CI-Ray: Returning to NCIS!

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This fall, NCIS fans have seen some interesting moments on the Tiva front ... or lack thereof. The "we need some time" bit, Tony’s bucket list, Tony Sr. basically telling Jr. to pick Ziva ... is it leading up to something?

Maybe so, but on January 10, the other man in her life returns.

CIA Agent Ray Cruz (Enrique Murciano) makes an appearance, and according to the show's executive producer, his intentions are clear. Ray "returns to sweep Ziva David off her feet," Gary Glasberg says.

Enrique Murciano on NCIS

“There are always plenty of sparks between Cote and Enrique, but this time we’re taking things to a whole other level,” he says, adding that in another blast from the past, the infamous ring box surfaces!

Sarah Jane Morris (E.J.) is also coming back to the show in the new year, and Muse Watson (Mike Franks) is just one of several gone-but-not-forgotten faces who appear on the upcoming 200th episode.

Share your theories on what's to come on NCIS with us below ...

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Ray is gone for good for which I am grateful. Always had a sense he was a bad character waiting for the moment to be exposed. Now it's done. And the Ziva-Tony thing: good too. Half expect the season to end with Ziva and Gibbs getting together as Tony flies off to a new assignment in Europe, having given up on Ziva. A spring-autumn thing.... wouldn't be bad....


Ray is great with Ziva. Glad he's back. I wish they had chosen a different actress for EJ though.


I love Ray Cruz. Ziva should marry him.


tony and ziva have to be together, like really, ci-ray and ziva?! they have no sparks!they have o chemistry! and ej! omygod just no...


Tony and Ziva do not belong together. She will do well with McGee, or put a black actor on the show to really stir things up. Find Gibbs someone who is not a RED head, like maybe a Blond.


I hope that they never have Tony and Ziva romance. Yes - they are both attractive, but it just seems sort of high school for this to be the reason to get them together. Ziva quite obviously thinks herself both professionally and personally superior to Tony in every way. There doesn't seem to be a deep tender affection at all - more a forced competition that Ziva is always written to win. Boring and predictable really. The writers go out of their way to drive this point at every opportunity. Because this is how their relationship is written, it would completely destroy Tony to have them get together. Tony has been sacrificed too much already at the altar of super Ziva. As for EJ - I liked her. She's beautiful AND believable. I haven't seen enough of Ray to really get a feel for his personality. Most of his scenes have been a vehicle for a Ziva "moment",


"The main focus should be the team as a family," and yet you want two of the "family" members to engage in a sexual relationship? No. I hope the writers aren't STUPID enough to try it. Not now, anyway.


I love Enrique, but the way his character Ray is written is just...not cool. EJ is not a loveable character, too. In fact, I hope it will be their last appearance (although I doubt it when it comes to Ray... he will probably show up one more time ).
I hope Tiva will happen this season. There has been a lot of build up and the lack of it plus these comments and Ray+EJ showing up back to back does tell me something is going to happen.
You cannot compare Tiva to Huddy. House and Cuddy were the two main characters of the show. Tony and Ziva aren't and you can have them as a couple without changing the dynamics on the show. They are NOT the center of the show and often already behave like a bickering couple. What would actually change? Not much... but the producers will never ever hook these two up with other people in a more permanent and final manner and therefore Tony and Ziva can only find happiness and have a family together. Good writers can do it without ruining the show, its essence and its dynamic. I do have faith in it. Because I don't want the focus or essence to change. But I also think that toying around with Tiva for more seasons would be ridiculous. I was never a fan of an actual tiva hook-up, although I am a big fan, but after all these years my attitude has changed. I hope the writers will be brave and do it, but in the same way also be clever and not ruin the show by doing it. The main focus should be the team as a family.


This already sounds boring to me. The poor sad Ziva soap opera started by Shane Brennan continues. I'm so bored with her.


nooooooo!!! please no CI-Ray. There are absolutely no romantic sparks between him and Ziva, and their dynamic lacks the sexual tension and chemistry that Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo can effortlessly play out, so much that it looks natural. I am a strong believer that Tony and Ziva shouldn't probably be together, because that would, in essence, be the end of the show, but is now that right time to throw a spanner in the works, after all these hinting Tiva moments we have been spoiled with this season. Is it time to ruin all of that, with an empty ring box? Have a Merry Christmas, and peace to all!

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