American Horror Story Season Finale Preview: The Terrifying Truth

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Your beloved wife and your daughter are dead and you know that and you personally feel responsible...

What do you do? Do you go? Do you stay? Do you bring people in to help you contact them? We deal with what’s going to happen to this family. And then we deal of course with what happened to the baby? And what is Constance going to do? What’s going to happen to that house?

So summed up Ryan Murphy, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, when asked what fans can expect from next week's American Horror Story season finale, "Afterbirth." We'd say that just about covers it, wouldn't you?

Following the most intense episode of the year, we can imagine how this FX thriller comes to an end on December. Get your first look at the episode via the following promo and prepare for the "terrifying truth" to be exposed:

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I am not a TV person at all. I watched the first episode of this show and was turned off by the blatant sexuality in it. I dismissed it as a stupid show. But then I continued to watch and as I got to know the characters, I was hooked! Constance is my hands down favorite and second is Tate, but all the actors are very talented in their characterizations. I love the unpredictability of this has been a long time since I have looked forward to watching a TV show every week and I am so glad its been picked up for Season 2. Part Soap Opera, Part Horror Story, Part Psychosexual Drama...its very addictive!


I love this show. I am holding out hope that the same cast will return for Season 2. I can't imagine this show without Tate his lovely mother Constance. Who could possibly bring the crazy like these two? The Birth episode was very sad and I have to admit, I cried a little. Poor Vivian. Tate and Violet's break up was sad, but can't say I blame the girl. However, I can't help but feel sorry for Tate. I really think that house has control over the spirits and uses whatever "weakness" they had in life to its advantage. The house is the true evil. I think it gives them "suggestions" and they are unable to refuse. That's my theory anyway. We'll have to wait until Wednesday.


My husband said the answer is on the picture that has the whole group, in the wallpaper section of the FX Network AHS site. He says that everyone that has died (or in Ben's case getting ready to die) is looking at...or somewhat at the camera except for Constance, she is looking away from the camera. As you can tell in the picture, Larry (AKA human torch)is walking away from the group heading for the door as he did when he went to prison for his crimes. So it's just a theory of his, but we will all have to find out Wed. The house is packed with souls and season 2 will add more.


Pretty sure Ben will die. Connie Britton said in an interview with Michael Ausiello that she knew she was gonna die at the beginning of the series, but thought it would a "murder/suicide", so I'm convinced Ben will die.


American Horror Story is Drop Dead Wonderful! I look forward to Hump Day!


ok i have been there every wednesday night watching this show..i have taken off of work and missed church so i could make it to my t.v.!!i deserve some kind of award,maybe a button, for my dedication....i cried last episode when violet found out about tate raping her mom SPOILER ALERT!!! haha and whn vivians hand was on her shoulder it physically hurt me...please bring this series back soon so i dont have to mourn for you tate


I've sat glued to the set during every episode of this fantastic series, and (much like Dr. Harmon's character) I don't want to let these people go! Oh the pain of it all! Why must this sensational show come to an end, and when will it return?! What shall I do with my Wednesday nights now? I feel like I'm about to attend a funeral! And in a way, I am. The "death" of the best show on television! It will be truly missed... :(

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