The Secret Circle Review: Road Trip

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The Secret Circle took a road trip in "Beneath," which lead to an unhappy ending for all.

Not only does Cassie have a special power (not convinced yet that it's dark magic) that allows her to do individual magic, but she is quite the guy magnet. Faye and Diana don't seem to stand a chance with any male as long as Cassie is around. She has Adam and Jake swooning, even if they don't realize it.

Taking a Dare

Truth and Dare is a dangerous game. It backfired on both Faye and Diana when Cassie kissed Jake. It was surprisingly passionate, too, considering the circumstances. The look on Adam's face... ouch. You'd think he turned away from a beheading or worse.

Cassie and Jake have a spark when they are together; I wouldn't mind them hooking up... except for the whole trying to kill her thing. I'd like to think he'll turn on the Witch Hunters to protect his crush, but I don't think it will be easy or even possible for him to do so. Cassie is no longer just a witch to him - she is a human being, a person. Plus, they have shared magic and are in the same circle, is it even possible for him to kill her?

While I see a connection between Cassie and Jake, it looks like Adam is officially available now that Diana has dumped him. Again. After Adam's reaction to Cassie's smooch, I don't blame her at all. She was very mature in her reasoning. They do need to see what it is like to be without the other; they are so young. Given Adam's family life, I think he was trying to hold on to the one stable person in his life, his rock.

He loves Diana, but he also has feelings for Cassie that he can't control. Whether Adam and Cassie are fated to be together or not, they have an uncontrollable attraction. With the reference to Adam possibly having dark magic, too, perhaps they have a magical connection beyond their knowledge.

Speaking of a magical connection, Faye's grandfather was able to reach beyond his death to communicate with Faye and Cassie. Was there a connection between the two girls or was Cassie able to see young Faye because of her unique power? Regardless, there has definitely been something triggered within Cassie and possibly the entire circle.

The scene at the lake with Faye, following immediately by Cassie seeing a young Faye and putting her hands in to reveal Henry's body, was beautifully written and shot. The tension was real. The shift in Cassie as she walked down the pier and touched the lake was actually a bit frightening. That was the moment I first thought that maybe it was dark magic within her.

Chance Harbor is a scary place to live right now. Death is all around. With one Elder gone and another under a spell, who will protect the circle? Are Charles and Dawn up to the task, or are they consumed with their quest for power that they won't be able to help their children?

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I think a lot of us guys watching the show want to climb Cassie´s family tree hehe


There's a name for characters like Cassie in fanfiction. It's Mary Sue - you know, the character that's way cooler and better than everyone else (like apparently being more powerful, with a longer magic history than the rest of the circle). They often tend to be boy-magnets too, with men falling a victim to their charm, beauty and persona, especially if they are bad boys waiting to be tamed. (Sorry Diane and Faye - Cassie's just better than you). It's the character who is unrelatable because she is so OTT in every aspect - looks, charms, skills. The list goes on. When people tend to read characters like Mary Sue, they tend to stop straight away because it's usually awful. Which is why it baffles me how and why people can like Cassie's character? I like the show because of Faye's, Melissa's and now Diane's character (about time she had a go at Cassie - whether intentional or not, she definitely had a massive role in breaking her and Adam up and it's only just that Diane be annoyed about it). I was also rooting for Faye when she blew up at Cassie; after all, whether Jake's into her now or not, the way to friendship does not lie in flirting with said friend's ex. That's definitely against the Sis Code (or Code of Travelling Pants or whatever the female equivalent of Bro Code is). All in all... Cassie is massively over the top. The whole show would be a lot more fascinating if there wasn't a Super Duper Witch amongst the group; if, rather, the group members were equal and it was about finding a balance between them all, whilst discovering the magic and power and secret. Even if Cassie had one or two exceptional things: was the most powerful AND had black magic, or black magic and fated with Adam, or most powerful and potentially taming Jake...but all 4 in one girl? I'm tempted to rename her Mary Sue. Or maybe Cassie Sue. Trina


Just want to make it clear I was not mocking Carla when I quoted her and subsequently typed, "Chase" Harbor instead of "Chance". That's not my MO. Great review!


Cassie to Jake in the car "why are so interested suddenly in climbing my family tree?" innuendo, anyone? they definitly have a spark those two. and cassie is becoming more interesting.


It's Chance Habour Carla Day. Seriously have someone edit the article before it goes on line.
This ep was brilliant and had me irritated at the same time. I really thought we were going to have to deal with some vengeful ghost like Supernatural. I loved Phoebe Tonkin, this girl can act!!! Britt Robertson was her usual self and that is a great thing. Shelley Hennig is ok. I'm still waiting for her to shine more. Adam is bleh. Seriously of all the young actors in Hollywood they choose Thomas Dekker?!? He isn't the Adam described in the book. He can act sorta, but he isn't Adam.
Chris Zylka cannot act! He tries to do this menacing look but it comes out all wrong. All his lines are given the same way. Its boring! What casting agency do they use that gives them these stupid actors? I hope next weeks ep has better acting from chris zylka cuz if he is gonna stick around then he needs to bloody change his facial expression. @ Youngnan: Kevin Williamson took the soul mates concept from the book and twisted it so that he could create a story line for his series. In the book Adam and Cassie meet for the first time in Cape Cod. They don't know each other, she doesn't know she is a witch or that she is moving to new salem. She helps him escape some people who want him and the touch and she feels this connection described as a silver cord. Its described as linking them together. Also in the books the Character Nick- his parents are dead. His father and the father of Deborah are brothers and they were engaged to two sisters. Black John changed it so that Nicks father married his brothers fiance and vice versa. They allowed it to happen because they were enamoured by him. That is where Kevin Williamson took the concept and used it for Adam's father and Cassie's mother. He based their relationship on something similar. In the show they haven't dealt with the concept of written in the stars, but like Cassie said that her family can be traced back to the origins of witch craft which means Adam's family could also have similar roots and they could have had past interactions and it could be that the families are always destined to be intertwined throughout life.
It may only apply to Cassie and Adam and not to the others, but its something we will only know as the series progresses and not before that cuz I don't think the producers have fleshed everything out yet and there is nothing in the book to suggest it.


Young Faye scenes were great. The scenes could have been screwed up with over the top eerie music, echoed voices, and the usual trippy visuals that are commonly used for these types of scenes. Very well done. Spindae and Verybookish are right about Dawn and Charles. I think Charles is starting to crack under pressure. Having to kill Nick sent him over the edge. As Carla stated, "Chase Harbor is a scary place to live right now." Charles has already made some mistakes (Henry's body, Jane's scarf). Now he has a crystal, a spell book and control over Jane. It'll be tough for Dawn to keep him in line now that he holds the reins of power. Something tells me that he's going to end up manipulating Diana into doing something bad. Especially now that Diana has been somewhat alienated from the rest of the circle. Could Adam be headed for a meltdown? He's lost Diana, Cassie seems more into Jake now, and it's not like his father is the most stable person in the world. If he starts wearing eye-liner, I fear he'll be beyond saving. LOL Faye is tough to figure out. I still don't trust her completely. It's not that I doubt her loyalty, she just seems too peevish and impulsive at times. I did feel for her when Dawn showed up at Henry's house and all Faye said was, "Mommy" as she ran to her for comfort.


and i wasnt glad Melissa was excluded


1, this episode was fckng dark. i was scared to be honest
2, I LOVE FAYE. IN EVERY SINGLE WAY. seeing her jealous, angry, sad or upset makes me upset. I hope she and Jake will be endgame.
3, Diana + Adam = aawww. cute sweet.
4, this dark side of Cassie is just getting more and more interesting. i just dont like how she gets all boys
5, secret circle is getting better every week!!! I LOVE IT


I really liked this episode: not too much focus on the parents, no Melissa, lots off Cassie/Jake scenes. They have such chemistry. Question(s): Does Cassie know her father's name? Does anyone in the circle except Jake? Cause if they do, why didn't they suggest that the drawings/documents could belong to Blackwell instead of her grandma?

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