Vampire Diaries "Homecoming" Clip: What's the Plan?

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Elena, if this thing blows up in our face, remember: only one of us heals quickly.

On Thursday's 2011 finale of The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Damon will formulate a plot to kill Klaus. What will it entail? The trusting of Rebekah, based on the following sneak peek at "Homecoming," which can't be a safe proposition.

Don't worry, though, Damon has a back-up plan. What is it? Hold on, Stefan has to make a demand for a new tie first. Watch the clip now:

We've also posted the official Canadian promo for the upcoming installment. View it now for new footage and don't forget to help Vampire Diaries couples come out on top in our top teen couple poll!

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I really hope Damon and Elena get together and that Stefan is okay with it (Don't want his feelings hurt.. he's also awesome!)And it sucks that Stefan gets his humanity back coz I like the badass Stefan WAAAAAY better!!


Delena....nekkid? Hmm. :)


Stefan is better bein real. I don't want Klaus to die, he's awesome. Being Elenas lap kitty didn't work for him. Stelena has been beat to death


Nobody wants stefan back to his usual boring azz self. Ditto for stelena, you 8 year old


I hope they kill Klaus and Stefan comes back to normal and is back with Elena. That would be a great show!


My theory: Elena stakes Klaus, but as he dies, he snaps Elena's neck. OR Katherine comes back to town seeking revenge for being fed on and agrees to play Elena again.


Looks amazing!! There is always so much DRAMA at the dances!!! :D


I'd like to see Damon turned back to human. It happens in the books. I think this would be a way more interesting twist than Elena becoming a vampire. Because it would be a struggle for him after 162 years as a vampire, especially if Elena was still in danger, and he felt he could not protect her effectively.


I LOVE the new Stefan!!! he's so much fun!!! it's like having 2 Damons!
i really hope he never gets his humanity back.. he's so much better like this! who knew he had a funny bone?!
and Damon, as always - amazingly amazing 8)

Jess gannon

AND THERE BETTER NOT BE A STELENA REUNION, because in the cw promo at the end Damon says happy reunion he better not be saying that to Stefan and Elena because they got back together.

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