TV Ratings Report: Series Low for Chuck

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Chuck hit a series ratings low on Friday night, while Grimm continued to perform well for NBC, garnering more viewers than Fringe for its second episode...

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8 p.m.
Chuck: 3.1 million
A Gifted Man: 8.4 million
Kitchen Nightmares: 3.7 million
Nikita: 1.8 million

9 p.m.
Fringe: 3.3 million
CSI: NY: 9.65 million
Supernatural: 1.7 million
Grimm: 5.92 million

10 p.m.
Blue Bloods: 12.6 million

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season 1,2,3,4 had me watching every episode and enjoying it... season 5 is an embarrassment. This season is almost like they are trying to destroy the show, Morgan having the intersect ruined the first few episodes for me and the music even sucks now. Plus selling sex? age old trick but I am sorry for us real grown ups this is not something you can sell to me.


this show is gayer en hell!!


This WAS MY FAVORITE SHOW THE ONLY SHOW I NEVER MISSED AND FAITHFULLY watched until now can't believe the final season is going to end this way!!!!!
The show stinks now that chuck is not the intersect. It's not the day it moved to it's simply that you took the intersect away from chuck! Now I can't stand it and can't even force myself to watch it!!! Please don't let chuck go out like this I guarantee no one will buy the final season unless you do something about the intersect!!!! Listen to those that used to faithfully never miss an episode, now we don't want to watch it at all!


Morgan as the intersect sucks, completely ruined the show.
I have tried to watch the show now but I give up, I am 10 mins in and can't watch anymore, I am going out.


Ironic that RINGER would kill for CHUCK's numbers, and RINGER got a full season pickup. It illustrates how the CW is perfect for unique shows while programs on the "big" networks have too much pressure to reel in unrealistic numbers.


Hard to believe that 3.1m viewers is a *bad* thing...


the intersect in Morgan's head was a terrible idea. i thought Chuck would get it back in the very first ep of season 5...but it doesn't seem the final season would go the way that make it a successful hit. now it sucks!! i loved the show thanks to Chuck's funny side when he had the intersect 2.0 in his head, not Morgan!! remember the title of the show, it's "Chuck"...not "Morgan". everything should've revolved around Chuck, esp the idea of the intersect. maybe it's say goodbye to one of our fav shows??


chcuck is low for a reason
season 5 sucks because morgan is the goddamn intersect

Uncle jackass

Grimms seems to be doing well for a Friday. That Grimes on the the other hand...


Well a lot of people are working on Friday now so that a other reason

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