Covert Affairs Season Finale Round Table: Giving a Grade

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Covert Affairs concluded season two with a finale that took a step toward Annie/Auggie, while also showing just how sly Jai Wilcox can really be.

In the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, panelists Jeff Kirkpatrick, Chandel Charles, Carla Day and Dan Forcella look back over "Letter Never Sent" and give the winter run of episodes a grade...


What was your favorite moment from the finale?
Jeff: Auggie's phone call with his doctor. Initially, I was not at all on board with them even touching on the remote possibility that he could regain his sight. Though, I realize now that this served as the proverbial nail in the coffin. It's never going to happen, and I'm thankful for that. Auggie's blindness is not a handicap - it's just a part of who he is, and that is how he typically feels about it. But to witness his vulnerability in the moment between answering the phone and getting the negative word, and then his brief, wordless transition from dejection to grief to acceptance and then back to life as we know it, was visually and emotionally stunning. That moment was raw and much more affecting than his goodbye to Parker last week.  It succinctly epitomized Auggie's roll-with-the-punches approach to life in general and also proved once and for all, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Christopher Gorham is the MVP of Covert Affairs.

Chandel: I think it had to be that moment there at the end when Auggie gave Annie his car. It was a really great way to end the season in my opinion. These two together, whether as really good friends, or potentially something more, it’s always good.

Carla: There were so many great moments in the finale, it's hard to pick. Overall, I loved the end when Annie was driving the car with her hair flowing in the wind and Florence + the Machine playing in the background. It was the perfect end to the season.

Dan: The suspense while Annie and Danielle were hiding from the shooter. I have to give kudos to the production staff for not overloading the scene with a musical track or even score. The ticking of the clock had my blood boiling by the time Danielle ran out the back door.

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Is Jai going to shoot himself in the foot? Or scheme his way to the top?
Jeff: If I could, I'd have Jai shoot himself somewhere else. I'm still not crazy about the character, but at least now he has shown his true colors. Hopefully he'll become a more formidable enemy in the coming season, or at least less of an albatross. Going head to head with both Arthur and Joan, particularly when they have the support of dynamos like Annie and Auggie, is not a particularly smart move.  On the other hand, he managed to sideline his self-serving scoundrel of a father without breaking a sweat, so it could turn out to be quite a battle.

Chandel: I am still trying to figure out exactly what he's trying to accomplish with all this backstabbing nonsense. Clearly he's gunning for Joan and potentially even Arthur's job, but I don't see what his actual endgame goal is.  I would prefer to see Jai shoot himself in the foot to give him a little bit of perspective. Like Auggie mentioned in the elevator, Jai had turned his back on his colleagues. The worst part is, though, we really have no idea why. I liked seeing him interact with Annie and Auggie. Now I just get annoyed every time he appears on my screen.

Carla: Jai's plan has gone remarkably well so far, but he HAD to gloat to Arthur. That's going to be his downfall. Jai may have had a chance against Arthur and Joan if he launched a secret attack against them, but now that Arthur knows he is coming... Jai has no chance!

Dan: As we witnessed here, he's going to try to get to the top, but he will certainly fail along the way. To echo Jeff's sentiment, I hope he becomes a true enemy for the likable characters. It will be nice to have a steady opponent in season three.

Auggie and Annie, do you predict a relationship at some point? And do you want to see one?
Jeff: I believe at some point they will couple. Hopefully it will be when the series nears its end. It was interesting to see Annie at least recognize that there is something there, even if Auggie hasn't yet come to the same realization, but for now I'm perfectly happy with the way things are. That said, I believe the two are more than compatible and that whomever a person ends up with should be their best friend, so I'm all for them ending up together.

Chandel: I have to say, I was a little put off by the network's decision to develop a promo that teased the beginning of an Annie & Auggie relationship, only to not follow through on it... or only mildly attempt to address something there towards the end. That was the vaguest A-squared affection moment I have ever seen. Do I want to see them together just yet? No. I waited five seasons for Psych's Shawn and Juliet to get together. I can wait for Annie and Auggie just the same.

Carla: Will the writers put them together at some point? Probably. Should they? No. At least that's how I feel right now and reserve the right to change my mind. Annie and Auggie have a rare, amazing friendship. I'd hate to see that ruined. Besides, Auggie has always been a player and is for the first time involved in a relationship with Parker. I want to see that play out.

Dan: I'm going to predict that they never get together, only because the show will end abruptly without the writers having a chance to finish this thing they plan to... which is probably to get these two together. Would I want to see these two together in the end? Yes!

Annie finally killing someone: Necessary step in her arc? Or sad to see her lose the innocence?
Jeff: This has been a long time coming, which may have made the moment even more poignant. She didn't even hesitate. And she made sure there was no possible way he could have survived it with three shots. Unfortunately it's the nature of the spy game that sooner or later you'll be required to take out a bad guy. Unlike some shows like 24, which take the violence to an extremely gratuitous level, it was appropriate that this kill was in defense of her sister.  It made the moment all the more necessary. Even though I've been an advocate of Annie having a gun since day one, I only want her to have one as a means of self - or as in this case, another's - defense.  I think long term having that extra security will make her a stronger agent.

Chandel: Can't believe I didn't realize right off the bat that was Annie's first kill. It was definitely a necessary step in her character development. This show needed to get more real in that sense, so finding Annie entering season three dealing with the aftermath of it would be interesting.

Carla: While it wasn't absolutely necessary, it will allow her to grow within her career. I'd like to see her embrace this and use it to become stronger both personally and professionally, rather than become emotionally stunted by it.

Dan: Unlike Jeff, I have enjoyed Annie's lack of gun experience throughout the first two seasons. It was a bit unrealistic to me, but it gave her a ton of difficult situations that were fun to watch. Having said that, it was about time that she put a man down!  She's a CIA field agent for crying out loud.

Grade the winter run, as well as the second season on the whole.
Jeff: The first half of the season was more exciting and felt as if it was really building to something, but then sort of fizzled out midway through this winter run. The finale definitely helped steady the ship, so to speak, but I'm still going to have to give the winter run a C and the season as a whole a B. 

Chandel: The season felt so fragmented I had to reach back deep to remember a lot of what the season entailed. I’m going to have to give the winter run and full season a B.

Carla: I enjoyed the winter run more than the season as a whole. There were a few episodes that didn't move the story forward and were a bit boring. Winter run: A-. Full Season: B.

Dan: I'm siding with Jeff on this one that the first part of the second season was more interesting.  The finale was great, but there were a couple of stinkers in this winter run.  B+ for the season.  B- for the winter.


Wouldn't it be nice if all of you people who can see [and tell us that Auggie is who he is because he is blind, and shouldn't get his sight back], lost their sight for a moment, just to live in his world. To know what it's like to not see, and then I believe that they would not say such dumb things. Of course Auggie should get his sight returned. His character would be enhanced to the nth degree since he knows so much, he would be a complete asset. Do all you dumb people really believe, that if given the choice, Auggie would agree with all of you and say..."yah, you're all so right. I should remain blind for the rest of my life. To never see my wife and children, that he would have if he had vision. Wake up you people. Don't be so naive. I know that it's only television, but it brings out the realization that people can be so cruel in real life. Byron


There is a chance that Jai could end up being a double or triple agent working for Joan against Arthur. Maybe Arthur could turn out to be a bad guy himself. We cannot predict what will happen in upcoming seasons.
And as far as Auggie and Annie are concerned, why cant a guy and girl be best friends? Why is it necessary to pair everyone up? It's their platonic relationship that basically defines this show, no need to make it into Friends or How I Met Your Mother.


At some time I would like to see Annie and Auggie get together. I would also like to see a procedure that could restore Auggie's sight.
Week after week we see the banter between these two. Get them together even for a little while. On many television programs we get teased and it just never plays out. Bring them together!


Wow, you rocked it with these lngaes!! I am loving how creative you and your husband are in every aspect of your photography! Each photo shoot is better and better! Good job!


I have enjoyed CA but I do not want Augie to leave which the final episode indicates. Of course this is probably not true but just the same I did not like indication.
As for Annie and Augie more than a friendship- please NO.
I feel the season started out pretty good as always enjoy story, but the final was whe weakest yet to date.
As for Annie moving back in with sister, seems like a bad move for a CIA agent. The sister relationship to me is a waste, I would rather see more of all other main cast.
Loved Jai getting back at his swarmy Dad, but his true colors are now appearing so will look forward to next season to hopefully get his "just rewards".
Not sure where season was going with Augie and girlfriend, again to me a waste of time, not less they are planning on continuing this relationship next season.
The elevator scene with Jai and Augie was priceless.
Look forward to next season and hope writing witll improve somewhat


I love CA, some better than others. But my ultimate moment would be Annie and Auggie getting together and Auggie to have some type of surgical procedure that would give him his sight back. Even if it was partial sight.
Annie's CIA running around the world doing her thing keeps the series in suspense. To me CA is well written and if it could be tweaked a little, may be around for awhile. If I had any say in the matter, I would rate both seasons A to A-.


1.Fave moment was probably Annie and Auggie at the end. There was something so magical and powerful about how she had this realization of her feelings for him and it was written all over her face, but the man who knows her the best literally couldn't see it! I loved that. It made me wonder would she have allowed herself to be that vulnerable if Auggie could see? Would Auggie have called her out on it if he could see? It was just a really great moment. 2. My money is shoot himself in the foot. The fact of the matter is, for me, I don't know what the heck Jai is trying to do. I don't know what's going on half the time when he appears onscreen. I don't know what exactly he's trying to accomplish, why he's so driven to accomplish it. I just don't get Jai. I'm not really invested in his character...and I find my attention elsewhere when his few scenes do come up. He needs to be fleshed out as a character. It's kind of a shame that he tends to fall by the wayside and is only depicted as the s**tstirrer or whatever. It's a shame because I love Sendhil he's a dream, and I'm not just talking physically, but I feel like they either need to do more with Jai as a character, flesh him out...make him make sense, stop using him randomly w/o much thought, or just stop giving him so much of the screentime he does have. 3.I actually agree with Dan to some degree. I love Annie and Auggie as a possible pairing. Mostly because I love Auggie. Truly...his character is probably the only reason I watch the show...he just steals the entire show. And that's what the problem is. I think the intent is to have them paired up eventually but if they hold off too long it may not happen because as much as I like watching CA and as much as I LOVE Auggie/Chris Gorham...I have the sneaky suspicion that it's one of those shows that will be canceled w/o a proper sendoff. I think A-squared will happen, if they do it in a timely fashion or know exactly when they're going off air. 4. Necessary. It was going to have to happen eventually. It was almost inevitable given half the situations she's been in. She's had a gun pointed at her too many times to count.I would have taken having that done sooner than Danielle finding out the truth. My only issue was I felt as though they didn't touch on it enough. By the last few minutes I almost forgot that it was technically her first kill. 5.I can't really recall the first part of the season. I remember sporadic things, some episodes sprinkled about the season stood out more than others, it did overall feel fragmented. I'd give the winter run a B because it was frseher and it brought back Eyal who I love, had some great Auggie moments, and brought Kenneth who I enjoyed as well. Overall the season I'd give it a B.


(my computer submitted my comment where it shouldn't have.) Is Jai going to shoot himself in the foot? Or scheme his way to the top?
until now you never really know where jai stood. now we know what he wants, joan's job & eventually arthor's. i hope he will become a more formidable & less cocky. telling arthor his end game, not smart. joan & arthor are lethal agents each other, imagine what they could accomplish agents someone else. it is possible that jai is going after something else that has nothing to do with ither joan, arthor or even the agency. to me, it's just to dumb to tell your opponent your whole plan. i do think it's possible he's up to something else entirely....but perhaps i am giving him to much credit. Auggie and Annie, do you predict a relationship at some point? And do you want to see one?
yes, i would eventually like to see a relationship between the 2 of them. it has to have it's evolution time though. we just saw annie's realization that something is there but i'm not sure if she knows what it is just yet. next season it will be interesting to watch her interact with auggie while knowing something is there between them. though i'd like to point out that whatever is between her & auggie was pointed out to annie by her wasn't a self realization on annie's makes different because it was pointed out to her. now i feel the biggest question is weather auggie figures it out or it's pointed out to him & by who. that being said i like auggie & parker. auggie is a player & he really seems to care about parker, i agree i'd like to see where that goes. perhaps parker will eventually meet annie & she is the one to point out the feelings. for all we know this is auggie's first meaningful relationship since his blindness or even just period. before an "aggie"(could that work?)couple up comes auggie & parker need to run it's cores. Annie finally killing someone: Necessary step in her arc? Or sad to see her lose the innocence?
necessary step in her arc. we all knew it would happen eventually. this is really the first time where i think her & a gun is warranted. a fair amount of the time she is around people in some regards or others. joan even said it in the begging as little mess as possible, shooting them is your last resort. this really was her last resort. Grade the winter run, as well as the second season on the whole.
it was a good season. though the first part was a little more action packed the second part had more character growth & realizations. second part of the season a b- overall seasons & a b+ for the whole.


1. Annie's first kill.
2. Jai's just around for tension so he'll go 2 steps forward but one back a lot. He probably won't replace anyone permanently.
3. Don't know. I'd rather they didn't.
4. Necessary
5. Winter run: C-
Season: C+
I'd have liked more Reva


Since they gave me a romantic interest for Annie at the beginning of the series with Ben, I can only see her eventually with Ben. Why can't friendships be left alone some time? That's what Annie and Auggie have; why mess with that? And you can say, but Ben isn't always available, but I can see the drama now ... just as soon as Annie gets with Auggie, Ben shows up out of the blue wanting a relationship; tension. Let's avoid that, and just have Annie and Auggie as friends; plus I like Auggie with Parker.
Jai needs something to blow up in his face to get perspective.

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