Epic Kiss, Main Character Exit to Come on The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries returns January 5.

We've already posted the official synopsis for the first episode of 2012, "The New Deal," but a couple of new teasers have emerged that will surely get people talking as we gear up for the show's return this winter.

According to E! Online ...

  • An "epic kiss" (gulp) will be happening very soon. Epic.
  • A main character we know and love is leaving Mystic Falls, thanks (indirectly) to Damon.

Theories on who the kiss involves, and who leaves? Do they leave and come back? What's Damon's role in that plot line? So much to discuss, and so many possible theories for a show where anything's possible.

Share your predictions and comments below!

A Drink with Damon

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Kitanishi h mcdonald

And I respond to this with resounding MEH. they used epic, so its another lame ass DE moment. (Could they learn already tha twe DO NOT care about anything iN DES love triangle?) Leave most likely is Tyler because Forwood and Caroline are the only good things in this show so Plec obviously has ot ruin it.


I agree with DamonandElijah! It'sa probably Delena and Tyler!
For the exit there is also Matt and Jeremy as an option cause they are totaly useless currently!
As for the kiss I woild enjoy a Jeremy Becca :P, or maybe Alaric and Becca!
It will be nice to see the new VampWitch taking on Damon or Stefan!


The epic kiss will be Damon and Elena and the person leaving will probably be Tyler.

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