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It looks like Bonnie will now be in mysterious twists and turns. She should a person that is really meant for her like Elena never let Stefan go from her heart. It's said that love really does conquer all and I've always experienced this ever since the show started with love and into the turning point. I hope to see love again when the show comes back in January. I'm sooooooooo excited to see what else happens. XD =D =) =P 3)


I think toying with the idea of Bonnie and Damon is kind of fun. Who knows, they say there's a thin line between love/hate.

If she dates Matt he would have gone through all 3 best friends which is kind of strange/gross. LOL...maybe the new guy would work best. Only time will tell.


Problem is Bonnie is barely a backup character on this series. She isn't exactly loved, to put her with the most popular character Damon, when they've had two scenes in 3 seasons totalling 30 seconds. Hoe can you grade him as her best match? I'm sure your a Bonnie fan but thats reaching. Were not gonna even talk about Delenas massive fanbase. Or the fact that the show is BARELY based on the books. Bonnie should be with who they are bringing in. Some new guy and I'm happy for it


Bonnie's best match would have been with Damon.


OMFG will it be Matt!!! i LOVED beremy but matt's been alone for too long. let's give it a chance peeps :)


I pity whoever it is, she never smiles or laughs.


bonnie deserves someone who loves her, and she can trust. i just hope this jamie character can do that, shes got enough on her plate as it is, she needs someone who loves her, not someone else. she needs a rock, who will never cheat and always love her, i think shes been through enough, she neds something good to happen for a change.


omg hurry up already you tease use and leave us we need our vamps. i just hope the right couples are still going to be together not some switch and mix. eww.


lol if that happens, matt would be the poor and white trash version of Nate Archibald lol


at least it's not matt

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