand with her boss then getting fired and also changing her name. As Stern told Alicia in season 1 Peter was framed, did she forget that when she threw him out.
Everyone keeps talking about the 18 times past history, now lets talk about how manny times has Alicia been banged any guesses ?
She has been through alot which has forces some of her growth, but now I think part of her thing is revenge, and being hurt to the point of not caring. This comment I disagree what she is doing might seem as revenge but this goes way back to season 1 with the kiss when she started her infidelity now it is a full blown slut affair as a big secret that could destroy her self-esteem and also turn her family against her. If I were Dianne I would fire her immediately and tell Will she would open up everything to the SA office where he would end up being someones bitch in the next cell. Peter will get his revenge and he will be right to do so, he puts the kids first and job second. Alicia does the reverse she is never home and lies to the kids about working late but really is getting banged.


I really hope that Will is going to fight for Alicia, he really loves her. Alicia deserves to be happy and that is not going to happen with Peter. Every time I wonder why there are people that like him, he is not a nice person. He has cheated on his wife many times and with a hooker :( I vote for Alicia and Will.


I love this show, and have seen every episode so far. The underlying story is great. Seeing the main characters growth and changes is fantastic writing and acting. Alicia - a strong female lawyer who gave up her career to be a mother and wife to a man who cheats on her with hookers, loses his job, and goes to jail. She stays married to him ( not sure why?), builds a life for her and the kids, works with her semi x-boyfriend from college who is very attractive and has not gotten over her.
So her husband gets out of jail, expecting things to go back to normal? Please he humiliated her on TV, he cheated on her with a hooker 18 times and she is constantly reminded of this because of his political stance; they keep showing it on TV and the internet. Ok so she tries to forgive him, make the marriage work - seeing as they have been married for 15 years. They talk about trust and honesty but she finds out that he slept with someone else. Someone she thought was her friend, that is the last straw.
Before- she fought the attraction and chemistry between her and Will, holding to her marriage vow's and he was her boss. Peter took her for granted, and now he has possible lost her.
Now - She feels a sense of freedom. Yes I think she is kinda using Will. She cares for him, but doesn't want to get serious, or for him to meet her kids. She also stills feels something for Peter (you can't just forget 15 years of marriage) and him saying that "..there have been 3 people in this marriage" also accusing her of sleeping with Will. Why not sleep with him, if your going to be accused of the crime more than once why not (theoretically). There was also the comment Peter made to Kalinda stating he had fallen back in love with his wife again. Well now he is going to have to fight for it.
I do see the personal growth of her character from season 1 - present and the changes. She has been through alot which has forces some of her growth, but now I think part of her thing is revenge, and being hurt to the point of not caring.
Interested to see how this all plays out!


Give me more Kalinda. I do hate Dana. she's nothing


Peter knows about Will & Alicia, it doesn't take a rocket sciencetist to figure that out. He has the resources to find out the whole dirty secret, and also knows people who might owe him from the past. The "mom pick up the phone part was great know Diane and Kalinda both know who is having a late lunch and with who. It won't be long before the cat is declawed and castrated, and the world comes tumbling down. I know it seems nobody likes the kids but I do they will be the ones who will rock Alicia's world when they find out mom is screwing the boss and still married. Separated or not she has crossed the line I know you think Peter did to but there was a big difference between hooker and old friend boss, which there is no chemistry between them she is doing it to prove a point which will backfire.


I almost got the feeling Peter knows about Will & Alicia, which he doesn't. The tension and animosity between the two felt very real, but they don't really have a reason to be - as far as Peter is concerned anyway. He doesn't know Will is banging his wife! I loved this episode. The "mom pick up the phone!" scene at the beginning had me laughing at loud at the sheer awkwardness, I loved it! And Kalinda heard it too, wonder what will happen there? The Good Wife just gets better and better; witty, clever, fast-paced. Not many other procedurals can say that!

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Will: You poked the bear. I asked you not to poke the bear.
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