Which Former Vampire Diaries Star is Headed to Supernatural?

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Aunt Jenna lives! Sort of!

Sara Canning, best known to CW fans for her long-running role on The Vampire Diaries, will stick around that network and guest star on an upcoming episode of Supernatural.

Aunt Jenna

Canning will play Lydia, a character executive producer Sera Gamble describes to TV Line as “wry, independent, and as fun-loving as Dean," adding that she and this hunter will “have a memorable evening that takes an unexpected turn.”

Supernatural wraps up 2011 this Friday. Watch a promo for the episode "Death's Door" NOW.


I love this show I have watched for for the last 5 or 6 years. I hate to see Bobby go please don't tell me this show is comming to an end. Bobby was the only family they had left please don't take him. I really think he also makes the show and I have this gut feeling the angel will be back.


i might start watching supernatural just because of her. I loved aund Jenna!:)


I have not cared much for the new season...I believe the writers are taking us to the end of this show and I find that sad. We became fans of 'Supernatural' because of 'Smallville'. My husband was (and still is) a 'Smallville' fanatic! My daughter and I became 'Supernatural' fans and have watched it faithfully but this season is leaving us cold.
'Vampire Diaries" nor 'The Secret Circle' are on our list...we tried, but we are in the good-triumphs-over-evil camp.


About time Dean got some action!


Elena's aunt

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