Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Claire Holt Takes Us Way Back

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It's been made clear in clips and photos: we're about to flash way back on The Vampire Diaries.

Tonight's "Ordinary People" will take a long visit to the Viking period, as we'll meet, at minimum, Klaus and Rebekah's mother and little brother, Henrick. So who better to ask for some scoop prior to the installment than Rebekah herself, Claire Holt?

Rebekah, Aghast!

"The episode tells the story of the Original family and reveals why Rebekah and Klaus are the way they are," the actress told me over the phone. "What happened to them during this time period to make them behave as they do now?"

Indeed, the siblings may fight - Klaus did stake her and everything - but Holt says they have a "bond" and a "loyalty" that is unwavering. Might it have something to do with their connection to Mikael?

"We'll get more answers about why they're so afraid of him," Holt teases. "There's a very good reason that will be made clear."

Not every moment tonight will be spent in the past, of course. In present day, Rebekah will confront Elena. These two have loved the same vampire and Holt says her snarky Original is, in many ways, "just a girl. She just wants to have friends."

But don't count on Rebekah and Elena doing each other's nails by the end of the hour.

We have no idea why, though. Rebekah is hilarious! She cracks us up with almost every line, prompting me to ask Holt for her favorite.

"I laugh at every table read we do," she said. "So I could choose almost any... but probably when she commented on how 21st century women all dress like prostitutes."

Compared to the Viking era, that's definitely true. Tune in tonight, VD fans, to see what we mean.

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Amazing! It's so cool to see the flashbacks!! :)


I don't think it's so much about wanting historical accuracy, but trying to reconcile what Elijah had earlier said about his family and whether this is a case of a retcon or not. Just 1 hr to go & we'll find out!

Julie schmidt

We are not seriously wanting historical accuracy in a TV show about Vampires are we? I mean the first premise being Vampires pretty much throws all reality out the window. Vickie said it best, "In a town full of Vampires, Witches and Werewolves who is going to notice?"


I hope we find out which part of eastern europe that the original family is from? I hope that we find out who Niklaus real father is? If we do, it would probably through Esther, in flashbacks!!!


Looking forward to seeing the members of the Original family. Hope this episode doesn't disappoint!


@BunnyTail, could TVD not have its own modified history? Rebekah has already suggested to Alaric that the history books are wrong. A work of fiction does not have to adhere to real world history.


That's true, and I was thinking that they were probably from what was then Kievan Rus. The only thing is, the Viking settlements in Eastern Europe were Slavicised by the 900s and by the time of the Originals (1000s) the populace of Kievan Rus were influenced by Byzantine culture. I guess I should just let it pass, eh? The producers will likely take liberties with these things. I bet the Originals will be speaking English too.


anyways i am excited for tonight epsiode and the flashback....


I am pretty sure the Producer do they homework before they write their well scripted show...


@ BunnyTail The Viking raided, traded, explored and settled in wide areas of Europe, Asia and the North Atlantic islands.

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