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i loved this episode, cant wait for next year!!! i really hope elena and stefan will get back together because elena doesnt really love damon like she loves stefan, she finds that stefan's hot vampire brother is the closest connection she has to him and keeps trying to make damon like stefan.


Celina- a vampire will die from staking an Original vampire. but since Klaus is an Original vampire he can kill another Original without dying. However if Damon had killed Klaus he would have died...


Melanie- i am wondering the exact same thing! Wouldnt Damon die if he staked Klaus? What im guessing is that no one expected Damon to be the one to kill Klaus, so if it wasnt Damon then anyone else killing Klaus would result in Damon being killed by the hybrids. So i guess Stefan was just concerned by making sure Klaus does not die??? I have no idea...


Yea, I didn't like the review. I love Forwood but you'd think this was the Forwood Diaries or beyter yet Caroline the Vampire Slayer. Where's the growth of each character, Delena etc? Sometimes I want a good review over "humor" and obvious character bias.


My question is - if an immortal can't kill an original vampire, wouldn't it have killed Damon when he tried to stake and kill Klaus?? How was that going to work?


Agree with the review. It was kind of lazy on their part as far as writing goes with how they used Katherine. the biggest characters on this show used as plot devices rather than characters are Katherine, Matt, and Bonnie. one of them still manages to be awesome while being used but the others still need work.

Klaus is an amazingly complex villian and it's wonderful. His confrontation with his father was enough to take my breath away and leave me on the edge of my seat. Rebekah is a gem...she's just a girl who wants to be a girl for once. The overall theme of family and loyalty was beautifully interwoven in it all. Shippers be pissed at me if you like but the true love story of this series will always be and has always been between the Salvatore brothers and their strained, complex, but strong bond. It's beautiful. The character growth and instrospective moments involving the hearts of the show were poignant and apparently overlooked...

Damon has finally come to grips and embraced his own humanity while keeping his edge, his love for his brother has never been this transparent and honest and true. His sense of loyalty has never been this intense. He's finally left to just be in regards to Elena and once she let go of changing him and he stopped tearing himself apart because of her, what has emerged is a truly beautiful and strong and deep friendship between the two that may or may not lead to something, but is deep nonetheless. I mean the Damon of season one, and season two compared to where he is right's crazy good evolution of a character. His stance on Katherine and how he reached a point where he could actually say to her "take care of yourself" that was true growth. He was sincere. And he's still the Damon that we love despite this growth.

Stefan: He's finally free of the self flagellation and it makes him a deeply intriguing character as a result. He's honest and actually real rather than being painfully and unrealistically optimistic. He still has demons and he's still battling them but his complexities are more transparent and his love for his brother is more intense then it's ever appeared. he's finding himself and it's almost magical to watch and think about his transformation.

Katherine: finally reaching the point where she does actually consider others ahead of herself, that she admits that she does genuinely care about the brothers and perhaps even Elena. She's proving to be loyal and reasonably trustworthy. She's evolved from the manipulative shrew that she appeared to be initially. her scene with Stefan in the car was and honest and real.

elena; her finally reaching a point where she accepts the importance of both brothers. She know she needs, loves, and wants both of them around. She isn't fighting it anymore. She's let go of changing Damon and just let him be and now she has a strong, beautiful, vulnerable friendship with him. She's smarter now, she thinks things through more. She's becoming more independent and powerful in her own right. She's just grown.

That is why I loved this midseason finale so much because aside from the twists and turns and plot developments...the characters were stripped and exposed and raw...and as a longterm fan it was an episode where you stopped and thought about just how far the characters have come and how complex they are and how great the writing is overall for this show.


No offense but that was a weak review.

Yes, they used Katherine in a very convenient way and didn't let us know every little detail until the end. But a review shouldn't focus only on one plot hole - what about the rest of the episode? The plan to get Klaus back to town, Caroline and Tyler breaking up, Katherine wanting to save Damon's life even if it means running for the rest of eternity, Stefan's compulsion being broken and the fact that he stole the coffins of the other originals! You can't just let that out!

Personally I didn't mind the way Katherine was used, I like her character anyways and I like how she always surprises us. I liked the flashbacks as well, and even the flashbacks within the flashbacks.
Just think about it - had they done everything without flashbacks the episode wouldn't have been as exciting because we would've known what would be next!


(ITALY)aspettiamo un vero bacio(kiss)tra DAMON e ELENA.cara PLEC sono 3 stagioni che desideriamo vedere ELENA innamorata di DAMON,sono loro la miglior coppia di TVD,sono loro che ci fanno stare svegli fino a tarda notte per seguire la puntata in diretta,dopo questa lunga pausa speriamo di vedere la miglior coppia (damon e elena) finalmente insieme.ciao,LOVE LOVE LOVE DAMON AND ELENA!!!!!!!


What a great episode! I thought Damon and Elena were finally going to kiss by the end of this episode... I guess not... But I can't believe Forwood is really over! Am I the only one that finds that heartbreaking?


Wait a second, didnt michael mention that if a vampire stakes an original, they will die too? So why didnt Klaus die when he staked michael? :S

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