Cameron Mathison to Guest Star on Desperate Housewives

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Cameron Mathison is going from daytime soap to primetime... well, soap.

The long-time All My Children star will stop by Wisteria Lane next month for a stint on Desperate Housewives.

A Cameron Mathison Picture

Look for Mathison to appear on one episode as a love interest for Bree, as he told Soaps in Depth this week:

“[Marcia Cross and I] have a couple of fun scenes. I really loved working with her... I really enjoyed the whole experience."


@queenbee94 - I wasn't able to cover the last DH episode, but rest assured: there will be upcoming reviews for the remaining episodes. In the meantime, don't forget to check out the Midseason Report Card!


how come there won't be a review, christina? will there be reviews for the upcoming episodes?


wait, so DH isn't airing again until january???


IS there not a episode airing for the week of 12/11/11 and if not WHY!? ): I am VERY upset, Why would charlie and the chocolate factory be on instead of Desperate housewives ?


Unfortunately, there will not be a review of the most recent DH Episode. However, please be on the lookout for a special upcoming Midseason Report Card covering DH. As always, thanks for your comments!


Yeah I was wondering where the review was too. I didn't believe that Bree would commit suicide but yeah...that definitely confirms it.


I agree with queenbee94, I've been waiting to hear about your review from last week's episode. I read that it won't be coming back before January, damn it!! But glad to know that Bree won't kill herself, as I read on the spoilers, but I read that Bree will commit suicide on the series finale, not sure how acurate that information is.


Is there going to be a review of this week's episode or not?


Well that answers the question as to whether Bree kills herself in the motel room. Although I'm sure she wasn't going to anyways but still.

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