The Office Review: Doom and Gloom

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Even though Andy Bernard was named Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin Scranton, he continues to allow others to take the lead on The Office.

On "Doomsday," it was Dwight Schrute in charge, as he came up with a dastardly plan to reduce Dundler Mifflin mistakes, which led to plenty of anguish and only a few laughs.

Andy and Robert

The more interesting of the two main stories this week actually involved a pair characters I have not enjoyed all that much during their times on the series. Gabe has been a thorn in everyone's side during his time on The Office, including mine, but he has turned things around lately.

Making fun of Daryl in order to make a good impression on Val was great, although it wasn't quite as funny as when he invited her on a date that included having wine at the cemetery. Really, Gabe? Really?!?

Back upstairs, where everyone continued to worry about Dwight's email being sent out to Robert California, there were a few comical moments.  My two favorites were when the crew was attempting to figure out Dwight's password, and Stanley's suggested solution.

Ryan telling Jim to try something like Z64$8 - but not exactly Z64$8 - was pitch perfect, and I, of course, welcomed back the return of Stanley's Shove it up your butt! tagline.

It still doesn't seem like they've figured out what the right dynamic is for Robert California among this crowd, or even who his character really is, but as long as he continues to be an Iron Chef elitist, he's okay in my book.

"Doomsday" wasn't a fantastic episode of The Office, but it had its funny moments, and that's what I tune in for. Take a look at some other highlights from this week...

  • Great cold open with "Closing Time," as Pam doesn't know the words and Stanley loves it because it means that it is time to go home.
  • Dwight thinking his second place dreams have to do with his fear of immigrants.
  • Everybody's angry emails about Robert California.
  • Jim's attempt at a serve, and overall awful game of squash with Robert.

Let us know what you thought of "Doomsday," check out some of our favorite lines from the episode below, and take a look at all the best lines at our The Office Quotes page.

Robert: And you can't have a favorite Iron Chef. It depends entirely on the secret ingredient. Sometimes I feel you don't know food at all. | permalink
Andy: You're the deuce I never wanna drop. | permalink
Gabe: Toby, I'm gonna tell you her last name tomorrow, because she's going to be screaming it tonight. | permalink
Dwight: There's no way he hasn't strangled at least one stripper. Oscar. | permalink
Dwight: Can you tell me now where paper comes from?
Kevin: The man tree puts its penis... | permalink


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More farce. Sorry if that's becoming a tired description for me, but what else can you call this? Again it's more "zany antics" like in some cartoon, rather than a cleverly written comedy for adults. Most of the characters seem schizophrenic, even moreso than usual this season, which is due to the poor writing simply using the characters as part of the (boring) farce, instead of actually WRITING for the CHARACTERS. 3/5, and that's generous.


Worst episode of the season. I sincerely thought at the end of this episode that my days of watching The Office are done. No funny jokes at all, Stanley acting way too happy, Gabe too creepy, another love triangle, more stupid Erin, and by far the most over-exaggerated moment ever when Kelly and Erin were shouting at Dwight to stop the "Doomsday Device". I think the only Doomsday Device around was this episode. Its over for The Office.


The best episode or the season. i gave it five stars just cause it felt like everything was clicking. The device was epic. There wasn't a single unfunny part to this episode. Missed Gabe, glad that he's still sliding down that slope of awkwardness, while dwight keeps climbing the crazy ladder. Who didn't laugh at the string knot?


I've been very happy with this episode, which reminded me the everyday office ambiance of first seasons - I liked the doomsday device. Andy is right on track now, and I actually always liked Gabe, by the way - and nice to see that they have kept Val and some other promising warehouse guys. For me, it was a fantastic episode (and I've watched every single one from the very beginning - at least - twice!)


Closing Time nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh, nuh...sorry I don't know the words.


Thanks to this episode, I'll be humming to "Closing Time" promptly at 4 p.m. today. TGIF!


This was a fantastic, classic Office episode. Only a few laughs? I was laughing throughout. I really don't understand how anyone could give this ep a bad review.



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I never heard that song before, and once I heard it I did not care for it, but that song means it's time to go home. Now, it's my favorite song.


Oh my boss is singing "Closing Time."