Fringe Winter Premiere Synopsis: "Back to Where You've Never Been"

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We're getting closer and closer, Fringe fans.

On January 13, the Fox drama finally returns with a new episode and, don't worry, there's no chance of a World Series interruption this time around.

What can viewers expect from "Back to Where You've Never Been?" So glad you asked. Here is a look at the official network description:

The Time Has Come to Choose a Side... In an effort to find a way home, Peter journeys to the Other Side to confront Walternate. His venture proves more dangerous than expected. Meanwhile, Olivia receives a dire premonition from an Observer.


Fringe is the best series of all time, cant wait to see what happens next :))


It's time and a great way to start a new year.


I cannot believe Fringe is on the bubble for possible cancel by Fox. Search it under tvbythenumbers.


I cant wait for Fringe to return but I have been lucky enough to catch some reruns or when im bored watch the dvd seasons lol counting the days down til Fringe blows our minds away again.......


Soooo happy it is coming back on.. have been getting withdrawals BIG TIME!


i love fringe when i cant watch it i dvr it my mom loves the show too were both big fans and hope everyone will remember peter and things can be normal for his character


Man, I am so ready for Fringe to start again. How I love this show!

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Fringe Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

My actions caused the death of my wife, unspeakable damage to two universes. I lost my career and my sanity. All because I tried to help another Peter. I may be the only man who can help you, but I also am the only man who cannot help you.


I have been separated from my family, and you of all people must know how desperate I am to get back.