Bones Promo: Nothing to See Here!

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After an episode last night that was one of the series' best in some time (see our Bones review from earlier), the show is gearing up for an epic twist next Thursday. Or at least an epic twister.

The body of a storm-chaser found after a tornado doesn't seem all that unusual until a video shows a more sinister culprit than Mother Nature ... who doesn't exist, Brennan helpfully notes.

Meanwhile, a desperate Angela and Hodgins turn to her father (the great Billy Gibbons) for child-care assistance (!) and Brennan must cope with Booth's increasing over-protectiveness.

That can leave them both in some compromising positions sometimes, as the promo below illustrates.

Everybody back to work! Check out the first look at "The Twist in the Twister" and see for yourself ...

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I can not wait to see the next episode AND ALL of the episodes of Bones' this year and .......on and on......I love the show and all the actors ,especially Emily Deschanel and David Boreanus!!!!!Keep doing what you are doing and the show running for years!!!!!!


All I have to say: 'Mother Nature is not real.'
Great, Bones, just great!
Can't wait to see this episode. I was seriously worried about the show. Usually after so many episodes there's not much new stuff to tell and it becomes boring. But between Bones' pregnancy, Booth's pop showing up, Angelas father helping with the baby, people in cardboard boxes and twister I don't even want to miss one episode!


Whoa! That's all I need to say

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Bones Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Brennan: Brennan.
Booth: And Booth, so speak English.

YOU tattooed my child?!