The Vampire Diaries Clip: Wake Up?!?

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Are you ready to dance, Vampire Diaries viewers?

Tonight's "Homecoming" will take fans inside a major Mystic Falls event, although it appears as if Tyler wants to upstage the festivities with a gathering of his own. Watch the following clip from the 2011 finale to see Caroline stare in amazement at the party thrown by her boyfriend.

Only it's not a party, Tyler tells Stefan. It's a... wake?!?

For another early look at what's to come, view this sneak peek and wonder: what do Elena and Damon have in mind? Tune in tonight for the answer. Visit TV Fanatic soon afterward for a review... and then send in ideas for what the heck we're all gonna do on Thursday nights for the rest of the year.

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It's funny how they threw the party at Tyler's house. Homecoming dance/wake. That's kind of sad..


Okay, thanks BunnyTail! That helps a bunch.


A wake means a period after someone dies before the body is buried when in some cultures (like Irish, just off the top of my head) they celebrate the person's life by having a party. In this case, Klaus could be celebrating the death of his werewolves whom he turned into hybrids and his personal minions. That's one possible speculation.


Damn Mandy you got to his pissy face before I could. Ge must be closer to his stale azz humanity in the clip. *rolls eyes*


What the heck is a wake?? lol.


His stinky face is back :( means he's closer to his "humanity" a la Elenas puppy and boring. Damn I enjoy him right now cuz he's interesting when he's not brooding. Booooo

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