The X Factor Top 10 Review: Canty-land

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We faced the music yet again, but it was facing the judges bickering that had me covering my ears for half of The X Factor's Top 10 Rock Night.

I mean, come on, L.A. Reid! Your constant badgering about other contestants songs not sounding rock enough was ridiculous. At least Simon was complaining about your boy Chris Rene not choosing a rock song. You, on the other hand, were complaining about contestants taking a rock song and making it their own. Isn't that exactly what these competitions are all about?

Even Randy Jackson didn't put forth a judging performance this obnoxious until his third or fourth season on American Idol. Step your game up, L.A. Let's just move on to the performances...

Leroy Bell "We've Got Tonight" - Boy, do I hate when the crowd cheers and claps during the soft moments of songs, and they did a lot of that during Leroy's performance.  Thankfully this was your average run of the mill performance, so I didn't miss much. I'm okay with seeing Elton John go through the motions on a performance at age 60 (which I did four years ago), but Leroy Bell doesn't have that same cache.
My Score: 5/10

Rachel Crow "Satisfaction" - It wasn't as great as last week, but it definitely wasn't as pedestrian as Simon's first two song choices for her.  She took an upbeat song, made her own a bit, and as always, knocked the vocal out of the park.
My Score: 7/10

Chris Rene "No Woman, No Cry" - He made one of my least favorite Bob Marley Songs enjoyable, and he is definitely sincere in everything he does, but Chris's vocals just weren't up to the level of many of the other contestants again this week.   do love, though, that he feels he can blurt anything out while Steve Jones is talking..."Renegade!"
My Score: 5/10

Stacy Francis "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" - She got to show off her big booming voice, but I had to turn away a bunch of times because of all the bum notes. This was almost as bad as that terrible performance she did during boot camp.
My Score: 3/10

Melanie Amaro "Everybody Hurts" - Just the tone in her voice made the first part so different. The fact that she went off on her own and riffed the second half of the song, showing off her pipes to no end, just made it that much better.
My Score: 8/10

Josh Krajcik "The Pretender" - The judges loved this one more than I did, but maybe I was just distracted by Nicole's hair flips. He sure did rock the place out, but there was also a whole lot of screaming going on.
My Score: 6/10

Josh Krajcik Top 10

Astro "I'll Be Missing You" - Not only is his stage presence wack - as I mention week after week - but now I'm starting to realize that his admittedly quick rapping doesn't really match up to the music. If you change the lyrics to a famous song, you still have to make sure your flow mixes well with the music...which it quite obviously did not tonight.
My Score: 4/10

Lakoda Rayne "Go Your Own Way" - As much as I complained about the 15-person backing track they had the first couple of weeks, I'm wishing that much more that they had it this week, because they struggled by themselves. There's a reason that none of these girls made it to the judges houses individually.
My Score: 3/10

Drew "With Or Without You" - Her voice is definitely the most unique, and her record would be the first one I'd buy following this competition, but what was with the middle of this song?!?! The beginning and end were nice, when it was just her, but what was with the gigantic chorus drowning her out through the middle?
My Score: 8/10

Marcus Canty "Another Piece of My Heart" - His backslide through the legs of 10 girls aside, Marcus was on point this week. He had the vocal, he rocked it out, he had the swag going, he got the crowd involved, and he made the song his own. I really enjoyed this.
My Score: 8/10

I believe the trend of ousting groups will continue with Lakoda Rayne leaving us Thursday night. Joining them in the bottom two? My guess is Stacy Francis, but America has surprised us many times before.

Who was your favorite from Rock Night? And who do you think should go home?


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To me, x-factor is too crazy because
1.The host steve jones is too stiff! The host always chased with the time and he is really make me a little bit frustrated.
2. The theme means nothing for contestant. They can do what they like without related to themes.Drew's voices is superior but she can took the risk to accept the challenge. She should try the theme more.
3. The judges are really over-drama. The constant bickering about the contestant perfomance and too many dramas between judges make me sick!!!
4. I Cn't listen to the perfomance well. I don't know why but the audience shouting and clapping is always turned on even the performance is going on. Too noisy!!!


We're done with this show. They overproduce every performer to the point of nausea. Does a group really need back-up singers? It shouldn't. We have found every performance muddled by everything else happening on the stage. It seems like too much drama and not enough talent. (And I really want to put that young rapper in time-out!) I also didn't find any of the performers particularly compelling. If you want to hear good singing (and only singing), try the Sing-Off. Pentatonix puts all of X-Factor's performers in the shade, IMHO.


I'd rather wait for American Idol. X-Factor bore me and Drew and Melanie will probably be the winner. Though judging from looks, it will probably be Drew. Oh and Marcus is kinda awesome too. Other than that? Meh.


this would have been the perfect week for Simon to have booted Astro. More than likely he got more votes than Stacy anyway and then his horrible attitude would not have been nearly as offensive. He made his pouty little kid remark about not wanting to perform for people who put him in the bottom two directly to Simon and he kept him anyway. Now you can see how we have created a bunch of entitled little brats.




To echo jackieboy, I realize Astro is good at the actual rapping part of the songs - and he will probably be very popular in today's musical world - but it's of my opinion that he needs a lot of work to be a complete artist. Keep the opinions coming! Lot of love for Astro, Melanie, and Josh it seems. Are they the front runners?


To me, I'm thinking this show is getting a bit out of control with the constant flashing lights, dozens of crazy back-up dancers, an array of back-up singers, etc, etc. There's several of the contestants I do like, but I wasn't that impressed with really anyone's performance last night. They all did good, but nobody blew me away. Part of it, I'm sure, is due to all the unneccesary background craziness I was just talking about! Plus, the judges constant arguing with each other and trying to defend their own acts while the other judges are criticizing them is just stupid.
I really liked how Melanie performed where you could just hear her voice. Too many times I feel like the instrumentals and background singers are drowning the contestants out so you can't even hear them! My faves are still Melanie, Lakoda Rayne (even though they're a group and I know groups don't generally succeed well in the current music industry), and Leroy Bell (even though he's considered "boring". I think he has a great voice).
Really, though, at this point I'm getting tired of all the contestants songs being such a freakin' production that I don't even care who wins. It doesn't even seem like a singing competition, and who knows, maybe this isn't even supposed to be a singing competition. I still think Melanie has the prettiest and strongest voice, and I love how she can get really big on the big parts of a song but doesn't sound like she's screaming it at you. I love that! I kind of hope she takes the whole thing; I would buy her album.


Everyone has an opinion. I loved Josh. He was the true rock performance of the night. I hate rap, so you can imagine what I thought about Astro and Chris Rene. Liked Marcus' performance less than any of his others so far. Theme nights do nothing but prove that rappers can't sing and R&B singers kinda get the shaft on a week like rock week. Melanie is the best singer on the show by far, and along with Josh, in my opinion the two best. I really like Drew. Some great artist, one that comes to mind is Rickie Lee Jones, puts their stamp on their performances, so either you like her or not. I like her. Rachel Crow is a terrific singer, but I thought Satisfaction was an average choice for her. There are a million songs that would have been better. Leroy Bell. Like him, but he doesn't have a chance. Lakoda Rayne is in deep trouble, although I like them too. Stacy, who was one of my top 3 picks in the beginning, is losing it every week. It's too bad because when she controls herself she has a great voice. You don't have to agree with me because like I said, this is MY opinion.
And please can someone tell the judges to shut up and stop fighting this is not about them. Paula is coming across as the most restrained judge. Go figure.


how dumb are these people leaving these comments? first of all, the reviewer never said Astro wasn't a great rapper. He is just stating that his rapping doesn't ever fit with the flow of the music. And that is the complete truth. His freestyle rapping and his ability to write the lyrics is incredible at his age, but without coinciding with a beat, it's garbage. Not to mention, when he gets to the chorus of the songs, he really struggles, especially when he is usually out of breath. But hey, i guess if people enjoy artists like Drake and Lil Wayne, they will enjoy anything. And side note, this group of judges is by far the worst and most annoying ever to grace a reality tv show


I wish the judges comments had less to do with attacking the theme. thats just lazy by the judges - it doesnt always have to be so negative. Didnt like Melanie, its an American trait to wail and do runs in order to make the performance more impressive and i think it ruined such a simple REM song. Not a fan of Astro, as a Police fan i am quite insulted. not a hip hop fan, so his appeal must be there for those that are. Lakoda to go though. Which is dissapointing as groups are usually fascinating to watch as they have to deal with more issues than solo artists.

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