Glee Sneak Peek: Surviving at Sectionals

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Good luck at Sectionals, New Directions. You may need it.

Fox has released a sneak peek at this Tuesday's "Hold on to Sixteen" and it features The Trouble Tones mashing up "I Will Survive" with "Survivor." And it's pretty darn awesome. Also featured in the following Glee video:

Finn fist-bumping with Blaine and a returning Sam smiling at Mercedes. Check out the episode's official preview now and then feast your eyes on this performance clip.

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I want the Trouble Tones to win too!


Glad Sam's back hope with a vengeance. He can sing and is adorkable and lovable. Really liked Sam with Mercedes. He was happy with her, Quinn hurt him terribly sending him to Santana who made him feel worthless then his story line was depressing. Mercedes found her Knight in Sam at the prom. They were great together. Even though short lived. Sounds like he grew up a bit while away being a stripper. Wouldn't mind seeing Sam's hotness now and then. Interesting meeting his parents. Wonder if he moves back or stays with someone and whom would that be?


Bamboodo agree totally. This season has oozed envy jealousy hatred and verbal abuse. Violence conspiracies back stabbing is not good quality entertainment. Yes, each epi has some entertainment value but are lacking in comedy and lessons to learn from. All of which were a big part of s2 and especially s1. I'm not entertained and nothing has kept my attention long enough to watch an episode without checking the computer, talking on the phone, doing laundry,etc. I'm amazed not in a good way that there is too much in an episode to absorb, especially the short and filler comedic quips. The rest is drama now IMO a soap opera about high school. I thought it was a comedy show. For me I'm hoping for a spin off they were talking about just with my favorite characters whom I would stay with the show for. No Kurt and Santana storylines. I realize people enjoy plots that reflect what their lives are about but I among many don't want to watch a major story line about that. I wish the basis of season 1 was airing now.
I do love the music that Glee produces and the cast is beyond talented as singers. Their acting is superb.


I'm just so excited that Sam is back! And I hope we get to see plenty of him and Mercedes in this episode.


Seriously, it would be nice if they could at least address the fact that the group somehow went from 3 to 4 to 7 to 12. Do they think we're too dumb to catch it? I mean where did this last group of 5 extra people magically come from? I find it hard to believe that all those extra people are cheerleaders, who just dance around. If Mercedes, Santana, and Britney were the only legitimate singers then the group as a whole would either not sound very good or would sound far less "full".


lol this is such bullshit. they actually just got like 9 cheerleaders to dance in the background? come on


i thought Troublestone was good...but the writers seem to be distracted or sort of in recent eps!! Glee's not like the other shows. it's special cuz it gave the fans hope and other good things!! this is not what we like about Glee. Glee's last two seasons 're about friendship, love and all...not hatred, envy!! Rachel got suspended for swinging the votes; Finn got slapped by Santana; esp Mercedes was jealous of Rachel that led to the rift between New Directions and Troublestones...there's so much violence, gun for one thing: any costs!! i don't know what New Directions would handle for Sectionals...but sans's a failure to me, to Gleek fans!! Glee should teach us something good like it did in the last two years!!


WOW!!haha i donno why but i kinda want trouble tones to win .. i dunno .. so i guess new directions can get better .. and not get a big head if they win .. haha trouble tones already have a big head

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