Castle Review: Handcuffed, Hot and Heavy!

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Welcome back, Castle fans! Even if it is only for one week.

We were finally treated to a new episode tonight before our favorite detective show goes back on hiatus for the remainder of the year. Fortunately, the installment did not disappoint. “Cuffed” featured our leads attached at the hip and, even if it was a bit far fetched, it was pretty much amazing. So no more hesitation... time to talk Castle!

Handcuffed Together

Iron Gates. So we finally saw a glimpse of why people call the new captain “Iron Gates.” Girl got rough when it came to looking for her people, and I have to say, she was awesome. Even if she did assume Castle got Beckett into the situation... well, can you blame her?

She wanted to make sure her detectives detective and writer were okay. This was really the first time we saw her in the field and she was pretty tough. I vote she gets in on the action more often.

The Case. What case? There was so much going on with Castle and Beckett that it was difficult to focus on the case at hand, even if it was the reason they were cuffed together. There were a few things that seemed far-fetched and a little unrealistic, but with Castle, that’s alright. Was anyone else wondering how Crazy Old Cage Lady managed to stick both of them with the needle?

Anyway, can we take a second to discuss the creepy factor of the criminals? Cage Lady and her dirty sons were not only shady, but totally weird. Perfect casting.

So Espo said it best to Ryan: he was going on a relationship test being stuck in the car alone with Jenny on their drive to Florida. That was definitely the theme of the episode, locking Castle and Beckett up together for hours. They proved once again that they kill it as a team; they trust each other, work well together and make us laugh while we patiently wait for more Caskett moments.

Next time?! Beckett dropped a hint of hope on Castle and all of us shippers that “the next time they are cuffed together all night, let’s do it without the tiger.” Looks like our favorite emotionally damaged detective is ready to take some baby steps.

Some after thoughts...

  • Lanie: You need to get it together with Espo, like now. Who else is with me in starting to harbor a serious crush on Javi?
  • The container full of knives and chains? Was not expecting a tiger to come next.
  • Breeding tigers in Texas, who knew?

Overall, a perfect Castle episode. Funny, romantic, serious, far-fetched; everything we have come to expect from the series. It had to be good because it is all we have to hold us over until the new year. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you enjoy “Cuffed” or was it too off beat? Were you as creeped out by Cage Lady as me? Sound off in the comments section and check back later this week for the Official Castle Round Table. 

I want to wish all of you Castle fans a happy Holiday season and a healthy New Year. Now let’s count the days until a new episode. Ready? Go!


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I love Castle. It is my favorite TV show. That being said - I saw no romance, only symbolism. I want something a little more sincere rather than a one liner such as Beckett's last line as she was leaving regarding the cuffs and no tiger. I am tired of symbolism, of one liners that lead no where and 8th grade crushes. For pity sake, they're on a 10 pm, the kiddies should be in bed - let us get there already.


I think that while the Cage Lady was in her cage, her sons must've drugged Caskett. I do agree that Javi is hot and I do believe Lanie and Javi should just get together. However, I do still want them to bicker a bit because let's face it, that's just what makes them the couple that they are. Plus it's fun to watch.


Just re-watched "Cuffed" and found the answer to how Castle and Beckett got drugged. Ryan said the gang was using a dart gun on the tigers they kept in basements, hence cutting trap doors into the abandoned houses they used. Also, I didn't notice the first time around how tenderly Kate was smiling when she first opened her eyes in the opening scene and saw Castle asleep beside her. It was a real WOW! moment when I watched it again. And the closing scene the second time around - where Castle's Freudian slip Of not minding being "hitched" to Kate - was incredibly endearing and that was probably behind Kate's closing teaser. She really knows now - for a fact - that Castle IS in love with her!


I really enjoyed this episode - the story was just so entertaining. Seriously, who could have ever seen that tiger coming?! I didn't really see all the sexual tension that everyone else seemed to see. The most I saw was at the end, "next time", with the helmet. Castle's a lot tamer than he used to be; he doesn't have that swagger anymore. I guess it's being in love and being so much more familiar with each other. This is the same Rick Castle that told Beckett in the pilot that he'd be happy to let her spank him. Now they're handcuffed together, and the best he did was "kinky" LOL. As for the Captain...I've been saying she would be awesome from day one. I like being right haha :-)


The crazy old lady didn't stick them with the needles @@ She distracted them so that one or more of her sons could get them both.


very funny and intimate episode!How many takes do you think it took for Kate to stand on Ricks shoulders? It looked like they held right hands as they fell onto the mattress,so protective of each other. I bet their best friends in real life!


note to self I really have to register for this site :!!
Well that's if they get a S5 for Castle. I remember farscape was a dead lock for another 2 seasons until some idiot tried to re negotiate the terms and the network guy that hated farscape anyway and wanted out told them to sod off.
Season 5 is too far off for them to get together because anything can and does happen.
I'm expecting a farscape moment like in S3 when he said I love you and she said I love you too but we must never act on it and at that point I stopped watching farscape.
If they do that on Castle I'll stop watching it and wait till the series ends than watch the end ep first. Yes I DO skip to the back page of any book I read first!
There's a lot they can do to keep the sexual tension for Caskett going and until I'm banned or told to stop I'll keep posting ideas on how they can do it.
Stroking her back wasn't that intimate. I would have liked to see Rick try to pull her top right off like she told him to do!


Back to the best tradition of Castle, a very good episode. Witty, tense, well done! If I could like the new Captain all might be well-really miss the better fit from past seasons. ABC needs to do better with this winning show and better promote it over their vast array of insipid shows.


Kate quickly shrugged him off - why? Well, in fairness to her, she wanted to get the hell out of there before somebody came back to kill them. I was amazed she let Castle get away with stroking her bare side the way he did -- that was VERY intimate. Also, when she woke up and saw him, her first reaction was to smile, move closer to him, and rest her hand on his chest. That was more than a bit of tenderness.

Sue ann

The writers and show runner said last season that Castle and Beckett will not be getting together until mid-fifth-season. I have never read anything anywhere to indicate that they have changed their minds. They are just taking baby steps in the forward direction, because if they go too far, they will violate their schedule, whatever it is. I think that Rick Scheuer is correct about the completion of the story line for this season. It makes perfect sense. In the meantime, there are the little tidbits dropped in front of hungry fans, who snap them up like hungry koi. I think the writers are crafting a brilliant story line, and I am willing to be patient and enjoy the trip. I agree with BamBam that ABC has been dreadful on publicity for this excellent series, but then, I would never see it, anyway. The only other program I watch on ABC is Body of Proof. The ABC lineup of shows really is terrible. Too bad they cannot advertise on CBS, where people are actually watching the shows, and the commercials.

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