Ahead on The Vampire Diaries: Another Birthday Party!

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Get ready to sing "Happy Birthday" again in the near future, Vampire Diaries fans.

Following a season three premiere that saw Elena turn 18, producer Julie Plec tells Entertainment Weekly the same milestone will be hit by Caroline soon after this show returns on January 5... but there will be a problem: our favorite cheerleader doesn't age.

Caroline in Pink

“She says ‘I couldn’t wait to be 18. Seventeen is a filler year. I’m stuck in a filler year for the rest of eternity,’” previews Plec. “She’s just starting to question what her life is gonna be as a vampire and kinda mourning the loss of her relationship with Tyler and feeling kind of unsettled and a little sad."

Wait, Caroline won't be her typical upbeat, optimistic self?!?

Not only will this trouble all members of the TV Fanatic staff, but Plec says Elena, Matt and Bonnie will "realize they need to do something nice for her to kind of get her out of her funk, and they give her a very unconventional, untraditional birthday.”

Let's hope it helps. In the meantime, come on VD lovers, let's think of what we can get Caroline for her birthday...

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mabey there gonna throw her a beach party or a party on top of a building that would be cool and then someones arm falls off and it falls off the building so they can't get it back xD


@phalliwell17 I've read interviews that Wetpaint and Zap2it I've done with Plec. Also TvFanatic as well. : )


Caroline is having a party too? Maybe her present will be Tyler and her getting back together.


@vampbarbie were did u read that at


Agreeee 100 %
well said!


Forwooooood, my fave couple, plz dont break up


I ship forwood so hard, i hope they get back together :((((


All the best scenes for Delena....we should do that after the end of season 3 ;)


@AmyGirl: ITA!!! Best Delena video PLEASE!!

L stefan

Forwood cant break up! there my second favorite tvd couple, obviously after stelena. caroline needs a special birthday, she needs something good to happen to her for once, after all the bad things that have happened to her this season!

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