Good Things to Come For Dair on Gossip Girl?

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Yesterday, we teased a major Blair-Louis scene coming up on Gossip Girl.

We've also heard that said scene will potentially tell us more about Chuck than Louis, and that there will be a "pretty epic scene" involving Dan and Blair in one of the upcoming episodes as well.

On that subject of what's to come for Waldorf and Humphrey, TV Line's Michael Ausiello says that "good things come to those who wait… two more weeks (trust me, it’ll be worth the wait)."

Sounds like Dair may have a moment in the sun ... or will they?

Dair Moment

What do you think lies ahead for Gossip Girl's Dan and Blair?

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Kimberly anne

Whether Dair is official or not in the future we all know Chair is endgame. Chuck will win Blair in the end because he is the one Blair loves most. Dan, Louis and any other guy will only be second best to Chuck.


DAIR! the only reason im still watching.


boo. i got bored when i saw the title. chuck has blair's heart and always will. so no competition nuff said.


Finally, Dair!!! The only reason I still watch this show, simple as that.


STOP!!! I don't want them!!! Just CHair.... Dair is just disgusting!


Oh for the love of God, NOBODY fucking cares. Chuck and Blair belong together. I dont know how many WORLDWIDE trending occasions this has to prove, but seriously.


Off topic, but TV Fanatic please do something about the spam on the comment section. Its getting ridiculous.


This is excellent. Bring the Dair on!


WTF seriousl please no Dair! PLEASE!


Love Dair

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