The Walking Dead Review: Zombie Fishing

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Yawn. That was a rather bland episode of The Walking Dead.

I was hoping that after Carl's situation was finally solved, the pace of the show would pick up and move the story in a new direction. Rather, it stayed in the same place, and didn't produce a satisfying or gripping hour of television.

Sure, there happened to be a zombie altercation. However, the zombie was so bloated and water-filled because of hanging out in the well, he couldn't really do much of anything. Of course, the group decided to come up with dumb ideas on how to deal with the problem. Hanging Glenn as live bait made no sense. After all, Maggie said there was more than one water well, so why risk anyone's life to get a zombie out? Plus, even if they did successfully do it, who would want to drink from it? I know I wouldn't.

Lori and Rick

Instead, it was a wasted sequence that was meant to be filled with tension, but left me bored. Yes, the make up was great and grotesque. Yes, there was plenty of blood and literally guts spewed everywhere. But all that doesn't mean the moment compensated for a lack of action or real suspense. Honestly, if anyone died after that fishing expedition, they would have deserved to have perished

The Sophia search continued and resulted in still nothing. The group bumbled around checking the woods and looking sullen. If that girl is alive, I don't know how.

And the ending? Not a dramatic, nail-biting shocker. So, Lori is pregnant. Big deal. I really didn't need to sit through a scene of watching her pee to find that out. I know in the long run it will lead to bigger problems, which should prove interesting to watch, but for the time being, it wasn't a moment like Shane's murder that left me surprised. And how was she able to find out so quickly? That must be one special pregnancy test.

I was pleased that Glenn received a few more lines of dialogue this week and even managed to find his own love interest. Hello, farmer's daughter! It was a humorous scene at the pharmacy as Glenn stumbled with his words and tried to explain picking up the condoms. Was their roll in the store something that could extend further or was it a one-time deal? It was interesting, Maggie's reasons behind choosing Glenn, mostly in the "it's the end of the world" philosophy or the fact that there simply aren't a lot of options. Which is true. The dating world is certainly a lot smaller.

Rick continued to be hard on himself, but he was bold enough to ask Hershel to allow them to stay. They really have found the perfect place and could coexist, but we all know that when something is too good to be true, it probably is. After all, why can't anyone go near that barn? Hershel is hiding something behind all of his religious views and calm but stern demeanor.

I am curious about what Rick placing his police outfit in the drawer will mean for him. It was a huge part of his identity, so will it change him into just one of the group? Will he still command a leadership? Much like everyone else, it seems that Rick is ready to step into the world of the morally grey. I'm not sure if he's going to like how it all plays out. Is giving up his role as the police officer a good thing? It could be only a matter of time before he starts making decisions like Shane.

In the end, "Cherokee Rose" simply fell flat. Where it could have started something new, it dragged out much of the old and tossed in some false suspense that amounted to guts everywhere and an abandoned house. As much as the show can take its time to develop the stories and characters, it also can't forget that important things need to take place each episode. Something has to drive the story forward and compel viewers to want to watch again.

Let's just hope there isn't any more zombie fishing anytime soon.


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I watch this series in hope that something will come of it but overall I have been very disappointed. What is it with the writers not having ANY original ideas??? Everything is cut and paste from other movies, some of it just shameless. I think this series is more of a commentary on how stupid we consumers really are, just as Romero's legendary zombie flicks attacked American consumerism. It appears that we will watch anything and make it a blockbuster. The only character worth watching is Daryl, the other scenes are just long, drawn out and tedious waits between bursts of zombie gore that approaches pornograhic levels to keep the fans watching. My advice is to skip this crap and watch one of Romero's old flicks to see how it is suppossed to be done.


im so attached to this series,,, im still curios though.. on what dr. jenner from season 1 whispered to Rick,, and i read the summary of the comic where this series is based, which made me nervous. i hope what i read will not happen... and is it true that lori's pregnant?


This episode was slow, but it focused on character development. Regardless of how the comics did it (yes I've been a fan since the beginning of the comic) the show is different. Darryl isn't in the comics, which is why I love his character so much. Yes, I'm also bored with the "what's in the barn" stuff (since we know) & "missing" Sophia. The pregnancy has been building since last season so it wasn't a big surprise. I'm hoping this will climax soon. Although they are airing only a few more eps then hiatus until Feb I think. Such a long wait. Ugh...


Yer a buzzkill, Wendy. I assume you're talking about the clear correlation to the Amway community.


They really have no place to go, stuck in the same situation 24/7. The zombies are winning and will the kid ever be 100% return to normal? In the beginning, there was a time when the world thought we would all grow old, and that the cycle of mankind would continue. The News Media could only report what was happening under the authority of the United States government. The world was falling a part, someone somewhere had to do something . . .but whom? The disease was airborn and was being released through each state, town, city, and before long every man, woman and child . . .even the animals were changing. You can't keep shooting them, the more you kill them . . .they just keep coming. You can shoot and kill the person, you just cannot kill the disease. The American government said; they had a leash on this, but somehow it got out and now everyone is affected, and there is no cure. Everyone will die and there will be no one left. They can talk like they are fighting the future like the movie; Xfiles, where they were always battling something. Some how the world isn't listening, some how they are still asleep. Like the show; The Walking Dead, there is a hidden message in there, and some of you are not paying attention. makes for a great show, but in reality the U.N. sanctions, with the CDC and if you haven't been watching the news as of late about an offending smell going through certain towns, and how people are becoming really ill. then You need to do your research and follow the show, and watch out for anything that rings a bell.


I really wish they would kill off Ricks wife. she is such a pain in the A**! plus getting PREGNANT during a zombie apocalypse is just bloody retarded in this day and age! Atleast Glenn thought to use condoms! There is NO excuse!


I actually really enjoyed this episode. Sure the way they handled the well situation was idiotic, but I did get nervous when Glenn almost fell in, I love his character! And I was thrilled to see an actual romantic subplot going on this week. I predicted it last week between Glenn and Maggie and I was so happy they finally got together this week. I know this is a zombie show, but come on people still need to get laid dont they?! It was nice to see people kiss instead of sitting around crying while looking into the sunset. I do agree however that lori's pregnancy was pretty anti-climactic. We knew that was what Glenn was getting for her in the pharmacy, it obviously wasnt tampons because she wouldnt be so embarrassed to ask. Overall it seems a lot of people hated this weeks episode but I for one enjoyed it.


My goodness! All the negativity about this epi is a little over the top, I think. First, I'm not that surprised Lori went off into the bushes to do the test (yes, the results seem to come a little to quickly, but that's a minor point in my book). If you think you are pregnant and your adoring loving husband cannot be the father, that does tend to make you a little paranoid about anyone, especially him, finding that out. Although, given the highly judgemental look Glenn gave her when he handed her the test and her self-loathing look in return, she has to assume Glenn knows that if even if she suspects she's pregnant,it's too soon for Rick to be the baby daddy. And he likely knows it must be Shane. I mean just how discreet could they have been playing house before Rick showed up? Anyway, I thought when that + sign was revealed, it was one of the better "Uh Oh" moments in the series, so far. So what happens now to Lori and Rick's marriage? Perhaps if she waits long enough to tell Rick, she might be able to get him to believe, at least for awhile, that it's his. But of course, there's Shane. I doubt she'll be able to convince him that he's not the father. And if thinks the baby is his, I suspect he will somehow let on to Rick. Or Lori may not be able to live with the guilt and just confess everything to Rick. If that happens, I imagine all hell will break loose. In fact, this may be a good time for the show to go the way of the comic book story line, as far as the fate of Lori and Shane go. They have gone that route with Lori getting knocked up by Rick's "best friend." So might as well continue with the next phase in the comic version of that sub-plot. That would be just fine by me.


Neb that's a really good point about the well zombie. I wondered how that thing got through the fence; it makes alot more sense if he's a family member who was wandering around the property. Especially considering Maggie already wacked a zombie over the head on horseback without flinching. As for the apparent lack of zombies around, you have to remember that zombies don't just nip you and run away, leaving you to change into one. Generally they would've devoured anyone they came across so there are most likely alot less than 7 billion zombies in the world.


Am I wrong about the timeline or has Rick & Lori only been reunited for a couple of weeks? If I'm right, I think Lori knows beyond a doubt that it's Shane's baby and she knows that Rick will do the math and know it's not his.

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