The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 85

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Welcome to the 85th edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, a Friday tradition at TV Fanatic! Your Caption Contest winner this week is ... Eden. Congratulations!

Honorable mentions for the picture from "Ordinary People" (Review: HERE. Round Table: HERE.) go out to Jennifer Renee Beatley, Allison M and AlaricSucks.

Thanks to all for playing and good luck again next week!

Klaus and Bekah

Klaus: I can't believe it's just over. I can't believe they just threw it all away...
Rebekah: It's alright, Niklaus. It only lasted 72 days...that's about how long it took me to do my hair.

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Klaus"..what if he is right?"
Rebekah "he..s not, don't listen to anything old Mr Gore says"
Klaus "but..I feel its pain, all alone in the world, we are comrades me and it, I must find ManBearPig"


Rebekah: Is that my bunny Alaina??
Klaus: Sorry sister, I was so hungry...


R: its okay, niklaus.
k: its so upsetting! Bieber fever is spreading like the swine flu! They should have vaccinations for this! Called H1Bieber1! Rar!


Rebekah : What is it brother?
Klaus : They told me I'm getting a haircut! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH TIME I PUT INTO THIS HAIR?!


Rebekah:Yes, Klaus. Henry is dead.
Klaus: But... but... he owed me money! Son of a...


Rebecca: what is wrong brother?
Klaus: *gasps* i stubbed my toe! Oh! The pain! Make it stop!


Rebekah: I can't believe you, Niklaus of all people would kill our mother?
Niklaus: What was I supposed to do Rebekah, she suppressed my werewolf side, by putting a curse on me.


Klaus: "Why oh why did Stefan kill all those bunnies?"
(The awkward moment when you realise that TVD's baddest villain has a heart...)


Rebekah: No! My blueberry pancakes! What have you done, Nik?!
Niklaus: I ate them.


Rebekah: Oh. My. God.
Niklaus: My hair. It's just so darn beautiful.

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Some days, it's a miracle you're still alive. Boy.

Mikael [to Klaus]

Alaric: Careful where you shine that thing. Bat hate the light?
Elena: Wait... what?