Family Guy Review: Prison Break

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Family Guy went for its own unique version of The Hangover in "Cool Hand Peter." With Cleveland's return to Quahog, Peter and company decided to have an adventurous boys' road trip to New Orleans.

Of course, things went horribly awry after they made a wrong turn and ended up in the deep south. Poor Cleveland, only moments after returning to Family Guy, he gets harassed for being black by his friends and the racist southerners. 

The Guys in Jail

Family Guy has been on a welcome streak with coherent, focused storylines lately, and I’ve been really enjoying the interactions between the core characters. Although Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland have always been important folks, the four male friends haven’t been featured in a lot of plotlines together. Tonight was definitely a nice change of pace.

Poking fun of racist southerners gave us plenty to chuckle at. Peter’s attempts to mimic the high-brow “Northern speak” with his Harvard sweater and his subsequent attempt at “Southern speak” were both hilarious.  Guess there isn’t as much love for William H. Macy as he anticipated.

The meta moments of tonight’s episode was comedic gold as well, as the quick flash of the Simpson jurors was just enough, while Quagmire’s irritation at his friends’ refusal to name “McDonalds” and “Burger King” was awesome. Oh come on, they don’t own French fries! You tell them, Quagmire!

As much as I enjoyed the guys' night out, I would still have to hand the best one-liner of the night to Stewie as he pulled out his revolver and uttered: “All right, I guess this is the night b*tches die.” Ha! Stewie hasn’t lost his edge. 

Next up, ladies night out? For some reason, I expected the women's gathering to be much more promiscuous and wild... but only Brian got the worst of it with his adorable bee outfit.

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what was that funny thing they were talking at the end of the episode????????
What do you call it???????


i agree family guy is coming back, after the last season every episode this season has beat them all. Too bad for FG that american dad is now the better show and doesnt get the views it deserves. they should just bring cleveland back to FG, seeing him there tonight was really good but atleased we know if he cant make it past this season he can return with his family to FG


Quagmires thought bubble was hands down the best part of this episode. My kids were looking at me asking "What DOES it mean?"


I could have sworen that Peter did the same thing before, when he was wearing a Harvard sweater and talking in a northener accent. Anyone think the same?


I thought that last night's new episode of Family Guy titled "Cool Hand Peter" was pretty AWESOME!!!!! My 2 favorite parts of the episode were towards the end...when Lois, Donna and Bonnie manipulated and forced Brian into wearing that bee outfit and when Stewie said what he said as he was pulling out his revolver and holding it. HILARIOUS!!!!! Seth MacFarlane...once again...GREAT JOB!!!!! Until next time...Peace-Out.


usual asholes thinking they know everything, Bob Gunton (aka warden from shawshank) played the warden in this. get ur own facts straight before u start bitching at people ASSES!!


Again clearly a reference to Cool Hand Luke, there was no warden from shawshank redemption because it looked nothing like him, It was the prison guard from cool hand luke.


How was this episode anything like The Hangover? It's obvious from the title that it's loosely based on the 1967 film Cool Hand Luke. Moron


Stewie nailed it with the one liner..


I knew this episode was going to be great from the start when I heard Peter's ringtone. Cleveland's line about supporting the show because the numbers aren't great was fantastic. I love that they make fun of everyone, even themselves. The warden from Shawshank Redemption was great too. It really made me want to watch that film and I was keeping my fingers crossed that they somehow managed to get Morgan Freeman to be one of the inmates. When they showed the guy on the bed across from the guys that had his sentence extended for 30 days but, had been there for 45 years I was getting excited; Come on Red, Come On Red. Tt didn't turn out to be Morgan Freeman...that would have been epic though. Solid episode and I really enjoyed it from start to finish.

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