Vampire Diaries "Homecoming" Clip: What's the Plan?

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Elena, if this thing blows up in our face, remember: only one of us heals quickly.

On Thursday's 2011 finale of The Vampire Diaries, Elena and Damon will formulate a plot to kill Klaus. What will it entail? The trusting of Rebekah, based on the following sneak peek at "Homecoming," which can't be a safe proposition.

Don't worry, though, Damon has a back-up plan. What is it? Hold on, Stefan has to make a demand for a new tie first. Watch the clip now:

We've also posted the official Canadian promo for the upcoming installment. View it now for new footage and don't forget to help Vampire Diaries couples come out on top in our top teen couple poll!

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Jess gannon

Okay I have a theory after watching the canadian promo, I think someone may feed Elena vampire blood (we may or may not actually see this/who) Klaus will order stefan to kill Elena, he will and the Cliffhanger is Elena will come back as a vampire. I mean come on they won't kill her off.


Oh Damon I do love him! I hope for some action between him and Elena...even if it's just a peck on the cheek! Ha ha ha at the naked comment! That was plan too....great minds!
Delena Love them!


I'm going out with a big prediction for the mid-season finale cliffhanger. Elena gets turned into a vampire! It has been hinted at so much how she's human from the very get go of the third season. I called that this would be the season for Elena to finally turn, and I think it'd make the perfect mid-season cliffhanger.


The plan is for damon and elena to get nekkid. Lol. Oh wait, that's my plan for the show ;)


The only thing I want to know is...when will Elijah come back?!! :) I'm hoping Rebekah goes and finds Elijah and brings him back.
I'm ready for Klaus to be gone. He's too much of a whiny teenager.


I love his expressions also, he aways keeps my eyes glued to the screen. Really into him and Elena together, she's so much more alive around him. Can't wait!!!


I love Ian's facial expressions in this clip. He can make me laugh (or just totally swoon) with just one look


Bonnie will save the day. Damon's backup plans usually involve Bonnie


What does Rebekah say after "Be careful"?

Uncle jackass

Hints for the mid season cliffhanger: 1.) Things might or never end right and therefore somebody is going to die? 2.) Where is Katherine? No hints. 3.) Damon has a backup plan? Exactly how do those always end? 4.) Looks like Michael and Klaus are going for a cowboy showdown; each with their own respective plans to kill each other. 5.) The main plan consists of Elena using a special wooden slayer dagger to impale Klaus.

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