The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: B

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With many TV Fanatic favorites on a midseason break, we'll be using the next couple weeks as an opportunity to assess various programs and offer advice on where they should go in 2012.

First, our Grey's Anatomy critic offered her thoughts on the first half of that show's eighth season. Now, I'm excited to pore over The Vampire Diaries, hand out a midseason grade and see where readers stand on television's most twist-filled drama.

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Best Character: Klaus. It takes a lot to beat out Damon Salvatore and his snark, smile and smolder. But Klaus has given us a lot... and then some! He's the ideal villain: sympathetic, cruel, multi-dimensional, funny. Joseph Morgan portrays this character with an eerie calmness, making those moments when he loses it even more impactful. Plus, the addition of Klaus has led to the addition of Rebekah. Major points there.

Worst Character: Katherine. She disappears. She shows up. She always has some mysterious agenda. The writers seem to have lost their grasp on this ancient vampire a long time ago. Nothing more than a plot device at this point, Katherine really has to disappear one final time - forever.

Best Episode: "The End of the Affair." New light was shed on Stefan's friendship with Klaus; we flashed back to Chicago; we first met Rebekah; we were introduced to Mikael. A packed episode provided viewers with fresh sympathies for Klaus, Elena and Stefan.

Worst Episode: "Ghost Town." Easily the worst installment in show history, it seemingly existed solely to bring back former characters. Sadly, not even the handsome face of Tyler Kinney could save this boring, nonsensical hour of filler.

Most Interesting Development: Tyler as a hybrid. What does this mean for Forwood? Where do Tyler's loyalties lie? How many more breakfasts will the guy spill on his shirt? The directions the show can now go with Tyler know as few bounds as the affection our site has for his girlfriend.

Biggest Surprise: Klaus killed his own mother, and was being hunted by his own father! Gotta combine this storyline into one major shocker. We figured the history of the Originals would be rich. We just didn't expect it to take even Rebekah by surprise.

Best Bromance: Alaric and Damon. Granted, there are no other contenders (no offense, Matt and Jeremy), but these two deserve their own shout-out for simply making me crack up so often. Damon is the only person allowed to refer to his pal as Ric.

Most Misused Character: Bonnie. All she does is pop into a scene, cast a spell and leave. This may belong in the following category, but the show needs to round Bonnie out to be more than just an angst-filled witch. Fortunately, this appears to be the plan. Look who is on her way to Mystic Falls.

Hopes for 2012: Full-on Delena. I'm not just saying this because the pair won our poll for Best Teen Couple, and it would be nice if they were actually a couple. But the series needs to make a choice in either direction. No more teasing, writers. You've done an admirable job developing the feelings between Elena and Damon. They feel real and believable at this point. Stefan may not want his humanity, but Damon does want the girl who makes his rise to the surface. Give her to him.

Also: a bubble bath scene for Rebekah; even more Caroline; the return of Elijah; the opening of a competing restaurant for the Grill.

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Agreed with most of this. Best Character: It's hard because Klaus is so wickedly great and complex and layered and how many psychopathic killers can be that likeable? Damon is always one of if not the best character of the show, but Stefan, or Evil Stefan is most improved and honestly after a couple of seasons finally Paul Wesley isn't getting outdone by Ian. Worst Character: I'd have to go with Matt. I don't get him still being relevant. At first it was nice having a human out of the loop, but now he's in the know. While I find his indifference and flippant response to anything supernatural amusing, and the little throwaway hints of Monnie...Batt? somewhat amusing, he's overall just a useless character. Best Episode:I'd say the mideason finale...we got the throwdown between Mikael and Klaus...didn't know how that would end. Damon and Elena's complex new "friendship". Tyler and Caroline's upheaval for now. Just a lot of things. Worst Episode: Ghost World was pretty bad and annoying to watch for various reasons, even though I loved Lexie and Grams and liked staring at Mason. What was the episode when Damon tried to kill Caroline's father? That too. Most Interesting Development: I'll have to go with the transformation of Stefan. He's always been a great character imo, but now we get to actually see the layers in him rather than being told about them, if that makes any sense. I love how complex he is and that we get to see it, and him being unburdened by his brooding and own pain over his was the freeing of Stefan w/o completely changing his character. I've loved watching his journey. Biggest Surprise: I'll have to say the Original stuff by default. It's hard to say biggest surprise for a show where everything is so surprising that it,...isn't. Did it surprise me that the vampire who may occupy two different sections on the DSM IV killed his mom (and his siblings)? Not really...but I still gasped anyway. Best Bromance: Damon and ALaric all the way....because they're just awesome. However,this show is about the Salvatore brothers and their's the most important most pivotal relationship of the entire show and I've loved watching their fraternal bond come full circle. Damon's saving Stefan and Stefan saved and is saving Damon. It's been so poignant how they've really delved deeper into their bond. Everyone is so focused on elena dealing with Stefan...but Damon...Damon coming to grips with his bro being missing, then falling off the rails, then returning different than how he left, then trying to save him, and feeling guilty because it only happened because he got bit. It's been subtle but powerful. Most Misused Character: Bonnie.No doubt about it. She's been misused for seasons and to any Bonnie fans that is probably why she's so unlikeable to so many. It has nothing to do with how crappy she is to Damon or how judgmental she is in general and more to do with the fact that she flat out is used as a plot device and it sucks. She hasn't evolved as a character and everyone else around her has. I keep wanting to like her...they keep telling us that witches are all powerful balancers of the supernatural world. Bonnie as she's written doesn't make me believe that, and it sucks that every witch we've seen outside of her whether they were likeable or not were somehow more badass and more believable than she is. Hopes: I'm a Delena fan. So I'd love to see more of them and their budding bond...I actually dont care if it ends up being a romantic relationship or just a really deep friendship. I just like them. I NEED ELijah! Seriously, more Elijah please. If I only had to pick one thing it would be him.Bonnie finally becoming relevant. I still hold on that the she can be a great character.


I liked every episode this season. I think the show only grows and that its been doing a good job. I actually like Katherine I don't think she is entirely pointless although the writers could work on giving her more purpose. Bonnie isn't bad either and I think we will see more of her and learn more when her mother comes to town. I would give the Vampire Diaries an A-.


I agree with Jasmine
If Elena and Damon happens she will be no different than Katherine, which would make no sense as the history would repeat itself
Stephan said that he fall in love with Elena because she was different than Katherine, kind, compassionate and would never hurt nobody.
It will be weird watching her and Damon if the writers decide to go this way, as Elena should stay with Stephen- the one she truly loves!
I like the idea that she is fighting her attraction to Damon since she is human and he helped her more once, she can trust him and since Stephen got
involved with Klaus he is the one she can count on.
i think Damon needs to be Damon .... unpredictable and wild.. if he gets involved with Elena he will be more of a domesticated CAT then blood thirsty predator .


WOW GUYS just a plain B? i will give it a B+. i am hoping to see an A+ by the end of the season.


Loved Season 1, Loved Season 2, Season 3 is way too much the Damon and Elena show. Sorry, not into the shipping wars. I just thought Elena was a different kind of girl. Thought she was loyal and in love with Stefan. I loved watching Elena and Stefan together. Loved watching hottie Damon sleep and play with different women, while still being a complete badass tough guy. Damon's character is boring and predictable now. sorry


I completely agree with you.
This show has only shown excellence for the last two seasons, but for some reason this season while good, has not been great. I Love Rebekah and the entire Originals story line (and wish Elijah would just come back already!) but I was not feeling the ghost story line at all. It seemed completely gimmick like and stretched to thin to me. I love Lexi and Mason as much as the next fan, but their comeback seemed less then stellar and for no importance but to see them again.
Lexi didn't cure Stefan and Mason didn't help what was the point again?
I'm glad they are fleshing Bonnie out, I always wondered where her dad was in all this and how come he never cared that she wasn't ever home, hello aren't they suppose to be 17-18? I have faith in this show and it's writers, they are just getting to the good stuff. We will be surprised and blown away before we know it! Oh and one last thing! Delena4Ever!!!...ok that was a total fangirl moment:)moving on....


I liked all episodes this season incl. Ghost World. Loved Jeremy/Anna/Pearl and especially Mason/Damon/Alaric. I don`t know how you can lable an episode with so many great moments as the easily the worst ever.
I agree with Katherine, though. Either use her better and show us more about her mysterious plans or kill her rather sooner then later.
And please no more useless shorttime flashbacks like in the finale. The show is so great that it is not necessary to create even MORE suspense with such nonsense.


Please no delena! >.


omg noooo so unpredicted!

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