Two and a Half Men Review: Looney Bin or Stress Clinic?

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So I definitely had a sneaking suspicion throughout Two and a Half Men that it was all a looney bin dream for Alan, but man was it fun watching the guy's life slowly collapse.

I'm not sure exactly where my realization first hit me. At first I thought Jake and "Frodo's Headshots" were just a fun prank to pull on his father. But certainly not enough to convince me he was dreaming.

Snap Into It!

No, it wasn't the appearance of Gary Busey as his roommate in a psych ward. That's perfectly believable. And kudos to Busey for continuing to poke fun at himself while playing versions of himself. Entourage anyone?

So, for me, I think my epiphany took place about halfway through the episode. It wasn't Lyndsey sleeping with Walden. I mean, who could blame him after watching Cinnamon's Buns and they've built Walden up to be god's gift to women.

Really, it was Walden kicking Alan out. After witnessing Charlie try his hardest for eight seasons, it was pretty obvious Walden couldn't accomplish the impossible in half of one.

Even after I knew, the ride was still fun. Much like Berta, pretty much everything was funny from my perspective. My favorite bit, if you couldn't tell from my review title, were the many jokes on whether it was a looney bin or stress clinic.

Pretty much everything came down to Cryer's performance this week, which was possibly even more fun to watch than when he took on evil Alan at the end of last season.

Take all that and add in a reference to Judith and Alan's possible daughter? Even if it was all a dream, it was easily my favorite episode of the season.

So what did you think? Will even the Charlie fans be willing to recognize a good installment this season?


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The show without Charlie just does not work. Ashton does not have the comedy acting skills to spar and banter with the other characters (who are excellent). Maybe that's why he relies on getting his kit off all the time. Such a shame it went wrong with Charlie Sheen, he might have his faults but he was excellent in that show. Maybe he can do something completely diffent with 'Alan' in the future - those two are comedy gold.


I have to agree with Suzanne about Kutcher. He is the same as he was on the 70s show. Why did they make Kutcher be such a goofball? Why couldn't they just make him a womanizer similar to Charlie? I think they were in too much of a hurry to throw something in Sheen's face and it cost them. Have to say I love Jon Cryer and Jake (so sorry can't think of his real name), in the show. I hope writers realize it's not too late to make the show better. I fear if it goes on this way it may not make another season.


Mental illness is a real thing! Nervous breakdowns are a real thing! A sense of humor is a “real thing�! Get over it! [sit-com]- situation comedy.


Speaking for someone who has been diagnosed with mental illness I found this show to be degrading and insensitive. Mental illness is not a laughing matter and making fun of it is concerning. I was highly offended and turned your program off and will not watch it going forward.


the eighth season was evidently the last. without charlie, the show stinks. maybe cbs deserves credit for allowing lorre to air his laundry on prime time.
the writing has been horrible and so are the ethics of cryer and the other main characters. too bad, but, there still are reruns - thank god.


Speaking of “sucks�, I never had to give a truck driver a “happy ending� for a free ride anywhere! EVEN IN MY DREAMS. I like Cryer and think he is an excellent supporting actor. Nonetheless, I beginning to lose respect for him for letting the writers have their way with him, unless of course he likes the idea. In this case as Jerry Seinfeld said; “not that there’s anything wrong with that�! lol.


I thought this episode sank to new depths of cruelty and mean-spiritedness. I, too, figured out it was a dream way before the end (the clincher, frankly, was the sexy woman showing up at the storage room and coming on to Alan though I had my suspicions earlier). Misogynist humor was always a staple, but a constant barrage of mental health jokes (including a failed suicide sketch), Evelyn's asinine Chinese accent, and the general glee in mock-destroyign someone's life was just lame and unfunny. Kutcher has to struggle to rise to the level of one-dimensionality. He is essentially playing the same character he did on That 70s Show, only older and rich. BORING. I also don't understand what is supposed to make him so attractive. He has a nice body, but is skeavy looking otherwise. Pass. This show needs to go. It's time to admit that there is no way to keep it going with the premise so changed.


I think Joh Cryer is really carrying the show at this point, has actually all along, as well as the kid, love him and have loved watching him grow up. I agree with Sarah Beatty's comment that Jon Cryer has unending talent! I'm giving away my age here, but if they revived the Andy Griffith show, I think Joh Cryer would make the ultimate BARNEY FIFE. Any others out there that think the same?

Amy jackey

Like some of the others that have left comments dealing charlie isnt coming back get over it. they are right hes never coming back to this show so get over it already.


As far as I am concerned, the show met it's demise when Charlie did! Aston Kutcher is terrible! The whole chemistry of the show's actors and storyline is out if sync and just plain goofy! AK looks acts goofy, he's unkempt and sloppy. His wardrobe leaves much to ne desired. Thank you for thus opportunity to vent my frustration with the new show!

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Two and a Half Men Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm soaking wet and i had to give a truck driver half a handy to get here.


Alan: Oh thank god I'm still in a looney bin.
Gary Busey: It's a stress clinic.