America's Next Top Model Winner: Revealed!

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All eyes were on Angelea throughout the America's Next Top Model All-Stars Finale. Not because she performed particularly well, but because she was disqualified and sent home! 

In a series first, Tyra gave Angelea the book during panel for a yet-unknown reason. Sources say the contestant revealed a few spoilers since taping ended, with some actually claiming she won... only for the show to re-film a new ending with a new champion. Scandalous!

Lisa D'Amato in Action

The finale did a great job of wrapping up loose threads from the cycle.  “Pot Ledom,” the forgotten Michael Cinco dresses and the dreaded CoverGirl commercials all made an appearance in the action-packed episode.

Angelea, Allison and Lisa all flubbed the CoverGirl commercials in their own special way. Of course, the spots are infamous, but the girls so far have been rocking live shoots this season, so my expecations were higher.

Allison at first got a distinct advantage for the CoverGirl beauty shot with her stunning eyes, but struggled when they put her in the sun. Lisa’s shoot was actually sultry and stunning without being wild. Angelea struggled the most; her bone structure is unparalleled but her eyes weren’t showcasing the product.

It wouldn’t be Top Model without a dramatic surprise finale photoshoot, of course. Gorgeous Greek setting, sexy swimwear, and Vogue Italia? No pressure indeed. Allison looked the most editorial and graceful in her white bathing suit, far outshining Lisa, who came across rather trashy in her photooshoot.

In keeping with the water theme, the finale runway was chock full of crazy moments: 

  1. The models had to swim.
  2. They had to “rise” out of the water like Aphrodite to signify their “birth as models.”
  3. They wore wings and harnesses.
  4. Pot ledom... ledom... ledom...
  5. We finally saw the individualized Michael Cinco dresses.

Although everything else seemed a bit gimmicky, I really enjoyed finally seeing the dresses that the girls designed; they were so beautiful, individual and fitting for each of the models.

Meanwhile: Surprise! The judging was set in Los Angeles. Didn’t it seem as though the finale was all over the place? It was an unusually hectic ANTM episode, with more photoshoots and longer runway than usual.

After Angelea’s shocking elimination, which came as a surprise for Lisa and Allison as well, I was sure that Allison had even more of an advantage. I never thought Lisa would get as far as she already had. 

Unfortunately, Lisa was climbing up the scoreboard with her commercial, gorgeous CoverGirl shot and the runway. I knew Allison couldn’t win over the judges in the runway category but she was a much stronger swimmer and was quite bubbly during panel.

I think what may have sealed her fate was Lisa’s surprisingly classy, yet sultry, CoverGirl shoot. I’m really surprised and disappointed that Allison didn’t win All-Stars. I expected anyone as wonderful and quirky as Allison was a total shoo-in to be the champion! I can’t see Lisa as a proper ANTM ambassador either, but maybe I’m wrong.



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Angele's mistake is her 1)her face 2) her boney young boys body 3)her attitude, who wants to work with that? Allison was the obvious winner and Id bet money she books more gigs and makes more $$$


allison is the real winner... she has a beautiful face and a good character... i dont like lisa,,,shes not pretty..


I think Lisa definitely deserved to win! This season was not like the others, in that they were looking for an all-star, a well-rounded artist. Lisa delivered in all accounts and she stayed gracious while keeping her fun and daring personality. If this was the any of the last two cycles with the high fashion theme, then Allison probably would stand a better chance. But the real crime is Angelea's disqualification! I find it disgusting that ANTM would disqualify her over leaking results, given that Tyra on her website TypeF was leaking results before they were aired. I saw this personally as they revealed Laura being eliminated days before the episode aired. I heard it happened with other contestants as well. The hypocrisy!!!


Angelee must have won or why reshoot the end. This season of antm was a joke. I have watched all seasons, but no more. Making lisa the winner was disgusting. She has no class or beauty. She has a hard edge and look from being around the block one to many times. Cover girl just ruined their image. Obviously cover girl does not want a clean good girl image & is trying to go hard & edgy. How sad the winner had to be on tv rehab to win..I wont let my teenager buy cover girl or watch antm anymore!


to be honest, im a big fan of allison but when i watched the final episode...i really feel angelea was the WINNER! her energy, passion and wow the runway show wow!!its too bad she was disqualified.. and for the judges..its tough to choose from the loosers.. honesty i really think to one deserved between allison and lisa to win because both of them have a major mistakes in the runway, as well in cover girl images, yess allison was blank while lisa just had one eye... non of lisa nor allison deserved to win!!! Go angelea girl!!


I'm sorry but Angelea shouldn't be a model. My dog looks more feminine then her. Then she's gonna be rude and loud? Ive seen cleaner trash in a landfill. Allison should have won, Tyras show needs to be canceled.


I'm not a big fan of Lisa, I was Allison all the way but my mom however is a Lisa fan and told me the reason why. Lisa was on Celebrity Rehab and my mom said that she would inspire others. While I still wish that Allison had won, I'm glad that Lisa is a great role model and I wish I had known more about her before I made such a harsh image of her in my head.


I am shocked, I haven't seen the finale yet but now I must go watch it tonight. I wouldn't have minded if either Angelea or Allison won, but Lisa comes across as being really fake and just a tedious try hard. I'm surprised that so many people from USA are bagging Angelea for 'ghetto' ness, I thought she came across as being a person who had surmounted odds and had really moved a lot since her original cycle. It was like watching a flower bloom. Allison is just so beautiful and artistic, I'm sure she will have a career anyway. Lisa was totally uninteresting from the start and I'm surprised and disappointed she won, but then Tyra comes across as the least classy and least educated one of the whole lot so who knows what goes on behind the scenes.


i can't believe that Lisa won the all star!!!! she so ugly, have a matured face but immature personality!!! shes a mist!!! Allison is more deserving than fake Lisa !!!... shes a bitch, witch!! f***! The judging is not fair!! hate the judges!!! Allison never been in buttom 2, why they choose Lisa to be all-star????? i can't move on in the result!! so unfair!!hate antm.


I think that Allison should have won. Lisa looks about 40 but acts like a 12 year old. Angelea had no chance. Allison can model indoors. I mean, isn't CoverGirl shoots done INDOORS? To me, I think the judges trash Allison on purpose.. Their judgments were mostly trashing Allison and congratulating Lisa.
The fans should have a chance to vote, 4 opinions does NOT get to decide who should be a model! 4 vs. MILLIONS OF VIEWERS...

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