The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Promo: A Grave Threat

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Secrets were exposed and the stage was set on this week's installment of The Walking Dead, as fans prepare for next Sunday's midseason finale.

Yes, it's already time to say goodbye to Rick, Lori and company: the AMC drama is about to go on hiatus until February.

What cliffhangers will it dangle before doing so? Look for a serious threat to emerge from a surprise source on the upcoming episode, while Rick and Hershel are forced to work together in order to avoid a dire fate. Elsewhere, as teased in this official preview, Dale has it out with Shane. Watch now.

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@omgjohntravolta - i am so impatient and your spoilers completely made my day. thankyouthankyouthankyou


@ohmygodjohntravolta ur right! how did u know this will happen... :)


@ OMG John Travolta How do you know that's the storyline?


@ohmygodjohntravolta: I hope that's legit. However, if Sophia is dead, I'll be so pissed. I'm not in the mood for her to actually be dead, as it seriously will ruin the point of the search.


Episode 7: "Pretty Much Dead Already" Episode opens with Glenn revealing the presence of the walkers to the rest of the group, who promptly proceed to freak out. Maggie becomes angry with Glenn for not keeping the secret and ruins his hat in retribution. Dale gives Glenn his trademark hat as a replacement. Maggie later makes a plea to Hershel for the group to stay. She and Glenn also have an argument about the walkers, after which they eventually admit their feelings, kiss and make up. Rick and Hershel argue, with Hershel demanding the group leave within a week. Rick uses the my-wife-is-pregnant card, but Hershel's not persuaded. Shane also wants the group to get the hell out of there because of the walkers in the barn, but Rick uses the same excuse to cool him down. However, Shane then becomes convinced that Lori's baby is his. Dale takes off with Shane's guns to hide them in the swamp. Shane tracks him down and demands he give the guns back. Dale points his rifle at him and threatens to shoot. However, he backs down at the last moment, since he has no wish to become like Shane: he reveals that he knows Shane shot Otis and lied about what really happened. Shane heads back to the farm with the guns. Hershel has Rick help him and Jimmy try to fish some walkers out of a nearby pit of quicksand and lead them into the barn with snare poles. He says the group can stay on the farm if they agree not to kill the walkers. They arrive at the farm about the same time Shane emerges from the swamp and hands out guns to other members of the group. Shane sees the snared walkers and goes berserk. He yells at Rick and Hershel as they guide the walkers towards the barn, with the rest of the group and people in the farm looking on. He pulls his sidearm and unloads it in the chest of one of the walkers, demanding to know "Could someone who's alive just take that? Why is it still coming?" Hershel has no answer. He finishes off the walker with a headshot, grabs a nearby pickaxe and breaks open the barn door. Walkers pour out, T-Dog, Daryl, Shane, Glenn, and Andrea form a line and open fire. Once the dust clears, one more walker emerges. Sophia. Rick finally steps up next to the others, pulls his six-shooter and kills Sophia with a shot to the head. End episode.


looks exciting! not crazy about the long break though :(

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