Glee to Cover Rihanna, Maroon 5: Listen Now!

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Based on the promo for its 2012 return, we know a few storylines on the way for Glee:

Will is set to propose; Finn might join the Army; Sam will become a synchronized swimmer.

Now, we also have an idea of what sort of songs the show will cover. Look for more mainstream, modern tracks to be heard in the new year, starting with a Lea Michele and Naya Rivera duet on Rihanna's "We Found Love" and Kevin McHale mashing up "Moves Like Jagger" and "Jumpin' Jack Flash." Listen to both versions now and remember:

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I agree wih all of you. Love Artie's voice glad he gets to shine and sounds wonderful. The mash up is awesome. Agree with that Darren can sing KP songs better the Katy. After the broadway musical songs early season 3 which were really good, I'm ready for classic rock 80's or 90's for a few songs then hit a few new top 40's. I'm not a fan of We found Love even though Lea and Naya sounded great. Just not a fan of it. Heard the rumors also about I'm Sexy and I know it, Edge of Glory. Heard an excerp of a Diana solo-Jackson 5 song- It's good not great but it's good. It's hard for me for anyone to top Michael-even young Michael. So much ahead foor music and great mash-ups. I love the GO-Gos too. Miss Glee's versions of classic rock. So many to choose from.


I think it's silly to expect Glee to only cover songs that the average 13-25 year old wouldn't know about. It's all about balance! Besides, Darren Criss can sing Katy Perry better than Katy Perry can...and if Glee takes that away from me, I'll stop watching.


I don't really like We Found Love..


I disagree about the mainstream music..they really dont over do it and what do you think high school kids listen to anyways? and on that note I'm really excited that Kevin Mchale is finally getting some more vocal attention. I love his voice and I wish I could see him dance all the time :(


At the start of Season 3, they do cover lots of Broadway stuffs. But I agree, that I don't really like when they cover mainstream music that MUCH! But seeing, We Found Love, Moves Like Jagger and rumoured Edge Of Glory and I'm Sexy And I Know It, duh!!
I'm still waiting for a Spice Girls song! So many amazing songs they can cover.


They need to stop covering recent, mainstream songs!!!! It's too soon! Glee is supposed to focus mostly on past music, music that people of our generation don't know about! Isn't the point of Glee to revive old songs and give them a fresh new twist? Nowadays it seems that they're covering recent songs just to bolster their popularity without thinking things through. LAZY! Red Solo Cup. Last Friday Night. Firework. Dog Days Are Over. Run the World. And now, We Found Love. STOP ALREADY!

Rhianna speranzo

umm that was not a very good version of we found love but i liked the mash up


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