America's Next Top Model Winner: Revealed!

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All eyes were on Angelea throughout the America's Next Top Model All-Stars Finale. Not because she performed particularly well, but because she was disqualified and sent home! 

In a series first, Tyra gave Angelea the book during panel for a yet-unknown reason. Sources say the contestant revealed a few spoilers since taping ended, with some actually claiming she won... only for the show to re-film a new ending with a new champion. Scandalous!

Lisa D'Amato in Action

The finale did a great job of wrapping up loose threads from the cycle.  “Pot Ledom,” the forgotten Michael Cinco dresses and the dreaded CoverGirl commercials all made an appearance in the action-packed episode.

Angelea, Allison and Lisa all flubbed the CoverGirl commercials in their own special way. Of course, the spots are infamous, but the girls so far have been rocking live shoots this season, so my expecations were higher.

Allison at first got a distinct advantage for the CoverGirl beauty shot with her stunning eyes, but struggled when they put her in the sun. Lisa’s shoot was actually sultry and stunning without being wild. Angelea struggled the most; her bone structure is unparalleled but her eyes weren’t showcasing the product.

It wouldn’t be Top Model without a dramatic surprise finale photoshoot, of course. Gorgeous Greek setting, sexy swimwear, and Vogue Italia? No pressure indeed. Allison looked the most editorial and graceful in her white bathing suit, far outshining Lisa, who came across rather trashy in her photooshoot.

In keeping with the water theme, the finale runway was chock full of crazy moments: 

  1. The models had to swim.
  2. They had to “rise” out of the water like Aphrodite to signify their “birth as models.”
  3. They wore wings and harnesses.
  4. Pot ledom... ledom... ledom...
  5. We finally saw the individualized Michael Cinco dresses.

Although everything else seemed a bit gimmicky, I really enjoyed finally seeing the dresses that the girls designed; they were so beautiful, individual and fitting for each of the models.

Meanwhile: Surprise! The judging was set in Los Angeles. Didn’t it seem as though the finale was all over the place? It was an unusually hectic ANTM episode, with more photoshoots and longer runway than usual.

After Angelea’s shocking elimination, which came as a surprise for Lisa and Allison as well, I was sure that Allison had even more of an advantage. I never thought Lisa would get as far as she already had. 

Unfortunately, Lisa was climbing up the scoreboard with her commercial, gorgeous CoverGirl shot and the runway. I knew Allison couldn’t win over the judges in the runway category but she was a much stronger swimmer and was quite bubbly during panel.

I think what may have sealed her fate was Lisa’s surprisingly classy, yet sultry, CoverGirl shoot. I’m really surprised and disappointed that Allison didn’t win All-Stars. I expected anyone as wonderful and quirky as Allison was a total shoo-in to be the champion! I can’t see Lisa as a proper ANTM ambassador either, but maybe I’m wrong.



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I will never watch America's Next Top Model again. I'm tired of them picking people based on who has the best sob story. Cry me an f**king river. Allison had all of those girls beat hands down. She took way better photos videos and everything else. She a actually should have won the one she was originally in. They chose that girl for stupid reasons then and now she doesn't win again because the judges are just picking for the girl with the best sob story. I would flip the channel if Lisa was on TV. I found her distractingly hideous through the show I could not torture myself more watching something else with that old looking ogre mug. She was just weird gross and annoying. I hope ANTM gets cancelled soon its a waste of space on TV.


For me, both Allison & Lisa are winners. Both are very pretty, in their own way and both have their own charisma. Lisa may look too proud, but i sincerely believe that what makes her look like that is because that she had gone through a lot of difficult & tough moments in the past. That is why she appears so strong, or maybe too strong sometimes. I wish that she can just relax down a little, and just enjoy being a wonderful pretty woman as she is. All the best to both Lisa & Allison, hope we can continue to see them in future.


Allison is a rare talent with a creative personality and a unique look in the modeling industry. ANTM could have had her representing their All Star season. As she has the largest fan base in the history of this series how could that be anything but fitting? She's my all-time favourite model by far. ♥


I'm happy Lisa won. Even happier Angelea didn't win. Who wants to hire someone who cries and whines any chance they get??? It's too bad Dominique didn't make it. Allison was great but had a tepid personality, even with "weird" quirks!


I am surprised Lisa won, however pleased. I didn't think she was ANTM material due to her wild side. Ailson was too far out and Angelia-don't want to go there. I think you made a great choice. Congrats Lisa and the wise panel!


Angelea did not perform particularly well in almost anything she did the entire season, except show the world what a pathetic loser she is. With all her rudeness and cheap antics, it was absolutely embarrassing, I am sure, for the ANTM people to edit and re-edit her stupid, ridiculous behavior. Her body of work was not the best of the finalists and, please, already....sing your swan song to people who actually believe that there is a sincere bone in your body. If there was ever a poor excuse of a contestant, she was definitely it. She was not "funny" or even close to "humble". She hasn't got a damn clue what that is. On top of that, she allowed herself to be DQ'd. WTFE! Lisa is no prize either. She may have energy and persevere, but she is NOT a Covergirl model or an Italian Vogue model. What the hell drug were the judges under the influence of all season.......Sigh!


Allison: I love your look, but get over yourself child, this is ANTM All-Stars, not The Vampire Diaries! @SeaBee - raw but real. I always thought Lisa looked to old and her antics seemed forced. I don't get why Angelea got the boot, but she wasn't star quality anyway - she was just kept around for cheap pity shots and all the ghetto and "real" girls to keep tuning in. But Lisa is the total package even with her faults. She is a performer, not just a runway/print model, which is what All-Stars is about. She's a mini-Tyra, even if she never becomes a supermodel (though I can see her working with RuPaul). Allison is definitely a good print model, but that's it. Even then, she needs to get over her vampire affectations, they're tiresome and fake. You notice how sometimes on set her eyes were wide open, to only start tearing up when the pressures on?? rolls eyes No top modeling agency would realistically represent her with that weakness.


I'm sooo happy that Angelea didn't win, and for whatever reason got herself disqualified. She's not that pretty and not to mention her whole bs temper and antics were aggravating. Im done watching this show, cause it does not appear that the right person should win. Of the choices left it should've been Allison. Although I was rooting for Laura - She took the best photos and was the most amiable. Lisa looks like she should be America's next top "penthouse" model.


How did they pick Lisa over Allison? Don't get me wrong. It took strength for lisa to get clean and I applaud her for that but come on!!!! Allison could show up in a sack with no makeup and STILL make Lisa look sick. If Angelea did that then it's her own fault. Allison did awesome both timmes she was on the show. What is WRONG with ANTM? You guys have totally lost my respect.


Hey teamallision I remember her trash talking ANTM on her myspace back in the day and those photos are trashy like whoa.

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