Glee Performance Clip: "Red Solo Cup"

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Chord Overstreet returns to Glee this week as Sam Evans and, soon after he gets caught with his shirt off by Rachel and Finn, the blonde-haired, large-mouthed crooner will jump back in with New Directions right in time for Sectionals.

Watch below as Sam goes country on a cover of "Red Solo Cup," and then scroll down for a list of all the tracks that will be heard tomorrow night.

As always, this version and other Glee music will be available to download off TV Fanatic soon after the episode concludes. Other singles viewers can look forward to throughout "Hold on to Sixteen" include:

  • A mash up of Survivor" and "I Will Survive"
  • "We Are Young"
  • "Control"
  • "ABC"
  • "Man in the Mirror"

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But he's a fan of Nascar. :D


But the Round Table is dead?


Rory would never know the song 'Red Solo Cup' FACT (such an obscure song, not released in the UK/Ireland, probably only heard over here by die-hard country fans of which there aren't nearly as many across the pond).
He didn't even understand the phrase 'trash talk' (as if it's not used outside the US, what dumbass writers), how dumb is he?!!
The writers are so sloppy it's embarrassing.

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