The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Ordinary People"

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Poor Rebekah. And darn you, Klaus!

The Vampire Diaries took fans way, way back on "Ordinary People," giving viewers a new reason to sympathize with one Original and despise another. Come along with Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger now as they conduct a new version of the TV Fanatic Round Table...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The bond formed between Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah. Considering what we had just witnessed in the flashback, and all we know happened between these siblings since then, it was a seminal series moment, one played very well by all involved.

Steve: The Salvatore brothers at the Grill. It's been awhile since these two really caught up.

Dan: Mikael showing up at the bar and putting the hurt on Damon was pretty awesome. He seems to be the next in a long line of Vampire Diaries bad asses.

Eric: How lame would if I followed Dan and Steve's lead and went with the Salvatore brothers and Mikael at the bar? Very? Okay, well then call me lame 'cause... wow.  Intense.

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There was no major cliffhanger: Refreshing or irritating?
Matt: Wait, there was no major cliffhanger. Aren't we supposed to be wondering if Damon and Elena got it on later that night? No? What if they did?!?

Steve: Refreshing. As the saying goes, if everyone's special, no one is. If there's a major cliffhanger every week, it deprives the really big ones of the same impact. There's only so many events a show can come up with - even TVD - that don't feel forced or done for the sake of it. I'm glad the writers recognize that.

Dan: Refreshing. It will only make next week's super duper cliffhanger that much more exciting.

Eric: Just fine. Next week is a midseason finale (when did the CW start doing those?!?), and I'm pretty sure the king of cliffhangers will give us a crazy one then. And besides, were they really worried I wasn't going to tune in next week anyway? Kevin should probably worry more about losing me from The Secret Circle. (And yes, Kevin Williamson and I are on a first name basis.)

What is your favorite Vampire Diaries flashback episode?
Matt: "Blood Brothers." My favorite Vampire Diaries episode of all-time.

Steve: This one by a mile. In Matt's interviews with them, Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt both promised major reveals regarding the mythology of the Originals, and boy did they deliver. It's the epitome of what a TV flashback episode should be but often is not, an extrapolation of past events that directly shape the present narrative. Plus, how great was the almost overlooked return of Daniel Gillies, and how effing badass is Sebastian Roche?!?

Dan: "Klaus." This was the first time we met a Klaus who did not look like Ric Saltzman. The flashbacks to the late 1400s revealed that Elijah and Klaus were brothers, that Klaus was indeed a hybrid and everything about his curse. Fascinating stuff by all accounts.

Eric: While I thought this one was phenomenal, with some nice shocking reveals, I guess I'm just a sappy guy and there's nothing like my first time. That entire first season was unreal, as we were introduced to Katherine and the Salvatore boys before they turned. It's what hooked me on TVD.

Bigger sin: Klaus killing his own mother, Stefan preying on a beautiful bar tender, or the writers keeping Caroline off the screen for an entire hour?
Matt: Klaus killing his own mother. Dude pulled her heart out of her chest. There's really no coming back from that. As for the other two: as if a majority of bartenders wouldn't want Paul Wesley feeding on them, come on! And it's okay for Caroline to take a week off. Absence. Heart. Fonder. All that.

Steve: Obviously Klaus killing his mom, because at least Caroline will be back. This brings up an interesting point about last night. Depriving us of Ms. Forbes for an entire week was pretty brutal for a group of guys who adore Candice Accola, but did we miss the other MIA characters played by actors we aren't in love with? Without naming names (Matty, Bon-Bon, Kat, any and all ghosts), there are some extraneous characters on this show that need to be done away with or given something more interesting to do. "Ordinary People" proved this more than ever.

Dan: There is no bigger sin than depriving us from seeing Candice Accola on a weekly basis. Fine! Killing your own mother might come close, but I'm not as mad at Klaus for that. He's still my boy.

Eric: I think we all know my answer to this one. Where the heck was Caroline Forbes?!? Was she busy petitioning people to vote for her for as sexiest sidekick? If so, step up your game girl. We're losing to Sarah Walker!!! #teamcaroline

Next week is the 2011 finale. Make one bold prediction about what's to come on it.
Matt: Tyler will be named Homecoming King. Caroline will not be named Homecoming Queen. in protest, Eric Hochberger will claim he's done with The Vampire Diaries forever.

Steve: My wife will call it the greatest episode of any show ever... a rare title she has bestowed upon only 15-20 Vampire Diaries episodes so far.

Dan: They will finally make the (outstanding) decision to kill off Katherine. She will return... only to get staked by Mikael in a fit of rage after Klaus escapes his grasps yet again.

Eric: Mikael will seemingly kill Klaus as the cliffhanger. But, don't worry, Joseph Morgan will return in 2012 because Klaus is way too bad ass. Of course, I say this with no prior knowledge because I'm an avid Vampire Diaries spoilers evader.


Klaus should not leave the show. But if they make him end up the way Katherine's character did, I wouldn't want that to happen. Yet I believe Klaus' character is just so much fun to explore, I want more flashbacks and more Daniel Gillies! And now I also love Rebecca, whom I always found annoying before. God, this show is amazing.
I think it's one of the only shows in which new characters are introduced efficiently, in which they fit in so well. I never expected to care so much about the originals (and Klaus!) before they showed up but now, the show would not be the same without them.


Am I the only one who remembers that there are two more kids? In 2x19 (Klaus), Elijah says his mother bore 7 children. So far only five have been introduced. Henrik, dies after being mauled to death, Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah and an unnamed child who died before they came to america. I really want to know if they'll be introduced later on!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Stefan and Damon had a go at each other. You'd see from Stefan's smile that although Klaus asked Stefan to turn off his feeling for Elena, he still has feelings for his brother. Careful guys, your humanities are showing! There was no major cliffhanger: Refreshing or irritating?
Refreshing, seeing it's mid-season finale next week. Everything needs to be put in order. So, in this episode, everyone is against Klaus. What is your favorite Vampire Diaries flashback episode?
Anything with Katherine in it. Bonus points for Anna and Pearl's scenes. Bigger sin: Klaus killing his own mother, Stefan preying on a beautiful bar tender, or the writers keeping Caroline off the screen for an entire hour?
Caroline, off screen. I can't even imagine! How dare! Oh well, Caroline will be a major player in the mid-season finale so I'll see you next week, Care!


I wonder why no one is really commenting on why Damon probably hit Stefan when he said "how human of you"? Damon tried to make Stefan be more human and remember his human side but it turned out that Stefan brought out Damon's human side out instead! What Damon intended to do to Stefan, Stefan did to Damon! In true Damon style when when Damon gets "topped/outsmarted", he exhibits destructive behaviour! Stefan brought out something in Damon instead of Damon bringing out something in Stefan. That's why I think Stefan was laughing after Damon beat him, cause he knew he won! I just hope the mid season cliffhanger doesn't have Stefan saving Klaus from being killed at the last minute and solidifing his loyalty to him willingly after all! No, I don't even think for a second that Damon did Anything with Elena in bed! Damon has been Very loyal to Stefan where Elena is concerned. As someone has already pointed out, Damon has not done anything to cut his brother out from Elena. If Elena wants Damon all the way in a complete relationship, it will have to come from Elena, and ONLY when Damon is 100% sure Stefan is done with her. I don't see That happening. Damon and Stefan are two different people, but Both love VERY, Very Deeply. Either one would be happy to see the other one happy. I still wish Damon wouldn't make all the silly faces and eyeball rollings he makes all the time. I like a more serious Damon. I think his best look was when he was sealing Katherina in the tomb that season.


1.flashback scenes,salvatore bros and original siblings mostly elijah(geez when is he going to come back?I hope they not show him two episodes and then kill him off please no)and rebekah I hope she lives.
2.okay I guess. fave flashback was the katerina flashback it's kinda dark.If they made the salvatore backstory more centered on them it may have been my top choice.
4.I knew klause did something awful for him to be running and hiding for his life,now we know he killed his own ma,that's cold.
5.some character dying (hope not)or Elijah being brought back to life hopefully.


Why don't they change the Round Table Pick? the Crow bird was killed like in episode 3-5 of season 1, that bird didn't even make it to the mid-season Finale LOL


1.- Its it just me or all the witches in this show are black?
2.- If the Petrova family was there and she kill the doppelganger obviously and then Mikael killed all the village how did the Petrova family survive? whit the doppelganger situation I guess the Petrova family is big and they kill all the families on the place but the Pretrova's had more family in Bulgaria and Katherine is the daughter of the daughter of a cousin or something related to the original doppelganger I mean this is the only explanation.
3.- I guess that Bonny is related to the original witch because this is TVD
4.- All the episode I was like Where is Caroline and every scene I was like she is going to by in the next on and she never appear or at least be named like Jeremy (ho i didn't even remember, and then it come back, hi is the little brother and Bonny's ex)
5.- Where the Fu** is Katherine? she is not death because if she is how did Mikael knew about the Salvatore brothers?
6.- This show has to change of name to The Original Diaries, they talk about the Werewolf and they don't even say or show Jacob I mean Tyler or at least do some referents to the Lockwood family oh and I guess Tyler is related to the Original Werewolf (Klaus's real father) ho killed Klaus's little brother
7.- It well be a niche touch if they show how the course was made and they show some of the original doppelganger and we can see how was she like Elena or Katherine and why did they pick her and not other.
8.- They should do a All Flashback episode or at least a Made for TV Movie
9.- How do Stefan and Klaus communicate? from an Iphone? or do they have some Vampire connection? if its from a phone why did Mikael didn't just take Stefan's phone and look for the contact whit the ¨K¨ or that says Klaus and if its from an Vampire connection why didn't he used it? On season 1 when they turned Vicky Stefan says that they can find a Vampire because they have some kind of connection so if that is whit no related vampires then the original family has to have a stronger connection
10.- If only one and one only stick wasn't burn whit the rest of the tree hod did Klaus killed or put to sleep all of his brothers and her sister and if Klaus is the one ho has the stick how does his father is going to kill him?


Somehow i think cliffhangers will involve, elijah coming back to life, rebekah getting killed by mikael and tyler or stefan going fully team klaus.


Things that made sense. 1. Michael being the original father. 2. Original mother who did not turn was actually a witch. Things that did not make any sense. 1. They only showed the mother, father, klaus, elijah, rebekah, and the son who was killed. That totals to only six which means they didn't bother to introduce the seventh family member. 2. How the hell did the Petrova family ended up in Bulgaria by the 1400's if at the time of the Viking era the original Petrova doppelgänger (sacrifice) was in mystics falls for the original curse put on klaus and aparrently only the originals knew about both the western and eastern hemisphere of the world.


Well, the episoe leaves a lot of questions still: 1. How does the Petrova stuff fit into the curse story. They said the mother put the curse on clause. Was she a Petrova? And if yes, that means one of her daughters (other than Rebekah, if there are any) must have had a child. 2. Is the whole Klaus-ripping-his-mothers-heart-out-thing true? Could it be a giantic twist and in the end it was still Mikael? And who put that story in the cave? 3. How many orignals are there. Elijah said 7, so that means Mikael and 6 siblings (obviously there were in total 2 more siblings, one that died before moving to America and the dead little brother). How many coffins does Klaus have? I'm counting 4 right now (7 originals -Klaus, - Mikael, -Rebekah). 4. Wouldn't the Originals be around Mystic Falls a lot more, seeing that it was their hometown and their mother is buried there? (I would think Klaus, Elijah or Rebekah would visit their mothers grave, say around 1860 or 1894). 5. So basically the Originals became vampires so they couldn't be hurt by werewolves or wouldn't die in silly sword fights? I kind of expected a whole devilish master plan behind becoming vampires.

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