Chris Zylka Promoted to Series Regular on The Secret Circle

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The Secret Circle has announced a piece of casting news that also serves as a pretty big spoiler...

Chris Zylka - who came aboard a few episodes into the first season as conflicted witch hunger Jake - has been promoted to series regular. What does this mean for the series?

Chris Zylka as Jake

Nothing concrete, but when we last saw Jake he was sailing away with other hunters. Considering another piece of casting news, which hinted at the reveal of the head of the council in the near future, it's apparent this storyline is only just taking off.

The Secret Circle returns on January 5. Watch a promo for its winter premiere NOW.

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I hope he stays as one of the main cast members. I love Cassie's and Jake's relationship. I hope they end up together. Yeah, I don't really like the destined in the stars thing either.


Terrible actor. Show wont last too long.


I don't know what to say about this. Not about Zylka but about the rest of you guys. Let's see you guys act better than him. A year from now, you'll probably be fawning over him anyway. Don't be too quick to shoot him down.


Jake is a cool character, but I didn't really want him as a series regular. Well, it could end up being better as the season goes... *shrugs*


Ok, now I'm definitely not watching anymore.


Cake... :) But I hate that I know Adam and Cassie are "destined" to be together. Ugh. What I hate about the books is how Adam is still kinda with Diana when he starts "dating" Cassie! Diana WATCHES them kiss and get together! Adam didn't even want to leave Diana, she pushed him into it. I would have preferred if the show dealt with FIGHTING destiny. Showcasing the characters' strengths to working for what they actually want. But we all know Cassie and Adam will get together even though I see less chemistry between them so far than two bricks.


I LOVE JAKE.. if he went the show wouldn't be as good. i want jake and casey to get together!


I think you guys should give him a chance. He improved quite a bit from when he first debuted on the show to when the show aired "Balcoin" the mid-season finale. Right now his character still has so much potential to grow and be developed that Chris Zylka may just surprise you as the show goes on. He's also going to be in the new Spiderman movie, so he's got to have something good about him that we just haven't seen on TSC...YET! I have faith in Kevin Williamson, Andrew Miller, and the rest of the TSC staff and what they do.


Don't like his acting AT ALL. He should've been Nick, so he could've died on the show, and then the actor who played Nick could've stayed on the series. :)


I'm so happy about this !! His storyline and the chemistry between him and Cassie is the best part of the show imo :)

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