The Mentalist Review: Who Can Make Kimball Cho Smile?

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There were plenty of things to like in tonight's The Mentalist, but there was one thing that made me sit up and take notice: Kimball Cho smiled.

"Pink Tops" started off with the death of an undercover cop. I was surprised to find out she was an officer. Was she glued into that dress? And no offense to Jane's undergarment expertise, but I've never seen a sports bra pushed up quite that high.

When they pulled the condoms from Yolie's clothes, I began to wonder if she was having an affair. Using the condoms to waterproof drug samples while undercover made a lot of sense, but if Yolie was carrying those items home, wouldn't she have mentioned that explanation to her husband?

I enjoyed the small scene in the beginning where Jane mentioned the amount of rest Lisbon has gotten, or hasn't from the sound of it. It was a nice reminder that there's a universe we don't always get to see. One where these partners work late hours and know one another's sleep patterns.

Jane Has Questions

Loved it when Lisbon knew more about the Perry boys than the undercover detective. A lot of the male authority figures seem to underestimate petite Agent Lisbon. It's always fun to see her kick a little ass.

The show did a great job with the details when it came to the kids of the grieving family. Jane's always a magnet for kids. It made sense that he'd be the one to notice the young boy hiding in the cardboard robot. Then I got all nostalgic when Grace used the computer in the kids' room. Their old iMac made me smile. I used to have on of those.

Did you see how fast Jane took off when Lisbon brought up Red John? Did that mean they still hadn't discussed the big bloody smiley face left on the wall last week? I would have thought that conversation would have happened right away. Jane already believed that Red John was still alive. Now that there's proof, why was he so reluctant to talk about it with Lisbon?

But the best scenes of the night were between Cho and Summer. Why does the one person to get under Kimball Cho's skin have to be a hooker? Damn. Not much hope of a love interest there.

How great would it have been if Cho had actually done the pinky swear with her?!? I think I would have fallen off my chair. From the look on his face, it appeared he almost thought about it.

So, did Cho really need Summer as a confidential informant or did he want the excuse to talk to this unique woman who somehow sees through his iron face exterior?  I wonder how many people know the real Kimball Cho. I can only hope we get to see more.


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The pinky swear moment was great. I didn't have my eyes on the screen at the time and actually reversed just to see if Cho did it. I would have been shocked if he had. The CI thng is a ploy to see Summer again. Notice when he inquired about Summer's mother, she changed the subject. She has her own walls up. It will be fun seeing these two emotionally unavailable people try to find each other. I was disappointed Jane did not share with Yolanda's husband what he learned about the condoms. This was a loose end that should have been tied. Jane should have set his mind at ease as Lisbon tried to do.


I loved the episode. Jane is getting brave going undercover like that. I think the way the kids reacted was very real. I think Cho has an interest in Summer. Nice to see him smile.


Actually, she IS going to be a love interest...


There was so much outrage about the last scene in the Jane/Lisbon-shipper-verse that I was honestly afraid that I might be as deeply disappointed as my fellow shippers were.
But- I wasn’t. I liked this episode tremendously, because it was Jane at his best: he was funny, charming, and one hell of a sweet-talking liar. He had so many great lines (“Has somebody seen my shoes?�- damn, he loves those shoes, doesn’t he?), and Baker’s acting was so easy-going and effortless…it was a pleasure to watch.
About the last scene: we’re hopefully facing at least seven seasons of The Mentalist- if you rob Jane completely of his lies, his mistrust and deceptions, the coming years will be pretty dull. You can’t make him Lisbon’s trustful lapdog just like that- it wouldn’t be right. And that he runs when she wants to talk to him about Red John, is understandable: he just had a reminder of his nemesis’ power in the last episode, and that must scare him to a certain degree. He all but used Red John to get rid of Panzer- what an emotional time bomb that is! And: Red John is an ongoing case again, so the problems are back- namely, Jane has to be AFRAID that Red John might harm members of his team, even if it’s just to hurt him, and this is one of the reasons why he isn’t confiding in Lisbon, I’m sure of it. He always thinks he has to do everything on his own when it comes to Red John, because he is ridden by guilt, and always afraid he could get more people harmed - this is not new, and it won’t change with a fingersnap. So I wasn’t disappointed at all, but I very much liked this episode: it was much more light- hearted than the last one, but splendidly done.
A last word: Summer, the prostitute that strikes sparks with Cho- I don’t know. I absolutely couldn’t stand her in the first scene, that got slightly better every time she appeared, but sorry- she has a pretty annoying streak. I can’t really understand why Cho should be attracted to her, but hey- we’ll see how this plays out. Maybe I’ll understand it eventually. She moves very gracefully, that’s what I noticed.

Sue ann

Kimball Cho is the principal character I watch this show to see, and I really enjoyed the interaction with the pink-topped hooker. She seems to be the only one to have noticed that he has on-going back problems since being hit by that car. I think that he offered her the job as a confidential informant for several reasons, one being to give her a source of income so that she will not have to work so hard at her first job, one so that he has a legitimate reason to keep a protective eye on her, one because he actually liked her, and one because she proved that she can deliver the information goods. It has been a long time since any mention was made of the lady friend of his who got beaten up in the attempt to get him off the murder case of his friend. They may no longer be together. I gather that it is unprofessional and perhaps forbidden to have a relationship with a CI, but possibly a friendship is allowed. I believe he can use a friend. Cho has never seemed too close to Van Pelt. He seems mostly professional with Lisbon. Rigsby really aggravated him by telling the lie which Cho was forced to back up against his better judgment, and I don't see him forgetting that any time soon. They appear to be team members more than friends. The only time he seems particularly happy is when Jane pairs up with him -- they are hilarious together. But easy. It is hard to tell. The pink-topped hooker is right that Cho likes to put on the "Iron Man" face. Jane did indeed literally back-pedal when Lisbon brought up Red John. How handy for him that the victim's husband showed up at just that moment! Had he not, I expect Jane could have talked his way out of discussing that which he is not ready to discuss. I backed out of a discussion on the phone recently which I did not wish to have then, and steered the conversation elsewhere; Jane (or his writers) is (are) way better at manipulation than I am.

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