Bones Review: Murder by Rainbow

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Last week's Bones hit a particularly emotional high.

This week, we got a much lighter installment with the return of Fisher and an appearance by Angela's father. Not to mention Booth delving into the world of storm chasers, and Brennan simply trying to keep up with him.

And it all happened on "The Twist in the Twister."

A Booth and Brennan Image

From the beginning, we could see that Booth and Brennan were becoming more and more at odds with each other as they neared Brennan's delivery date. No scene demonstrated that more than when Booth refused to let Brennan help herself up from examining the remains.

I think we've been headed this way for the first few episodes, and while they seemed to get so much closer last Thursday, it was interesting to see Booth right back in the driver's seat.

Clearly he wants what's best for Brennan and their daughter, but if there's one thing we learned last week, it's that she can hold her own in ways that continue to surprise even those viewing their relationship play out on screen.

Long and short of it, he should just let Brennan take care of herself in this respect. Easier said than done, or else we wouldn't get to see Booth insist on her wearing slippers through the house, threatening to leave her suffering with splinters if failed to comply.

It's the little moments like these that demonstrate how genuine their relationship is. You could really see a couple bumping up against issues of independence versus overprotective tendencies.

Angela, Hodgins, and Her Dad

If there's one thing we learned this week, it's that sleep deprivation can make you come up with some of the craziest inventions known to man. Hodgins was so desperate, he considered strapping Michael to a contraption just to get him some zzzzs.

Lucky for them, Angela's rocking dad dropped into town with a musical solution. I can only imagine their relief. If I had found myself in a similar situation, I wouldn't have been as functional as they were. Even with those glug-jugs of coffee.

Other highlights from this episode:

  • The return of Mr Fisher.
  • Mr. Fisher's ringtones.
  • Mr. Fisher's relationship problems - both with his mom and his new, nameless, girlfriend.
  • Misty, her unspeakably bright clothing and her obsession with rainbows.
  • Michael. Enough said.

Clearly the re-appearance of the interns is a highlight of my Bones viewing experience, as are eccentric support characters, and adorable babies when possible.

And now we wait. With what was to be the final installment of this sixth episode arc postponed in anticipation of boosting The Finder's series premiere ratings, Bones fans are made to suffer. The worst part is, I fear their attempts may be in vain. But, of course, that's just me.

I'm still bitter they interjected a pilot into the middle of Bones last spring, which, if you missed it, will be airing in the place of Bones next Thursday.

What did you think of this week's episode? Sound off below!


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The twister scene was awsome for a TV show !

Josie leeds

"The Finder" is a big mistake. It was pathetic the first time around. Will NOT be watching until "Bones" returns.


I was really disappointed in this episode. With Booth's bad back, why in the world would he try to help Bones up from that angle in the opening scene? Very cheap visual joke. Plus, that Bones didn't seek shelter sooner, but kept driving toward a tornado, runs to the never been there before how did she find it cellar while Booth and Sweets are questioning murder suspects in front of a group is just plain stupid. I used to watch Bones because I found everything was top quality - the acting, the plots, the dynamics, the humor and the drama. This episode was too weak to suspend disbelief for.


I love Bones and I enjoy the different interns every week....but I don't really think it would work that way in the real world. As for Cam, she needs a love interest!!! Badly


i am loving this season, the only problem i have with it is the lack of Parker.i know he has been mentioned but sinse he is about to become a big brother shouldn't he be featured more?


Anyone know where to get Angela's dress in the above picture? All I could focus on in that scene (apart from the adorable little Michael) was how much I wanted it. :D


Its so funny that Emma befriended Fisher's crazy mom just for sex! Thats the kind of girl Fisher needs

Sue ann

I didn't think Cam was bitchy, but I did think she lacked her usual patience. Fisher was a hoot. I find that the squinterns, with the exception of the cartoonish southerner, are now my favorite part of this show. I did love Fisher's look of wonder when he realized that the odd feeling he had was happiness. The squinterns have been changing, except for the repellant Daisy, and growing in individual ways. I love it. Had anyone been smothering me the way Booth was smothering Brennan, I would smack him. I did not find it heart-warming, I found it controlling, just as she said. And not at all sensible. Walking in bare feet on wood floors gives a person a lot more traction than walking on slick wood floors in slippers. She is more apt to fall in the slippers. Not a good choice on Booth's part. I used to baby sit for a couple with two infants, back when I was 12. Previous employers had insisted on absolute quiet when babies were sleeping, but the "Smiths" insisted on normal noise, or indeed, more than I usually made. The radio had to be on. They wanted the children to be able to sleep through a common noise load, so that their own lives could proceed normally. It worked quite nicely. I was reminded of them when Billy Gibbons (his character still seems to lack a specific name) put loud music on to soothe the child. Bob and Jackie "Smith" would have been applauding him all the way. I won't be watching The Finder, either next week to see that actor on the toilet again, or later, when it appears on the schedule. It strikes me as trash. I won't watch that episode on the DVD, either. What a waste.


Emma (The not so nameless girl-friend) made Mr. Fisher feel happy. I'll say it again, girl. made. Fisher. HAPPY. Oh My Word.
In another note anyone else notice how bitchy Cam seemed?


Loved this episode!!! The banter between B&B was superb and I am loving the dynamics of the relationship. They really show the aspects of a real relationship especially when there is a baby on the way. This season is really shaping up nicely. I hate that we have to endure an extended, but it gives me something to look forward to this spring!!!

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