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I'm not bored at all with this. Sure its a zombie show, and zombies mean semi-comic headshot killing, but this show has ALWAYS been about the real 'Walking Dead' - those being living survivors of the zombie apocalypse and what it means to live without hope. I thought some of the best TV I've seen this year happened in this episode, Glen showing just how fearsome and quick-thinking he can be, or how Andrea can go on living - or how any of them can go on living with the knowledge that their world is gone. They are food, and they will die either AS food or in a mercy killing. THat's what makes Rick so interesting, and Lori for that matter. He knows the score, but he's not giving up hope. He can't because like it or not, he's the leader. I found his heart-to-heart with Lori incredibly well executed from writing to acting to directing - how the last image of the epsiode are the two of them, stage left, alone against a cruel world.


The show is really lacking in the action department. The mid-season finale better be good. The zombies getting out the barn and attacking everyone for example?


As much as I don't want Sophia to be a walker, I can't really see this situation ending a different way. They didn't make her a "real" character so making her a victim is about the best they can do from a story perspective. Sad.



This is a much better episode. I enjoyed reading this more than watching the actual episode.


Man, this season has been a time-waster. There were a few good moments but otherwise just tedious and boring. I find myself looking at the clock thinking they are going to pick up the pace anytime now but then it launches into another long melodramatic scene. I find this to be one of the most unoriginal series, it seems to be cut and pasted from other better films and I truly wonder if the writers are just trying to get to this midseason break because they don't have any more ideas. No, I have not read the graphic novels but I am a longtime serious old school horror fan and I have to say that this crap stinks. I had high hopes but in the end I realize that we viewers are the real zombies, tuning in every week staring dumbfounded at the tv waiting for something to happen.


WTF ohmygodjohntravolta -
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I really hope that is not how it ends. How can they make poor Sophia a walker? I can't imagine what Carol will be going through, not to mention, Rick, cause it's his fault Sophia got lost. If I were Carol I would just take a gun and kill myself right sad.


If you really think about it, people would be having alot of sex as well as killing zombies. With everyday stress with just trying to stay alive... you would NEED to unwind! What better way?


I Agree the sophia story needs to end one way or another. Love Daryl and his sarcasm on the show, but I cannot stand Andrea, couldn't stand her when she was on The Shield, hate her more on here, keep waiting for a zombie to get her. But all and all I love the show, definietly something different to watch, instead of reality tv.


Everyone thinks this is the best thing on TV.
Take great actors and put them in tough situatiions with an unreal scenario and you get the Walking Dead.
A top notch medium for extraordinary actors to ply their trade.

Keep it up


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