TV Fanatic Staff Selection, Take 7: Stelena for Best Teen Couple!

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Welcome to the latest opportunity for a TV Fanatic staff member to defend one of our Best Teen Couple nominees. If you missed previous editions, so far...

Now, Kate Moon is here to shine a light on Stelena. Do they have your vote? She'll try to convince you below...

Forget comparisons between The Vampire Diaries and Twilight and True Blood. Elena is no Sookie or Bella, thank goodness. 

In a world as supernatural as Mystic Falls, this young woman manages to remain grounded, portraying believable teenage angst at every turn. Sure, who wouldn't want to be caught between two sexy brothers like Stefan and Damon? But instead of being whiny like Bella or greedy like Sookie, Elena has so far managed to stay true to Stefan, despite his best American Psycho impressions this season.

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I'm not saying Elena isn't tempted by Damon's incredibly sexy body (let's just put that on the record, and then stare at it for awhile) or his dangerous bad boy ways. Carissa made some good points in this defense of Delena.

She's confessed that she's attracted to Damon and that she loves him, but ultimately it's always been. Stefan. It's highly plausible that The Vampire Diaries will tease Delena shippers as much as it can with their thinly veiled banters and sexual chemistry, but will Elena actually give in? And if she does, will it be the pure love that she and Stefan have enjoyed?

I should be honest and admit that I, much like Elena, occasionally fall for Delena. It's tempting, it's fun, and Damon is amazing. I adore Damon. But fleeting temptation and attraction doesn't make a real relationship. And that's the whole dynamic of Stelena. Through thick and thin, Elena has always relied on Stefan to be her lover, best friend and her confidante. And Stefan has proved that nothing, short of Klaus's compulsion, can "fix" Stefan of that love.

And there is a reason why the Stefan-Elena-Damon dynamic works so well. Stefan and Damon are brothers. Damon, despite his love for Elena and all that it represents, knows that Stefan is the one that deserves someone as good and unselfish as Elena. Ultimately, all three involved in the love triangle are aware that Stefan and Elena are right for each other, and when Stefan is dragged back from the edge of the earth, all will be well. 

So, come on! Agree with me now and choose Stelena from the following teen couple options!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Finn and Rachel (Glee)

Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

Caroline and Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Dan (Gossip Girl)

Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Matty and Jenna (Awkward)

Annie and Liam (90210)

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

Emma and Ethan (The Lying Game)

Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Total Votes: 63262


why is Elena Stefans only? Let her make her own decisions, he doesn't own her for being with her for a few months. Sorry. Love when they say Damon needs someone else. Cuz Stefan saw her first? What is this hide and go seek?


How old are you manty? Just wondering


Look at the poster below. That sums up the fanbase lol.


stelena is beyond comment!words alone can not describe hw epic,beautiful,true and intense they are,i agree they don't hv build up bt gradually they get to knw and understand each other,i don't believe with the people that are saying stelena was based on a lie,to be honest hw do u just expect stefan to tell her that he's a vampire and that she looked like katherine and adopted and all that,i can remember him telling her that there are somethings he wanted to tel her bt he couldn't coz he don't know hw she might take it,and also coz she has been through so much,she lost her parents and all that,and i believe if it was damon that's the same thing he could have done.Stefan and elena hv the most amazing chemistry i'v ever seen,u can see that they truly luv and understand each others feelings,the fact that elena says she doesn't knw what luv means doesn't mean she wil stop loving stefan no matter hw old or matured she'l be,luv is luv u can't change or stop loving ur first true luv,and no matter hw hard she'l fall for damon it can't be as strong as that of stefan's and this is a fact nothing can change that.I do believe damon and elena have chemistry,and he loved her,bt can u compare damon's love to elena with that of stefan's.Stefan love her so much that he can gv up his own life for her(which he does)and her loved one's,he care so much abt the people around her,he respect her opinions and interest,he always put her happiness above his and its part of love sacrifising your own happiness for the sake of ur loved ones.Damon on the hand wil die to save elena,he life means nothing wen it comes to her,but he doesn't respect her decisions,he won't even allow her to make one,he treated her family and friends badly,and that's nt suppose to be a way to treat the loved one's of the girl u love.Stefan and elena are made for each other from heaven,they perfect and passionate together.They have a true understanding of each other and they also trust each other,no body can ever love elena like stefan,rebeka's words are a proof to that"Do u really think u'll ever love anyone like u love that girl"Klaus words too"the only thing stronger than ur craving for blood is ur love for this 1 girl".So many proof and evidence to show how epic stelena is and like i said words alone can't describe hw great and strong there love is.Lastly,damon needs to understand 1 thing,he needs his own love interest,someone that wil luv him the way he's and nt try to change him and i believe no one can ever love damon like stefan,not even elena.


Um if it weren't for Delena fans there wouldn't be anyone in this area lol. Oh and anyone with any opinion, especially backed up can post anywhere they want. Stelena is irrelevent, they were together. For half a year MAYBE. She already gave up on him and he didn't even bother to see her.


Sorry, Delena is better for tv. Stelena was cute but that gets old fast


oh i dont care about who saved who,who did what and why,but the reality is, THIS season, she actually loves him,even the 'stelena' fan who wrote this page said so,and he has basicly loved her since late season 1. yes maybe he wasnt showing it in the perfect way,but he's never lied to her?(about any huge things...)
he's never been selfish with her nor will he ever be,and hes always going to put her needs first, be it getting stefan back or not. damon isnt trying to break stelena up, to be honest hes basicly bringing them together,its not his fault elena loves him, and if stefan ever 'comes back' maybe she just wont love him as much anymore..last episode she even thought about letting him go,and who is there for her if that ever happens? - damon.
and anyway,why are people saying delena isnt going to happen? this is a tvshow,and this is a love triangle,and love triangles always go both ways eventually,even if it only lasts a few episodes.
I can even imagine if stefan does 'come back' and all is forgiven and stelena get back together, damon will still put elenas needs first,and probably still love her,and help her, even if she doesnt love him anymore.


Wow people, chillax. Let me give you a couple of pointers on how to argue. Immature arguments:
"Stefan fed on Elena's ancestors"
"Damon killed her brother"
Those are stupid and pointless. Elena got over them, who died and made you Elena? Real arguments, such as:
Stefan and Elena have gone through thick and thin together. They truly care for each other.
Damon and Elena have brought the best in each other. They help each other grow as individuals.
These arguments are valid. They explore the meaning of the relationship. So instead of trying way too hard at pointing out the weakness of the other couple, why not just express the strength of your preferred couple? As for the article, I think it was poorly written. The 50 billion mentions of Damon and Elena in the article made it extremely weak and unconvincing.
Stefan and Elena were once upon a time a great couple. They fell in love like most people do, hard and fast. There was no buildup, it was just instant chemistry. They had their fair share of secrets and struggles that they had to work through. All those struggles made them so strong and solid. But what stands out to me is how they know that they cannot fully depend on each other. It's a love story that is still struggling to find its happy ending. And the tragedy is my absolute favorite part.

L stefan

this stelena argument is not nearly as pursuasve as it could be, but still what do you mean stelena has no 'heartbreaking' or 'epic moments'?! think about it? lying wont make a difference..and delena fans can post there essays elswhere, this is a stelena appriciation post, not lets all hate stelena. they are made for eachother, and the writers might tease delena for a long time and nothing might ever happen, even if it does, stelena will be endgame. elena had a rough time and she deserves someone like stefan who she loves and who loves her and that will never change. stefan fought the compulsion of an origional vampire to try and save elena, as long as he could.they have the most amazing heartbreaking moments and the way they hug, and kiss and the way they act when there together, and the way they they stare at each other, shows that. they dont have to pretend when there together, they can relax and be who themselves. and delena fans lets not forget why stefans in this mess. savings damons life? and even through the compussion he saved his life, and loved elena. realistically, if elena wanted to be with damon more than stefan, she would have given up on saving him, and got with damon. but she idn't. because she loves stefan.end of.


@yeah....look at what the writers working with. Nuff said. Great try tho!

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