The Walking Dead Review: What's in the Barn?

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I'll control my people, you control yours.

As much as the "leaders" Rick and Hershel might agree to keep their respective groups in line, neither of them are doing a very good job. Everyone seems eager to create their own agenda, refusing to listen to others. Remember that saying there is no "I" in team? Someone better figure it out and quick.

Daryl hunted for Sophia on his own, which unfortunately meant that he had to fall a tremendous height and get stabbed by an arrow. He needs to work on his buddy system and that doesn't include using long lost brother Merle.

Making a Discovery

The return of Merle was certainly a tease, as it was merely a hallucination, but it did show further insight about Daryl. If anything, Daryl has managed to prove himself capable and caring, but living under his brother's shadow had originally squashed any level of concern for others. I disagree that the group won't support or would disregard Daryl in the future, and Merle's speech was merely the underlying subconscious poking through.

Carol's reassurance to Daryl that he's every bit as good as Rick or Shane was perfect because it was the truth. He's proven himself countless times. Sure, he can be a bit of an ass, filled with smart alec comments, but he has a heart. The only problem is that Merle's controlling and overbearing demeanor has negatively affected his self-confidence.

And how many times are Carol and Daryl going to have these quiet moments? Are these set ups for a possible relationship between the two?

Of course, I did love that he managed to get himself up and back to the group, but what was up with the zombie ears? I hope Daryl isn't going to revert himself back to his old racist, selfish ways after nearly getting killed. Oh, and then getting shot by Andrea? It was not his day.

I'm so pleased that Daryl managed to only get grazed by Andrea because on this show, anyone can be killed off. On the other hand, I'm tired of Andrea and her whiny, independent attitude. She needs to get over herself and stop moaning to everyone about not getting to take charge or carry a gun. Clearly, this should be the wake up call that shooting first and refusing to listen to Rick or Dale was not the right answer. If she doesn't change? A fatal zombie attack wouldn't have me shedding a tear because shooting Daryl was the last straw for me.

Even Shane isn't on the same thought process as Rick. He's already set to count his losses and move on. Rick refuses to do so, but when will that time come when he has to accept the fact that Sophia might not be alive? I mean, come on, it's been more than just days. At least their conversation managed to hit a few lighthearted moments about past hookups, mixing up bases and getting it on with a gym teacher. Too bad the "good old days" are over.

Hershel's people aren't off the hook, as they have been rather disobedient as well and Hershel is slowly watching everything unravel. Not only did Jimmy lie to Rick and join in Sophia's search, but he also failed to mention it to Hershel. Plus, Maggie refuses to follow her father's orders to stay away from Glenn. I'm simply waiting for Hershel to forget his kind manner and force the new group off his land. It's obvious he's losing control.

And that should become evident next episode now that Glenn has finally discovered the farm's secret. Hershel has been keeping a group of zombies penned up inside the barn. Why? It remains to be seen, but it's a dangerous choice considering what would happen if the lock on the barn door ever broke. He better have a good explanation.

"Chupacabra" continued to feel like a calm before the storm. I'm looking forward to returning back to those high tension and exciting moments that existed throughout the first few episodes. And while it doesn't always have to be gratuitous zombie scenes, I'm glad it appears the group will have more to discuss and deal with than just missing Sophia.

And let's just hope everyone comes up with some good ideas because I'm starting to agree with Hershel: after some of the choices they've made, it's a wonder the group has survived this long.

Is it time to give up on the search? What's Hershel's reasons for keeping zombies locked up? Will the group ever leave the farm? As always, sound off below!


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please help me...if they will find sophia?????please help me


So far Dale and Daryl are my favorite Characters... In the books its Michonne, Abraham and Andrea..(respectively)


Some of these characters are so annoying I wouldn't mind a zombie hoard chomping on them.


I agree with all the praises for Daryl. It's interesting how he has evolved since the series began from being one of the least likeable characters to possiblely the most, while Shane's likability has plummeted. The previews showed Dale glaring at Shane with hatred in his eyes and saying, "I know what kind of man you are." Welcome to the club, Dale! Can't wait to find out what that scene is all about. I do recall Dale coming up in Shane in the woods last season as he was comtemplating shooting Rick (one of Shane's many shining moments). Anyway, they can't kill that guy off soon enough to suit me. Here's a little info about the actor, Norman Reedus who does such a great job playing Daryl. I read a bio on him and he sounds like a real Renaissance man. He's lived in many different countries, including Japan, Great Britain and Spain, and made a living as a painter, sculptor, photographer and video artist. He was working in a Harley Davidson shop when he got his first acting break. Reedus was in a 4-year relationship with a Danish supermodel named Helena Christensen (former Miss Denmark), which produced a son Mingus who lives with him in New York. I think part of the reason for the long search for Sophia is to keep the group on the farm. It's an oasis from the insanity of the world and I think the writers just wanted to show everyone in that kind of environment for awhile. But it's probably about to come to an end, and I think that's probably good. it's time to find Sophia and move on! I agree that Rick's determination not to give up on finding Sophia is largely because he feels responsible for her disappearence and because he knows that if you have the attitude that Shane has, which is no one life is as important as the safety of the entire group, before you know it there is only one person left. And as we all know, Shane's philosophy is not based on what's best for the group, but what's best for Shane. Self preservation is what's most important to him, even more than keeping Lori and Carl safe from harm. Rick's a good man and I despise Lori for what she did. In the flashback, it was clear that she sought comfort in the arms of Shane very quickly after she thought Rick had died after Shane lied to her (what a great guy!). And I think that was partly due to her doubting she even loved her husband not long before that, but admitting that the problems in their marriage were her fault, not Rick's. I will give her credit for at least feeling somewhat guilty about giving up on Rick so easily and taking up with Shane. So now she's found out she's pregnant with Shane's baby (does anyone really doubt he is the father and not Rick?). I hope she never has the oppotunity to tell Rick and rip his heart out, which it would. I think it would be great if they had Shane and Lori - a match truly made in heaven - go off together and shortly thereafter, both suffer a very painful death at the hands of the walkers that made Otis's death look like he passed in his sleep. What a fantastic episode that would be.


Stephen posted an excellent idea. The writers should show part of an episode from Sophia's perspective. The women are by and large, except for Maggie, lame. If Andrea wants to off herself than do it. Laura, is a whore. Carol can only cry and she doesn't know how to use Dale's gun to stand watch- then learn how.Shane and Rick's wife get my goat, she's a widow and he's the best friend and they hook up that quick? If it were not for Daryl , Glen and Maggie I'd stop watching.


I suspect that the zombies in the barn are friends and family that were bitten/infected early during the epidemic. Herschel indicated to Rick that he believed that there could be a cure for this phenomenon. Based upon that brief conversation, and the discovery last night in the barn - I'm guessing that Herschel has hope via scientific cure for those poor lost souls in the barn.


Andrea pisses me off so much. I don't know if it's the actress's face or the character itself...


I think the zombies are in the barn to protect Hershel's in a warped way. If you mess up or don't listen to the boss he feeds visitors to the zombies..just a thought! Maybe the one in the well is an escaped zombie they could not get back in the barn after they let him out to get rid of a visitor, something is not right about this!
Yes, please finish the Sophie plot line, I cared so much in the beginning now, sigh.. I assume she is dead.


The show was so good last night> everyones right about the barn full of zombies and know one hears them. Daryl is definetly the best part of the story. Racist or not if I was in that group I thank God for Daryl. I'm tired of poor Andrea get over it already. I definetly see a love affair between Daryl and sophias mom. shanes attitude is really nerve racking dude you doing your best friends wife get over it, espacially since they paint has a player. anyway love the show.


Guys no one hears the zombies in the barn because they're not like wolves that will howl at the moon. It's dark and they can't see anything moving so they're in "DUH" mode. They don't have the problem solving skills to realize doors can be opened and they probably don't have the memory capacity to remember there's anything outside 10 seconds after they hear something. They're like goldfish endlessly circling the bowl. Long as nothing disturbs them they shouldn't make much noise.

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