Two and a Half Men Review: Looney Bin or Stress Clinic?

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So I definitely had a sneaking suspicion throughout Two and a Half Men that it was all a looney bin dream for Alan, but man was it fun watching the guy's life slowly collapse.

I'm not sure exactly where my realization first hit me. At first I thought Jake and "Frodo's Headshots" were just a fun prank to pull on his father. But certainly not enough to convince me he was dreaming.

Snap Into It!

No, it wasn't the appearance of Gary Busey as his roommate in a psych ward. That's perfectly believable. And kudos to Busey for continuing to poke fun at himself while playing versions of himself. Entourage anyone?

So, for me, I think my epiphany took place about halfway through the episode. It wasn't Lyndsey sleeping with Walden. I mean, who could blame him after watching Cinnamon's Buns and they've built Walden up to be god's gift to women.

Really, it was Walden kicking Alan out. After witnessing Charlie try his hardest for eight seasons, it was pretty obvious Walden couldn't accomplish the impossible in half of one.

Even after I knew, the ride was still fun. Much like Berta, pretty much everything was funny from my perspective. My favorite bit, if you couldn't tell from my review title, were the many jokes on whether it was a looney bin or stress clinic.

Pretty much everything came down to Cryer's performance this week, which was possibly even more fun to watch than when he took on evil Alan at the end of last season.

Take all that and add in a reference to Judith and Alan's possible daughter? Even if it was all a dream, it was easily my favorite episode of the season.

So what did you think? Will even the Charlie fans be willing to recognize a good installment this season?


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Cryer could never carry the show,he's just the but of everyone elses jokes!


While Two and a Half will never be the same without Charlie, I'll say what I've said all along, Jon Cryer has unending TALENT and can definitely carry a show by himself. Ashton's holding his own in his typecast. He's really just a version of his That 70's character. But he's had some good moments like when he got high with Berta. That was funny. Berta also is a great talent. The show has had its moments, but there still remains a rather big hole without Charlie. But I will always be an unwavering Jon Cryer fan.




No point in bad mouthing Kutcher, it's the writers that define him and the directors that point his way. This is their plan, so live with it.


This was my favorite show. Now, it just is a plain disappointing. I donot like the new direction. How much worse can this show get? It seems to get worse every week. I've been watching "Modern Family". I think I will give it a shot. Also stick to Two & a half men reruns. At least Charlie is on all of those. Thank god for reruns.


Alan was great in last nights episode but Ashton needs to go. He adds nothing to the show. He is not funny or likeable at all. Don't know why Demi thinks he is a prize.


As a true Two and a Half Men fan, this episode was better. but still falls very short of what the series used to be. Ashton just doesn`t fit into the vibe of the show, and his character is just really stupid. it brings the whole story line down, an makes it unrealistic and ridiculous.
If they can have Allen live threw this dream sequence, it would be so amazing to bring Charlie back , as if it was all a dream as well.
It is Hollywood after all, and anything is possible-
Please bring Charlie Sheen back and save what once was an amazing show- the best ever on TV!!!!
The new show without Charlie just doesn`t cut it- read all the reviews week after week- The TV viewing pubic want Charlie Back!!!!! PLEASE BRING CHARLIE BACK!!!!!!!


Ok Charlie fans, please hes gone, i loved Charlie too but hes no longer in the show, If you miss him that much watch the re runs.. This is a new show and Crier has taken on the lead,, it is funny you have to admit it.. its the whole cast that makes this show....


Last night show sucks right in the beginning. It should of end right after CBS let go of Charlie. This so call TWO AND A HALF MEN speaks for itself, TWO BAD ACTORS AND A HALF MEN WITH A BAD SCRIPT. CBS just burn the set it look like Ashton other home. Bad taste in remodeling the set. I have another idea CBS just show CSI MIAMI and believe me your ratings will be great. You have this wanna be rich Jesus look alike with bad acting. He can't act his script ,he's not funny. That fake background laugh, "REALLY CBS" WOW!!!!!! Again I said it before I'll say it again. Ashton makes TWO AND A HALF MEN A B SHOW AND MAKES A B MOVIE A OSCAR AWARD.


This was the first episode of the season that made me laugh, and more than once, I might add. But Ashton is definitely not the main character, and never will fit in to the family. Berta is family! I think that a good script would be if Jake somehow finds, inherits, or wins money and buys Ashton's house, which forces Allen to live with Jake. In this way, Allen never owns the house, he is just a continual guest. Then Jake can kick Ashton to the curb. After all, Asthon can afford to buy another house that Allens Mom will sell him.

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I'm soaking wet and i had to give a truck driver half a handy to get here.


Alan: Oh thank god I'm still in a looney bin.
Gary Busey: It's a stress clinic.