American Horror Story Season 2 Scoop: Reboot on the Way

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American Horror Story will look VERY different next season.

On a conference call with reporters today, Ryan Murphy confirmed that neither Dylan McDermott nor Connie Britton will return to the FX drama in 2012, as the story of the Harmons and their haunted house is over. Murphy and his team will focus on entirely new characters and a new setting next year.

“The second season of the show will be a brand new home or building to haunt,” the series creator said. “It will also have a new overriding theme... and a different cast of characters.

Ben and Vivien in the Afterlife

Some actors may return, Murphy said, but they will be portraying "new characters." The idea is for American Horror Story to be an anthology of various scary tales, the producer explained: "There are all sorts of different American horror stories to tell."

Look for cast announcements to be made in February, as Murphy concluded with this interesting tease: “There’s a clue in the last three episodes where we say what the second season will be.”

Let the guessing games begin! What do you think of this unique approach to storytelling?

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So this whole season, getting to know and love characters and the relationships between them, was just a waste?
Just a one piece and an easy-way out?
(Yeah the writers of Lost can probably relate to you Murphs, they also had trouble finishing what they started..) Seriously - f**k off.


As long as there's a resident Gimp!


I say they go to Roanoke Virginia.


This is brutal news - this show was my favorite on TV right up to the last episode and then it felt incredibly rushed - Ben's death was anti-climatic, Vivian disregarded her baby despite moments ago convincing Ben not to kill himself - we are really going to end with the Harmon's setting up a Christmas tree? Not to mention that the loss of McDermott is going to be brutal to the show as well as the other cast of characters - the stage was set so nicely and they just threw it away in my opinion. Really hope I am proved wrong with season 2 but they sure have their work cut out for them.


Could "motherhood" be the 2nd season's theme? The last three episodes were indeed focused on "mothers" and "children"...
By the way, I found a little "gap" in the screenplay: in order to steal and raise her nephew, Constance made the whole world believe that Violet ran away with her newborn brother, but the her friend (the medium) knew that Violet was dead, so she could report Constance's lie and secret to the police... I thought Constance would meet her at the hairdresser's, but unfortunately the medium seemed vanished.


It's just right that they ended the Harmon's story coz if they didn't, it wont be scary or thrilling anymore since most mysteries in the story have already been unconcealed. Plus, we already know that the Harmon's and the other good ghost are there to protect the new occupants of the house.... It just sucks that I have learned to love the se 1 characters and they are not coming back in season 2.


I say two thumbs way up! Looking forward to an all new story with an all new casts. I think this is a very cool way of doing a tv series and once the writing stays as good as the Harmon's story , then I think we're gonna have a fantastic ride


This is just awful. I understand the need to keep the show interesting, but to entirely discard all of the previous plot and characters is mind numbing. Why, then, would anyone watch season 2? So that they can watch another cast die off...if it is changed each season, then there is no suspense. Half the fun was watching the traditional rules of tv be broken and wondering how the show would continue on. Oh and there were all the lose the 3 year old anti Christ running around and the other two dozen characters besides the harmons agendas. I'm very disappointed.


Aww. I'm sad I won't see the Harmons, Moira, Chad and Patrick and Tate anymore. But like I said, that's a proper way to finish a horror series. Leave some loose ends here and there.


so mad that they're just moving on to a different story. I really fell in love with this one. Sux big time.

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