Good Things to Come For Dair on Gossip Girl?

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Yesterday, we teased a major Blair-Louis scene coming up on Gossip Girl.

We've also heard that said scene will potentially tell us more about Chuck than Louis, and that there will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes as well.

On that subject of what's to come for Waldorf and Humphrey, TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that "good things come to those who wait… two more weeks (trust me, it’ll be worth the wait)."

Sounds like Dair may have a moment in the sun ... or will they?

Dair Moment

What do you think lies ahead for Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair?

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I think Blair and chuck belong together. O don't like Louis... He seems like he is a total douche inside and just keeps it bottles up. At least chuck is real.and Dan is just annoying. I really don't like him. He is always talking about how he is lonely and all alone. Suck it up!!


Chair shippers make me facepalm. Chuck makes Blair happy? She's stated MULTIPLE TIMES that he makes her the opposite of happy. Dan doesn't make Blair happy? She said she had 'found her centre' because of spending time with him. Blair running back to Chuck means they're 'ment 2 b!1!1one'? It's actually common for abuse victims to go back to their abusers. Please educate yourself before using something showing the abusive nature of their relationship to support their relationship and say it's a good one. I could go on and on, but I don't have time to waste on these ridiculous arguments I keep seeing. I just really hope these people don't end up in abusive relationships because Chair has made them think it's 'twu wuv'.


Ah look! Chair trolls here too with their Dair obsession. How can you possibly say Dair is meaning and no important then spend so much time bashing them. I can never spend so much time on something that's not important to me. Dair fans and Blair the same way about love. WE WANT GOOD AND PURE LOVE. Too bad she lost faith in it thanks to a certain EXCITING douche. She needs the "boring" Dan in her life to remind her she can have that.

Uncle jackass

For any Dair fans: Latest Spoilers from Ask Ausiello Spoilers (03/01/12), Welcome to the Year of the Dragon. Question: You promised me, Ausiello! Explode my Dair-loving heart, sir. —Elle
OK, just keep the EKG paddles handy! Dan is about to reveal his true feelings for Blair on Gossip Girl… but not in a way that actually lets her know that he has done so! Here’s how the whole thing goes down: Blair’s still on the fence about whether to take the plunge with Louis when she stumbles upon the incredibly heartfelt vows he penned for their wedding… vows which, in hopes of wowing his bride-to-be, he had (drumroll please… ) Dan ghostwrite. So although Dan finally fesses up, Blair doesn’t realize he has! Then again, this being Gossip Girl, his — and Louis’ — secret is bound to come out at some point, wouldn’t you think? ... hmm... not as epic as I wanted...


@Joans "How old are you really? I really hope that you are really young because you have a lot to learn about life"... I prefer to be an "young" girl who still dreams the great love, the butterflies in the stomach, the emotions, the passion, the chemistry of CHAIR rather that to be an "adult" who should be with any boring DAN H for fear of being ALONE...OMG, if growing up means settle for a friend to watch a film I want to stay young and dreams sexy chuck bass! :PP nicely ;)


**"Let alone how to incorporate it into a scene". Grrr typos!


"Major Blair-Louis scene" - Isn't that an oxymoron? Love. it. I can't believe everyone is still arguing over Chair and Dair. Same people, same posts, different day. No one is going to convince anyone to take on another POV so it's pointless to keep fighting. All this crap with Blair really has run the show into the ground. The focus needs to go back to Serena and the other primary characters and Dan and Chuck need real plots separate from Blair. Blair and her lovesick men + Chivy does not = an interesting show. GG used to be such a great guilty pleasure but lately it's just a whole lot of guilt and not enough pleasure. I'll give it to the 100th episode and then I think I'm out for good. It's all rather pitiable to watch. @Jonas I'm pretty sure the writers themselves don't know what "subtext" mean, let how to incorporate into a scene! lol.


@ Chair can never be friends forever(lovers only) You don't have to be "dating" or in "love" with a person who makes you feel safe. How old are you really? I really hope that you are really young because you have a lot to learn about life. Of course she HAS fun with Dan, everything they did together the last season proves that. And yes, they have not done that this season, but has been there for her above and beyond.


@S dan makes blair feel safe? in what kind a way are you talking? because blair is not in love with dan and they are not dating.


"Lonely boy, he learned that 2 words and 5 letters are useless if no one wants to hear."...wake up! CHAIR rules!

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