The Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale Preview: Who's Coming Home?

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The Vampire Diaries took us way back last night, shedding more light than ever before on Klaus, Rebekah and even Papa Original. It was a strong episode, reviewed in depth HERE and setting the stage for next Thursday's midseason finale.

It's titled "Homecoming," but why do I feel like the King and Queen of the dance won't exactly be the focus?

Look for Klaus to return to Mystic Falls; Tyler to behave more strangely than ever; and for Damon to enter into a dangerous partnership. Hold on tightly, VD lovers, and get your first taste at what's to come via the following promo. We can only imagine what sort of cliffhanger this show has in store before departing until 2012...

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wouldn't be bothered if it ended up with Klaus singing a Lady Gaga hit :P


I hope Klaus does recommendations would love to hear him sing New York New York, possibly some Michael Buble


I don't know but I do know I am dying for delena. I know the slow build igs best but Dayum, its killin me


I can't wait to find out what the cliffhanger will be!! I think it might end with a character dying.


Sound odd... Can't get a clue on what would be the cliffhanger but I'm sure it'll be goooood. OFF TOPIC: What does Elena say at the very beggining? Because it sounds like "Klaus is FART", but I'm sure that's not it, lol.


too much Delena's moment so far!! ti's predictable and boring!! finding out how ripper Stefan is way interesing!! prefer Klaus/Stefan's bromances than Stefan/Damon!! one thing was good about this ep that Klaus killed his brother and mom to serve his plan!!

Uncle jackass

I wonder what the cliff-hanger for this season will be? In every other season of the TVD it is left with Elena in peril. Season 1 she ran from Stefan, her car got hurled, and a stalker vampire approached. Season 2 she was recovering from Katherine's evil plans when a masked human man had chloroformed her into a car boot. And in season 3...???


Can't wait, love where the show is going with the originals, delena and ripper stefan

Julie schmidt

So in mid-November they stop showing new episodes for 2 months? How stupid is that?


Can't wait for this episode it looks great.

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