Who is Your Favorite Teen Couple?

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It's time for another poll, TV Fanatics. And this one is gonna be a toughie.

Following challenging battles over television's Sexiest Male and Female Sidekicks, along with the scariest character around, we now want to know: Who is your favorite teen couple?

Stelena at a Crossroads
Blouis Photo
Teacher/Student Love

The field is wide open, from a teacher/student relationship on Pretty Little Liars to forbidden love between a human and an immortal on The Vampire Diaries. With so many potential nominees, we need your help:

  • Hit up the Comments section and recommend a couple for the final round of voting.
  • The only requirements? At least one half of the pairing must be a teenager, and the two characters must have kissed at least once.
  • Feel free to state your couple's case below, but please begin all Comments with the names of your nominees. This will make it a lot easier for us to keep track.

We'll post the official poll on Monday. What teen couples will be featured in it? That's up to you, readers. State your opinions now!

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Finn & Rachel (Glee)


Stefan and Elena forever and always!lol at the comment about delena.Its true though elena loves stefan and only stefan.Case in point..I love You stefan You!An while delena may have a large fanbase,stelena does too.Id say 50/50.An CHUCK and Blair FTW also!!luv them!!


How is commenting on a FICTIONAL tv show insulting a FICTIONAL character and not respecting others? When your teams not winning you get defensive, just tell the truth.


Aria and ezra
Spencer and toby
Damon and Elena


Elena and Damon for ever :X:X


Lol it seems like most Delena shippers are paired with Chair shippers and are the majority vote. Stelena and Dair are no match. I'm not sure Dair even counts since Elena actually loves Stefan. RICKY AND AMY FROM SECRET LIFE FTW!! Realest teen couple out there for sure.


um er why are D/E shippers so crass I mean they always have side comments against stefan,can we all just respect each others opinions.


Elena loves Stefan but will fall IN love with Damon. Stefan LEFT her for himself and his brother. He wont come back for her, hell come back for his brother Damon. Her words. To my eyes and Gods ears ;) Damon will always chose her, the brother who never wins the girl WILL finally win the lady of.his.dreams. Damon y Elena get my vote. Delena endgame, cuz it starts at the heart and soul baby.




Dan Humphrey & Blair Waldorf GG.

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